Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Another garden makeover is in the pipeline! Choosing the right decking, wooden or composite?

We are very slowly (VERY,VERY SLOWLY!) moving around the house and getting lots of home improvement jobs done or finishing off existing projects. 

Dadof5 desperately wants to get some decking put out in the back garden which we have wanted to do for a while now so in the past week we have been looking at the different types of decking to choose from and pricing up all the different things that we need to complete the job. 

Please excuse the state of the garden/patio area. As you can see it is long over due for a makeover. This picture gives you an idea of the step down from the door and then the step up on to the garden. The decking will run between the two to make it all level. 

From the picture above you can see that we step down out of the door and back up onto the garden. The decking will make this one smooth run straight across from door to garden and will run the full width of the house too. 

There has been a few comments about putting decking in. Others wouldn't do it, some say it gets too slippery when wet or with wood decking you need to keep treating it over time. However this is a project we've wanted to do for a long time and we are very much looking forward to completing it. 

First of all we need the wood to make the base framework. As this is a DIY job we have been researching all across the internet on what is the best wood to use to build our base, what space between each joist etc.... Bearing in mind the overall project is approx. 8.5 metres by 2.4 metres we need a lot of materials. We also need to make sure we have enough support in the framework for the decking as it will be higher off the ground too. 

When it comes to the actual deck boards I really want composite decking. I've looked online and also asked for advice on a few facebook groups that I am on (invaluable when it comes to home improvement and ideas!). I found some on the edecks website in either an oak or grey colourway both of which I really like. We need boards in 2.4 metre lengths which would be perfect for running lengths across from the house to the garden. 

Wickes premium wood decking, priced at £3.33 per metre

We priced up both wood decking and composite decking and there is quite a significant difference in price. Dadof5 has looked at the premium wood decking at Wickes which is £3.33 per metre. The composite decking found on edecks is £6.99 per metre. Both can be bought in 2.4 metre lengths and also are very similar in width and thickness. 

These are both the Realgroove composite decking in grey and oak effect. Priced at £6.99 per metre

The costing difference between wood decking and composite for the size of our project is around £500+. 

Dadof5 said his usual line of 'Well if we just do wood decking for now'. With most projects in the house he lives on a make do for now attitude whereas I would like to start making sure that any project we do is for the long term and what we really want rather than just making do for now. So if we are going to do the decking outside it will be composite decking.

We have found composite decking at Wickes too and edecks do a great range of timber and composite decking as well as all of the equipment and extras you will need to complete your decking project. There are so many companies online and in store that sell decking but both companies mentioned are where we have found products we like. 

If you are looking at a decking project too there are so many companies online as well as in store retailers that stock so many different types of decking. Research is key whether it's looking for the different types of deckboard or getting the best price. It pays to shop around and find the right retailer and price for your budget too. 

So the decision has been made and we have decided to go for composite decking. Dadof5 wanted to go for wood decking as it is cheaper and he wants to get the job done asap, however I want to do the job properly and actually do it how we really want to so it will be longer lasting and look nicer for years to come. 

We have decided on the Realgroove bark effect composite decking in grey which we found on the edecks website. 

Dadof5 has been busy pricing up all of the wood needed for the framework and finding the best price for that so he can order it and get started.

Not forgetting to price in all of the fixings etc into the project as it's not just the framework wood and decking needed.....

It's exciting and I cannot wait for him to get started. We will of course update on the finished project. 

Next stop................ outdoor furniture shopping! 


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