Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The children have grown too quickly & I regret wishing the school holidays away. Enjoy your time together before September arrives.

I know this is a bit rich coming from me as I am usually the one moaning most summer holidays that we have nothing planned and the kids are killing each other and it's raining and they won't stop eating and, and, and..........

A walk in the woods, right on our doorstep.

However it's taken this long but I have finally realised that I spend the summer holidays wishing the time to fly by and yet now the children are growing up too fast and I genuinely miss the time when they are here to annoy me! 

Now they are all at school and I have no babies or toddlers here to fill my time, no nappies to change and no toddler being my shadow all day and I miss those times. School has taken my last baby and so now the holidays seem so much more precious. They are all growing so fast that I seem to blink and miss something (usually a school appointment!!).

Brothers having fun. Fun doesn't have to cost anything.

So this Summer holiday we are going to cherish every moment, every single messy corner of the house where they have tipped out the Lego to make things together, the Play Doh strewn across the dining room table and the endless trips to the shops to stock up on food. 

We will make time for trips to the park come rain or shine, go bowling, swimming, to the cinema, a trip to the zoo, to a theme park, eat out too much and I will try not to moan that I have gone bankrupt in the process. 

A day out with Thomas. 

When they shout 'Mummmmmm' too many times I will try not to get cross with them as I will long for someone to call my name when they are all back at school and my days are too quiet. When the noise level gets a little louder than I would like I will not tell them to be quiet but cherish the sound of small people playing and enjoying each others company (most of the time). 

When I sit and think I need 5 minutes peace I will remember that when they are back at school in September I will have way more than 5 minutes peace each week and to not think that they are just being annoying even if I feel a slight headache coming on. 

A drive into Windsor and a long walk up the Long Walk to Windsor Castle.

So please don't wish the holidays away. Fill the days with fun, get out of the house whenever you can even if it's just a walk to the park. Enjoy a family holiday away, days out and as much fun as is possible in the time that we have.

Don't wish for the children to be quiet or for back to school to hurry up because before long they will have grown and flown and your days will be even quieter than you could have ever imagined and it won't seem as wonderful as you thought it would be. 

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