Monday, 27 February 2017

The Lego Batman movie and the 'create your own' Lego Batman character creator, TRY IT HERE! Are you a villain or a hero?

Lego Batman character creator 

With the launch of the Lego Batman movie in cinemas across the country a couple of weeks ago Thing 4 and 5 have gone Lego crazy (even more so than usual!) 

They have been looking at all of the new Lego sets out in the toy shops featuring many Batman creations from the huge Arkham Asylum set to the smaller vehicles such as Joker's car or Penguin's Arctic Roller. 

As well as the new Lego sets released there is also a 'creat your own' Lego Batman character creator  where you can make your own Lego Batman character and place it in scenes from the movie. 

Are you a hero or a villain? You can choose everything from legs and body, hair and eyes and even accessories for your Lego Batman character. 

Why not give it a go here and see what Lego Batman character you can make? Let me know what character you make and enjoy! 

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