Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Our DIY utility room home improvement makeover with before and after pictures

The almost finished revamped utility room. 

Before and after pictures of home improvements are always good. I always do them when we are starting another DIY project. 

I’m also very ashamed to say that these two pictures were our utility room. The dumping ground. The room where the washing got washed and folded and then it stayed there. 

Dadof5's collection of paint trays and empty bottles adorned the top of the cupboard. Laundry was always piling up and our carrier bag collection was impressive. 

The room with a cupboard slap bang in the middle of the wall that was full of rubbish and crap balanced on top of it too. The room where kitchen overflow ended up, when the food shop wouldn’t quite fit in the cupboards, where all of the carrier bags got dumped.

When we built the extension the room was hurriedly painted the green colour as it’s a tin of paint we already had and the worktop was an off cut from my parents kitchen, black with flecks of colour in it (not that you can see it!)

The weights bench is Thing 1's addition to the room which also made its way into a corner of the dumping ground where it stayed with minimal use. 

It was depressing. Not that I try and spend much time in there but when you are washing clothes for 7 people it becomes one of the most used rooms! 

So I was on a mission to completely revamp the utility room and with a plan and some ideas from the internet we’ve nearly finished and here I share it’s transformation. 

First we had to get rid of the cupboard. It was the main focal point as soon as you walked in the room. Again this was something we had acquired from someone else and at the time it was handy. It was going to be repositioned on the opposite wall behind the door but after Dadof5 saw how just taking that cupboard off the wall made such a difference he decided we could get rid of it completely. 

Curver knit basket in misty blue, storage containers from Ikea. Small succulent plant from Sainsbury's.

Next we painted the walls white which again made a big difference. I think back when we finished the extension and were painting the utility room for the first time I did like the mint green colour but the whole room needed changing and freshening up. 

I got the 2 long length Malm floating shelves from Ikea. I wanted storage space which was accessible and that looked nice too. I chose to use the Curver My Style storage baskets in grey and the Curver knit storage baskets in misty blue on the shelves. 

I also wanted to change the worktop but being on a budget I chose to cover it using dc fix which is like a fablon covering. I chose the Sanremo Oak style. It was very easy to apply and has covered the old worktop perfectly giving it a great revamp. 

Sanremo Oak dc fix covers the worktop

I repainted the small cupboard and drawer between the 2 appliances to white and will be adding silver cup handles (in the post!). 

We have 2 washing machines in the utility room and I will be swapping the silver one seen in the picture with the white one that's currently hidden behind the door just so it looks better. I was going to get rid of the silver one but unfortunately just one washing machine can’t handle the workload! 

The accessories which are the laundry basket, washing powder storage and bread bin are all from Matalan. The utility room will be a laundry room as well as kitchen storage overflow! 

All accessories are from Matalan. The laundry tin with scoop holds my washing powder. 

The last job is to clean up the tiles on the floor, I will leave that job to Dadof5 as he was the one who neglected them! 

I will hopefully be adding a few more accessories and will add an updated picture very soon.  For now we are very pleased with the result.

Now to teach them all how to use the washing machine and put the clothes away once washed!