Thursday, 12 January 2017

SATS tests for Year 2 and Year 6 children. Is it fair to pile on all this unnecessary pressure to our children for the sake of some tests?


I currently have two children gearing up for SATS tests in May. One in Year 2 and one in Year 6. I completely understand that these tests need to take place and I am happy for my children to do them.

SATS, or statutory/standard assessment tests (national curriculum tests) are sat in Year 2 and Year 6. These tests are used to evaluate your child's educational progress and are also compared against the average attainment expectations for their respective age group. 

Every year I see messages across social media from parents saying how much pressure they feel their children are under because of these SATS tests mainly from Year 6 parents. 

I have never had the problem with any of my children that have gone through Year 2 SATS tests and none of them have really even noticed that they are doing them!

However, a couple of days before Christmas Thing 3 (Year 6) came home with a few SATS revisions books and I wasn't happy. She is worrier anyway so to have handed these out a couple of days before the Christmas break meant she felt the need to revise over Christmas and also there is still five months until SATS, FIVE MONTHS! 

Another thing. If my daughter needs booster classes because you feel she's not quite at the level you think she should be at by now then should they not have been offered before now? Not conveniently on the lead up to the SATS tests? 

I'm all for children having extra help if they need it but not just for the sake of some test results. My children will sit those tests and do the best that they can but not after they've been pressured for five months to get things right and do better than they are now just for better looking results. 

I completely understand that schools want to get the best SATS results they can possibly get but revision books, extra booster classes and turning some of our children into stressed out nervous wrecks, NO.

The first time I ever felt like that was at GCSE exam level. At that age I knew I had to revise, I knew those grades controlled whether I would get on to the college course I wanted to attend and that mattered a lot. I controlled the revision I did and I added the pressure to myself to do well (or not do well!). 

I am all for schools trying to get the best out of the children that attend there. I am always amazed at the hours the teachers at our local schools put in to their jobs both during school time and afterward school (and at weekends) too. I know they are aiming to give my children the best education they possibly can and the happiest school years they can too and I know this happens every school day throughout the year. 

So knowing the teachers have done their best and they have taught my child well then they can only do their best in those tests and that's all we ask. The added stress, revision and booster classes are unnecessary at SATS test level. 

What do you think about SATS tests? Do your children get stress out? Does their school pile on all the extra revision and booster classes? Let me know in the comments below.  

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