Thursday, 5 November 2020

REVIEW; Pensilly, the silly drawing game. Fun for all the family

Pensilly, the silly fun drawing game for all the family. 

We were sent a new game to try this week and what great fun we’ve had with it! 

Pensilly is a drawing description game with the added difficulty of the pen vibrating while you try and draw. 

Team up with friends or family to try and draw what’s written on the cards so your team mates can guess it correctly. 

With description and object cards you have to pick one of each on your go. Then draw what the cards say. For example I picked a lazy ice cream! 

The children thought some of the card combinations were hilarious and with the added difficulty of the vibrating pen it made for some very funny looking pictures and done even funnier guesses! 

The two cards together really make the game fun, exciting and sometimes you get some very interesting images drawn with no clue what it’s meant to be but that’s all part of the fun! 

The super silly drawing and guessing game for all the family! Take a Description card, take a Subject card and try your best to draw them for your team to guess and win points. With the timer running you do feel the pressure and with 2 levels of play and over 5,500 drawing combinations, how fast can you work the pen?

For ages 6+ which meant the whole family could get involved. We had great fun taking it in turns to be the person doing the drawing for the other team members to guess. 

The younger ones especially liked the fact that there was the option to score points when if only one card had been guessed correctly. Each card has different points which are stated on the cards when drawn from the pile. 

Will you be drawing a drum volcano, a windmill in the bath or even a flying Christmas tree?! With varying points displayed on the cards, the first team to 20 points wins. 

This  is a fun, fast paced, drawing game that gets the whole family involved. We loved it and would highly recommend it. 

Pensilly is available from Smyths Toys here;

Disclaimer; We were sent the Pensilly game for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own. 

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