Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Review; Cutetitoes Pizzaitos Series 5 surprise Pizza wrapped collectible cuddly toys.

 These Cutetitos Pizza Series 5 cuddly toys are just the sweetest. With a surprise cuddly toy wrapped in each Cutetiti pizza base, which will you get? 

Cutetitos are now even cheesier with the new Pizzaitos Series 2 range. Collect 12 new animalitos in new prints and fun new pizza wraps. Super soft animals wrapped in pizza printed blankets, ready to be unwrapped and discovered. 

Is your Cutetitos personality cheesy, so cheesy, extra cheesy or super cheesy? Check out it’s hot spot to find out- a pizza slice shaped spot embroidered on its hip. 

You will also get 1 of 4 pizza wrap blankets. Either cheese, pepperoni, spicy or even ham and pineapple. With 12 different Cutetitos to find will you find a Poodlito, Ladybugito or even a SUPER RARE Cutetito. 

Thing 5 loved unwrapping his toys to see what animalitos he got and which pizza blankets too, here’s a little video we made. You can then mix and match and wrap them in the different blankets from each packet. 

These are fab little cuddly toys and great to collect. Thing 5 loves tucking them into their blankets each night and is already building up a bit of a collection. 

Disclaimer; we were sent these toys for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and comments on the products are our own


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