Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Our family day out at Marwell Wildlife Zoo with their new Tropical House.

A day out at Marwell Zoo

We were all so excited to be visiting Marwell Wildlife Zoo recently. The whole family loves a day out at the zoo and Marwell isn’t far from where we live in Hampshire. 

The Things as we arrived. 

We have visited Marwell Zoo before but it was a few years ago now and they’ve recently added the new Tropical House to the zoo. In the Tropical House you will find leaf cutting ants, fish, tortoises and butterflies flying above your head as well as birds. Meeting the sloth was the highlight of our day although we did of course enjoy the rest of the zoo too. 

When we arrived we followed the flow of the roads and pathways to make our way around the zoo. It is also very well signposted and their is a map that you can pick up too. 

On our way round we saw penguins, flamingoes, hippos, tigers, meerkats, cheetahs, and more. There were so many different animals to see. So many of the animals also had different places to stand and spot them. Some at ground level, some higher level view points and the penguins also have a place where you can stand and see them swim underwater. 

The giraffes were great. They were inside when we visited but had they been outside there are some great viewing points to go and see them. There wasn't any animals we didn't see at the zoo thanks to all of these different viewpoints. 

The weather wasn’t great the day we visited but it didn’t spoil the day and we spent plenty of time exploring and finding the different animals. Each child had a different animal that they wanted to see and so we planned a route around the Zoo to see all of the them and also pinpoint where the specific animals they wanted to see were going to be. 

Thing 5 was desperate to see the sloth but we didn't want them to rush looking at all of the animals in order to get to their favourite but I wasn't to worry. We spent plenty of time looking and also sometimes searching for the animals. 

The new Tropical House was amazing. It covers 2 different levels and you walk in on the top level. As soon as you get inside it is lovely and warm and you get to see the sloth first. We were all very excited and Thing 5 was super excited. We had to be very quiet around the sloth and we spent lots of time looking at him and watching him move slowly on his branch hanging from the tree. 

Thing 5 with his new sloth friend. His favourite part of the day. 

Also in the Tropical House there are tropical free-flying birds and butterflies, frogs, pygmy marmosets on an island above the aquarium that is home to 2,500 fish. As you venture down towards the forest floor level you will see Javan Chevrotain (mouse deer), mountain tortoises and insects such as beetle. You will also find a viewing window into the aquarium and as you continue outwards you will find the leaf cutting ants working hard and the crocodile monitor lizard.  

After we visited the Tropical House we were off to find the snow leopard which was on Thing 4's list of things to see. On our way we went past Life among the Trees and spotted all of the different monkeys including the Siamang and golden lion tamarin. The children loved watching them jump and move about and some of them were eating too which was fun to watch. 

The snow leopard which was standing right by the fence for everyone to see, Thing 4 was very pleased to see it. 

We had a fantastic day out at Marwell Zoo and would highly recommend it as a full, fun family day out. There are so many animals to see and lots of things to do and learn on your way round. The weather didn't put us off and there were plenty of undercover areas to see animals too. There was also a great indoor picnic area as well as plenty of outdoor space and also Cafe Graze for some great meal choices. 

We of course didn't forget to go into the gift shop before we left and Thing 5 couldn't leave without buying a 'pet sloth' to bring home which hasn't left his side since. 

What's your favourite animal to see at the zoo?

Disclaimer; We were given entry into Marwell Zoo for review purposes. All thoughts and comments are our own. 

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