Monday, 11 June 2018

Mum gets a day off. Heading into London for a day of me time and city sightseeing

Heading into London is always fun for me. I love heading to the city whether it’s for a blogging event, theatre trip, afternoon tea or family outing.

I’ve been on my own a few times but only ever to stay for a few hours for a specific event and then I head home again. Other times it’s been with the children or friends who love heading into London too.

Two years ago we went into London for Thing 2 and Thing 5’s birthday and we had a lovely day visiting the Sealife Centre followed by a meal at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Thing 3 enjoying London adventures

So I’ve decided that I need a day off. A day off from being Mum, wife, shop worker, school run Mum, blogger, washer woman, house cleaner! A day where I don’t have to think about what the kids are up to, where they are, are they behaving or what needs doing that day, how much time do I have to get jobs done around the house before the kids are back from school or before work time and is dinner on the table in time for the hungry people in my house.

I’ve decided to head into London alone for the whole day. It may not seem that special to some but like I’ve said I’ve not spent the whole day there alone without having  a reason as to why I’m there. I’ve been so many times and never stood outside Buckingham Palace, I’ve visited Harrods many times but never alone so I’m going to go and look, browse slowly without a child standing next to me, I’m going to go back to Hard Rock Cafe and actually eat something this time, I’m going to walk through Leicester Square without the children asking for Lego or M & M’s! and for just one day not worry about getting home in time for the school run or dinner time and even bedtime. Go me!

The View from the Shard

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been many times without the children. We went to London for our tenth wedding anniversary which was lovely but I had so much planned that weekend that we were on a schedule for the whole 3 days! Theatre trip, China town, a gorgeous afternoon tea at The Athenaeum Hotel (must stay there some time soon), The Shard, London Film Museum for the James Bond exhibit, shopping and eating out. More recently I went for a fabulous afternoon tea and bus tour with the bestie followed by dinner in Leicester Square.

B Bakery afternoon tea and London bus tour 

We are so lucky to live just a short train journey away too. Travelling to London is so easy for us and I love jumping on the train to travel into the City as long as it’s not peak time rush on work days!

I'm sure as parents we all feel we need some time out and a day off from every day life. To recharge, chill, have a day that’s different from the normal. I know I certainly do and so to find myself almost 'running away' for the day feels good. 

Kingly Court near Carnaby Street, great restaurants. 

I’m going to leave the husband in charge. He left me in charge a couple of weeks ago and had a lads day out at the golf, something they do annually. It’s a full day out with a meal afterwards and a relatively late return home and they have a great day. So it’s my turn and I need to learn that he will survive, the children will get fed and put to bed although maybe not at the correct times and they will cope for the day without me. Fingers crossed!!

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