Sunday, 5 January 2020

Treating ourselves and remembering to celebrate birthdays & anniversaries together more.

A trip out to London together is always a nice treat.

Birthdays and anniversary as a couple shouldn’t be such a non event. In the past 2 years both Dadof5 and myself celebrated our 40th birthdays which we both thoroughly enjoyed celebrating and this year marks our 15th wedding anniversary (20 years together!) and that is something definitely worth celebrating. 

In recent years we’ve just got into the habit of birthdays/anniversary’s etc... being a bit of a non event. Our 40th birthdays were celebrated with meals out, trips to London, shopping, presents, drinking & more but why can’t it be like that every year for us?! 

Our 10th wedding anniversary

If it’s a child’s birthday we celebrate, they get presents, have parties, enjoy a birthday meal and we eat cake! However for our birthdays we don’t treat ourselves. 

We do buy each other birthday presents, some years! On our anniversary last year we didn’t get each other cards but did go out for a meal but some years we don’t even go out. That makes us sound so rubbish! 

We should make time for each other and treat each other more, even if it’s only on special occasions. A card to each other means so much. I don’t always want presents. At Christmas time I would rather get the children the gifts they want rather than Dadof5 waste money on gifts for me. However, we should exchange gifts each year and this year I did set a decent budget for each of us to use to buy gifts for each other. There were gifts under the tree for us both although we seemed to go from one extreme to the other. 

I am definitely one of those people that also wouldn't hesitate on spending x amount on the children but when it comes to spending it on myself it would definitely be a no. Why though? Why should I treat the children but not myself, they get enough treats over the year that's for sure. 

Up until recently each week has been taken up by so many things. Evenings were spent apart for various reasons and we had no time to spend with each other. This year we need to plan to get out more together too even if it’s only a trip to the local pub for an hour for a drink. Just time together but away from the home.... and the children! 

An afternoon tea and a rare birthday cake sighting for one of our birthdays. 

Time just seems to fly by at the moment and it’s so easy to be so focussed on the children and their birthdays, school days, events and activities plus every day life that you forget about each other in the madness and chaos of it all. 

So this year we definitely won’t miss out on celebrations. We deserve a party, meals out and some time away for our anniversary. 

Dadof5 deserves a medal for putting up with me for that long! 

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