Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Decluttering our home. Using online selling sites to make some money from unwanted items in the house.

I've recently decided our house is too full of stuff and needs decluttering! From unwanted toys to unused homewares. There are cupboards housing unused items that someone else could make good use of. 

Dadof5 has always been a great hoarder of anything and everything and always questions why I am selling something. Usually something that has sat unwanted and unloved for at least six months or more and clearly needs to be put to better use elsewhere. I swear some day the loft will cave in from everything he keeps 'just incase'! 

Over the past few weeks I have slowly started decluttering. We had a toy storage unit that was storing toys that weren't being played with. So not only did the toys need a new home but once they had gone there was no need to have the storage unit taking up space and now stood empty. 

As we have an impending bedroom makeover coming up too we really need to sort out everything and as the children get older the house can start looking like a home and less like a branch of toys r us combined with a full on mess! 

Not only are we decluttering but making some pennies in the process. The youngest 2 Things wanted a Nintendo Switch and so I told them that if they wanted one they had to fund one themselves by selling some unwanted toys that were hiding under Thing 4's bed. Although I did all of the selling and posting of said items the Things actually made almost enough pennies for their much wanted item, even going to the shop with their money and buying it themselves. 

Buying their Nintendo Switch after raising some funds from decluttering

Everyone is benefiting from our clear out of stuff. The buyers who get to buy something that they need for just a few pennies and we get to raise some funds to do other things around the house. 

I have really done well with selling online via local selling groups on Facebook or on eBay so far. We have still got lots of items we can sell or donate and I am making my way slowly through the clutter that we don't need and then we can start on home improvements too. Stay tuned for a much needed double bedroom makeover for the two smallest Things. 

I am slowly getting my house back and can start making it into a home. The Things appreciate the items they do have rather than having so much that they forget what they do have or have things they don't play with any more and it stays bundled in storage for ages. 

Car boot sales are also great fun. We used to do them every now and again and are also a great way of getting rid of unwanted items. Just remember not to go browsing and end up bringing more stuff home! 

So why not have a declutter if it's needed. Or is your house clutter free? Do you wonder if the toys multiply over night? Do you have a hoarder in the house? 

Disclaimer; All pictures as above of our 'lovely' uncluttered tidy home are not a true representation of life with five children and there is currently Lego on the lounge floor, washing up to be done in the kitchen and a clothes washing mountain in the utility room! 

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