Thursday, 19 January 2017

When we think twice before spending money on ourselves but if it's for the kids we spend, spend, spend! Buy it, you deserve it.

As a Mum I will always find myself putting the children first, it's what we do as parents. 

That includes shopping. I love to shop especially for clothes and shoes although in recent months I am learning to shift my focus towards other things that could be done like home improvement! 

I will find myself going shopping for the day and coming home with stuff for the children. I'm always up for a bargain so my most recent purchase was new shoes for 3 out of the 5 children all at half price in the current January sales that are still running. 

More often than not both from myself and others though I see us holding back from buying stuff for ourselves. Sometimes it is because we've seen something that we can't afford but more often than not it's something we can afford but feel guilty about spending on ourselves. Yet we probably wouldn't hesitate on buying something for our children for the same price. 

For example, everyone went crazy for Holly Willoughby's rainbow shirt that she wore on This Morning yesterday and there was much speculation about where it was from etc.... Most of us recoiled at the price although it's a statement piece and a colourful addition to your wardrobe that should last for years. There have been times over the years when I have walked into shops and come out with clothes amounting to that price for the children and not thought twice about it and they will outgrow those clothes in months to come too. So why do we think twice about spending on ourselves?

Holly Willoughby's rainbow shirt from Tabitha Webb

Maybe it's just me, although I know I am not alone. Gone are my days of buying and selling copious amounts of prams and pushchairs and I now seem to have moved on to clothes and shoes for the children but why not shift the focus to myself for a while? Why can't I do it? 

Even at Christmas I told my husband not to buy me anything, I didn't want anything and would rather see the children happy and get the gifts they want.

So parents come on now, if you see something you want and you can afford it then go for it. I swear my kids don't need half of the clothes and shoes that they have even if they were a bargain when I bought them. However I fancy some new clothes and shoes every once in a while and think twice about buying myself some supermarket shoes! 

We all want to see our children dressed nicely and who can't resist the cute little outfits in  new season styles when they hit the shop floors but let's treat ourselves once in a while too, guilt free. 

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