Thursday, 28 February 2019

Review - Casdon Toy Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner

Casdon Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaner REVIEW 

When the Casdon toy Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaner arrived in our house I was ever so slightly jealous of who was going to get to use it! 

Looking exactly like the real thing, my youngest couldn't wait to get stuck in and try it out. Putting it together was so easy. With just a few clicks the three parts were together and we were ready to get started on hoovering the entire house!

With it's realistic sounds and small plastic pieces that move around inside the cylinder, Thing 5 happily hoovered away for ages. Being just like a grown up and hoovering away, he always wants to use Nanny's real Dyson cord-free hoover when we go and visit so he was delighted to have his own to use at home. 

It requires 3 x AA batteries which weren't included but it can still be used for pretend play without the batteries. 

The toy hoover has mainly be used as a full length cleaner but it can be used, just like a real Dyson, as a short handled cleaner too. Which means Thing 5 has also tackled the stairs and sofas for me in his cleaning frenzy with his new Dyson. 

The Casdon Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaner is aimed at children aged 3 years+ and is so easy to use. It all comes apart with just a push of a red button so it's easy for little ones to be able to change the hoover from one mode to another without getting frustrated at not being able to do it themselves. There are great play opportunities with the hoover and Thing 5 loves following me around whilst I hoover too. 

The cyclone action which then moves the coloured plastic pieces around inside means it looks and acts like a real Dyson, feeling like they are picking up things from the floor as they go. 

It is also very light so can be carried around easily. It also stores very well without being too bulky, it stands on its own too so can be tucked out of the way but ready for use straight away because there is no need to pack all the pieces up or store it out of the way. 

The Casdon Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaner is available from Amazon and Smyths Toys. 

Disclaimer; We were gifted the Casdon Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaner for the purposes of this review. All thoughts expressed and comments are our own. 

Review - Lollipets from Spinmaster

 Review - Lollipets from Spinmaster 

These fab new interactive Lollipets from Spinmaster were an instant hit in our house as soon as they arrived. 

Available in single or twin packs they are a cute little pet with a lolly that interacts and moves in certain ways when you move the lolly in front of it. 

Priced at a very reasonable £5.99 for a single pack or £10.99 for a twin pack they come in a great range of colours and styles and ideal for gifts or treats for the children with a great price point. 

Each pet moves around when you turn it on and you can also move the lolly to make it do different things. They follow the lolly or lift it upwards to make the lollipet hop, hold it to the side to make it dodge or behind to make it sprint. 

With 20 characters in the range to collect you can build a great collection and all of the lollipets are attracted to each other too, love certainly is in the air! 

Each single pack includes one Lollipet, one lollipop, 1 map, 1 sticker and an instruction booklet. The two pack has 2 of each item with 2 different lollipets included. 

Each pet is beautifully decorated and you can get fuzzy, glittery, brightly coloured and pastel coloured ones. Each Lollipet comes with a character card, a map, a colourful sticker and a unique treat shaped like a real lollipop! Batteries are included so they are good to go straight out of the box.

The lollipets have been played with so much since they arrived and the children love watching them interact with each other and move about across the floor. The also see who can make them do more tricks than the other ones too. They are also a great size to pop in your pocket or bag and take out and about with you, great interactive fun on the go. I love it when you have toys that are portable for instant on the go fun wherever you are. 

This cute and brightly coloured bunny lollipet was from our single pack. Watching it hop around is great fun and it's so cute seeing them follow their lollipop and do different tricks when you move the lollipop around. 

The double pack is great fun as you can see the lollipets attract to each other too. The contents of our double pack are featured in the picture at the top of this blog post. A cute little mouse and rabbit set in pastel colours.

Lollipets can be found in store and online at Smyths Toys as well as The Entertainer, Argos and many more stores. Priced at around £5.99 for the single pack and £10.99 for the double pack. 

Disclaimer; we were gifted the lollipets for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and comments are our own. 

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Review - S.W.A.K kissable keychains

S.W.A.K keychains are a fab new toy from WowWee. 

Available in  12 different styles they are an interactive keychain that makes a kissing noise when you touch the lips. 

Each S.W.A.K. keychain is lip shaped and comes with KissTech, a unique sensor technology that detects your cheek and gives you a kiss. The longer you hold it the longer it lasts.

 Each S.W.A.K. comes with a postcard, sticker, and removable keychain. With a slot located at the top, your S.W.A.K. is also a fun way to display your favourite photos or cards.

We were sent three of the designs which include Mermaid sparkle kiss, Unicorn sparkle kiss and Gold kiss. The full range of 12 designs is also featured below. 

The design of each keychain is vibrant in colour and a great addition to any girls collection. My daughter loved the unicorn design the best but would love to collect more and loves the yellow graffiti design too. 

Sassy lips deliver a quick kiss to mega smooch sounds, the longer you press them against your skin the longer the kiss will last. 

These are a great affordable collectable toy for children and with 12 designs to choose from it would be easy to collect them all with the affordable price tag of around £6.99 each. They would also make great gifts for friends too, we are always looking for new gift ideas and the price point on these is appealing and also gives the opportunity to build a collection too. 

Each keychain comes packaged with postcard and SWAK sticker too and has batteries included.

We have found them in Smyths Toys in store and online. With 12 designs to choose from, which one would you choose first?

Disclaimer; We were sent three SWAK keychains in exchange for a review. All thoughts and comments expressed are our own.