Thursday, 6 June 2019

Fab family fun at the new Mighty Adventures Mighty Claws adventure golf centre Southampton

Last weekend we were invited to the VIP launch of the new Mighty Adventures Mighty Claws adventure golf in Southampton. 

'A mythical land of giant sea monsters, mysterious shipwrecks and terrifying dinosaurs. Discover the adventure of a lifetime at Viking Valley! Fiercely entertaining for everyone from little raptors to ancient fossils. Adapted from the children’s story, The Mighty Claws Follow A Monster'.

When we were arrived we were given a copy of the book that the adventure golf course is based on and we then went inside for a reading of the book from the author. 

The children were excited to get started and we went outside for the official opening and ribbon cutting. There were lots of people attending the launch and we were all ready with our golf clubs and queued to get straight on with the course. 

With 18 fun holes around the course it is themed with dinosaurs, sea monsters, a shipwreck and a waterfall. 

We sat for a while to let others get started on the course which gave us time to look around the course starting from the end and working our way backwards a little. The children had fun trying out the wobbly bridge and standing behind the waterfall. 

Once we started the children really enjoyed it. There were three different sizes of golf club so it was easy for everyone to get involved. Each hole posed it's different challenges whether it was hitting your golf ball up a ramp or over a thin bridge being careful not to lose your ball in the water! 

It was great fun, some holes not taking long to finish and others were a bit more tricky. 

We were given a score sheet at the beginning so we could keep track of how many shots it took for each hole so we could total our scores at the end. However, Thing 5 wasn't so enthralled by this idea so we just enjoyed the game. If you ask him, he won! 

The children liked the part where you had to hit your ball into the dragon and it rolled down and out of his mouth towards the hole. Dadof5 got a hole in one which he was very proud of. Also going behind the blue waterfall was great fun too. The children particularly liked the wobbly bridge. 

Mighty Claws adventure golf was a great day out with the children. They really enjoyed it and wanted to go back again the next day. We will definitely go back again for another round of crazy golf. 

Here is a link to their website with admission prices and more information Mighty Claws Southampton. There are also courses in Bournemouth and Colchester. 

Here's a video of our day out at Mighty Claws adventure golf, enjoy; 

Disclaimer; We were invited to the VIP launch of Mighty Claws for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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