Thursday, 28 October 2021

{ad} Slushy fun with Mr Frosty ice slushy maker from Flair Toys

 Oh my goodness Mr Frosty!!

This really took me back to my childhood although if I was going to get to have a try of the Mr Frosty that definitely wasn’t the case! 

Still the same as he was when we were younger. You can make flavoured crushed ice with the fruit shaped ice cubes, ice lollies or even just crush ice then use Mr Penguin to squeeze your favourite flavour over the top. 

Pop your ice cubes in the top and turn the handle. Crushed ice will fill the compartment and dispense into one of the bowls and grab a spoon from Mr Frosty’s hand. 

This was so easy to assemble and we were able to use straight away (once we had frozen some ice!) as it really is minimal assembly required. 

Included in the box is the main Mr Frosty shaped slushy maker, ice lolly moulds, ice cube tray, Mr Penguin juice dispenser, 2 spoons and 2 bowls. 

Mr Frosty did have a queue of eager users in our house!! From the 9 year old through to the 18 year old, everyone wanted to make their own Mr Frosty creations to enjoy. One child made a flavoured ice slushy by freezing juice and water. One wanted plain ice cubes to crush and then used the Penguin juice dispenser to add flavour and another chose their own choice of drink to freeze to make a fizzy slushy. 

We had so much fun with Mr Frosty. The fun shapes of the ice cubes which were then used to make the slushy were great. Each child had fun trying out different flavours either to the ice or afterwards by pouring different juices over plain crushed ice. 

Mr Frosty is available now from Argos. For endless hours of slushy making fun. It’s freeze-tastic!