Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Happy New Year 2020. A New Year's resolution or not?

Happy New Year 2020. A New Year's resolution or not?

Every year I see lots of people, including myself, setting themselves new year's resolutions.

Should we really do it though? 

Do we relish the challenge of losing weight or drinking less, trying harder to keep in touch with friends or aiming high and setting ourselves even bigger challenges.

Or could we maybe be setting ourselves up to not succeed in keeping them and thus ruining our new year for ourselves?

I’m not saying we are going to fail, most will succeed in the challenges we set ourselves. However do we want to spend the year worrying that we may not fulfil the resolutions that we set ourselves?

Does making a new year resolution make you focussed and determined to succeed? Sometimes we need that something to focus on, something to set our minds to. 

Read more, travel more, take up a new hobby, aim for a promotion at work, reconnect with old friends or learn a new skill.

Each year for me it’s usually to lose weight or to save more. A good one is to try and reduce the cost of the food shopping which each year seems to spiral wildly out of control, or to stop buying so many takeaways. Both of those would then be a positive step towards the ‘saving more money’ resolution too. 

2019 saw so many wonderful things. Here's to 2020.

This year more than ever we do really need to try and save more. Spending less on food shopping and takeaways (as well as many others things!) would help us achieve other things throughout this new year including more days out and adventures that will take us further afield than usual. 

However, should there be a goal to that resolution? Should we set ourselves a monetary value to that goal or have we succeeded if we just save more than what we did in a previous year?

The same could be said for weight loss. Do we set a goal of a certain loss or celebrate any loss no matter how big or small?

Whatever we decide for 2020 and beyond each milestone should be celebrated every step of the way even if you are marching towards an even bigger goal.

Don’t be hard on yourselves but instead praise and encourage each other in anything we may be challenging ourselves to and be there for each other through the good times as well as the bad times.

One thing for sure is that I will promise to blog more and hope to make it interesting enough for you all to read! I’m also going to get right out of my comfort zone and put myself in front of the camera and vlog more. This is so far out of my comfort zone it’s unreal! It won’t happen overnight and I’m not going to set myself a target with this one but at some point you will see my ugly mug more across my website and YouTube channels, you have been warned!

Constantly living life through a Snapchat filter, look out world the filter is coming off!!! 

As for 2020, enjoy it, go with the flow and don’t put pressure on yourselves. If you want a challenge then set it, aim for the highest you can without making yourself feel like you’ve not done the best you can. If you don't have a new year's resolution that doesn't mean you have failed from the outset or are scared of a challenge. Sometimes life itself can be a challenge and getting through each day can be a success in itself. 

See you in 2020 everyone. I’m off to party in my living room in my pyjamas! 😃