Saturday, 4 January 2020

Window shopping on Rightmove, you know you do it! Interior design help too.

Window shopping on Rightmove, we all do it!

 Don’t say you don’t because I know you do.

I’m constantly looking at houses on Rightmove. Mainly hugely big and expensive ones that are just a dream, or a lottery win, away! I love looking at all different kinds of houses. I love looking at ones that look like they got stuck in the 60s to modern day new builds with a quirky look about them.

Cosy little cottages or huge mansions, I look at them all. We can be out and about and we will pass a house for sale and I think ‘Ooh we must look at that on Rightmove’.

However, the house we have is fine. It's not much to look at from the outside. We have 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and each room fairly sized. We just need to massively overhaul the decor (and the mess!).

I’m also looking at interiors and getting ideas for our house when I am on Rightmove. Unfortunately we can’t fit a grand piano in our hallway but I do get some more sensible ideas too and there are so many homes that are gorgeous. I’m always looking at ways to improve our home, update decor and add accessories and being nosey on Rightmove really helps, along with some fab Instagram help too.

So whilst I do sometimes dream of living in the big huge mansions that I take a look at on Rightmove I also think of all the housework that brings too and think that the house we have is fine, it just needs one hell of a decor update both inside and outside.

Last year we ticked a few jobs off of the list yet at the same time the list seems to get longer. Some jobs are quick, easy and relatively cheap. Other ones are long term dreams that will be on the list for a while but will get done eventually.

In the meantime I’m constantly getting interior and exterior ideas from Rightmove. So many wonderful homes that give me ideas for updating our own.

So for 2020 there are more interior and exterior updates on the to do list plus more future projects in years to come that we can look forward to.

For now I’m grabbing the paintbrushes and getting to work! Maybe one day we can move into one of my Rightmove dream houses!

Picture credit; D Whiteford

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