Sunday, 4 April 2021

Meeting up with family at Easter time. One year after lockdown.

Wow what a year of highs and lows it has been.   

What with COVID lockdown and my Mums cancer diagnosis the past year has been one we have been glad to see the back of! 

Easter Sunday marked the day when we were finally going to go to my parents house. 

Sunday’s, pre COVID, were usually spent visiting parents. Having a cuppa or lunch. Chatting, laughing and enjoying the weather. However this past year we haven’t been able to and it’s been horrible.   

These past few weeks we’ve been looking forward to going to see them. Once we were told that groups of six or two households were allowed to meet up outside we had planned to spend the day with them and prayed for good weather. Nan and Grandadof5 had planned all of the food we were going to eat and having to sit outdoors they had set up the gazebo incase of bad weather. 

What a fantastic day we’ve had and we’ve waited so long for too. We spent the day in the garden, cooked food, played boules & cricket, enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, had a laugh and a fabulous time. Nanof5 was soooo pleased to see the grandchildren. 

The children have so many yummy Easter eggs and treats to eat too. The Easter holidays will be fuelled by chocolate eggs for sure!

Here’s to many more days where we can all meet up with family and friends as the weeks and months go on. It’s very much overdue and very much needed too. 

Have you met up with family or friends over the Easter weekend or do you have plans to meet over the next few weeks? 

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter weekend, ate lots of chocolate and had a fab time.