Thursday, 12 September 2019

Our garden makeover continues, the composite decking project is complete.

The finished decking area ready for a family afternoon tea in the garden

Our decking project in the back garden finally happened over the first few weeks of the summer holidays. Dadof5 worked hard on the weekends both at work and at home to make sure this was finished so we could enjoy for a while before the autumn and winter arrive.

Dadof5 started the base framework back in July. The base had to be raised in order for the decking to be the same height as the door and the garden. We did a lot of research to make sure we used the right wood and used enough supporting pieces for the size of deck we were doing. 

The before picture shows the horrible patio and the step down from the house then up on to the garden. Another before picture is hidden down the bottom of this post! 

Realgroove bark effect composite deckboards in grey. 

We had new french doors fitted back in April which really opened up the dining room to the outdoors but the patio area had seen better days. When we extended the house six years ago we had to rip up some of the patio to put some pipework down and it never got put back properly. You also stepped down on to the patio and then up on to the garden so the new deck area meant we could level the area right across. We hadn’t sat out on the patio for ages and it wasn’t really suitable for the children to play out on.

Dadof5 and Grandadof5 worked hard to build the raised base framework in time for the decking delivery in August. It was a big project and only two of them working on it. The decking area measured 2.4 metres by 8.5 metres spanning across the back of the house.

We spent many hours discussing our decking options. I had stumbled across, and fallen in love with, the Realgroove composite decking on the edecks website while Dadof5 tried to persuade me to go for wood decking..... because it was cheaper! The composite decking was more than twice the price of wooden decking but so worth it and Dadof5 agrees. The composite deckboards were £7.99 per square metre which is approx. £20 a length and we needed 61 lengths.

We tend to do jobs and go for the cheaper option just to get the project done but we agreed that from now on we would try and get the products we would like rather than just opting for the cheapest/easier options.
I would say the decking was easy to fit but I was only observing! However it looked easy enough to fit once the workers got going. It all clipped together with fixing clips provided and once completed it looked fab. We have a few finishing bits to complete and then I need to update the rest of the garden. It’s really changed the garden and we have sat outside more in the past few weeks than we have done in years!

It’s lovely to wake up in the morning and push the doors wide open. I’ve sat outside and eaten breakfast and spent a few long summer days soaking up the sun out there too. We will be looking for new outdoor furniture before the summer next year although I do have my eye on a set already. 

I've hidden this before picture down here because quite frankly it's hideous! The patio had been lifted to lay new pipework for the extension and everything was just dumped in this space. As a result the patio area was unused and VERY unloved. 

Here’s to the hard workers for making my dream decking happen and here’s to the many other projects we have to start/finish!


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