Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017. What does the New Year have in store for you? I have named 2017 the year of home improvement, does it ever stop?!

A slightly belated Happy New Year to all of my readers here at Mum of Five Staying Sane. Thank you for your continued support here as well as connecting with me across all my social media too. 

Saying Goodbye to 2016 was easy for me, it was a bit of a rubbish year for a few reasons and I am glad to see the back of it. What has resulted from the few rubbish things that happened is that I have made 2017 the year of home improvements (and being a bit more selfish!). 

That may sound mean on my part but for 19 years (and counting) I've given the children everything they have wanted, I've said Yes to everything and they certainly haven't missed out. However, a couple of people in 2016 showed me that being selfish means you get what you want so this year I'm being selfish, saying No to their wants and in the process moving towards getting the home that I want. 

Parts of my home are falling apart. I've not just changed my mind on colour schemes or fancying some new furniture even though what I have is perfectly fine. It is falling apart. 

This includes; 

Kitchen cupboard doors falling off

A half finished hallway refurb

Mould growing on my bedroom window

A broken kitchen window

Bedroom furniture that is falling apart (although it has lasted 13 years)

A broken curtain rail in my bedroom

Threadbare and marked carpet on the stairs and in my bedroom (circa year 2000!)

An unfinished patio which the children can't go out and play on

A broken light fitting in the upstairs hallway

So 2017 brings the year of home improvements, or at least some home improvements! 

Where to start first is difficult as I need to know rough costs and budget accordingly. I'm all for saving money here and there so am always on the look out for good deals, offers and bargains to be had. I don't want top end designer items but I just want things fixed and for my house to look nice. 

As the children grew up we always said we will wait to make the house look nicer than it is as they were still at the stage of trashing the place, ripping wallpaper, drawing on walls and furniture etc..... always fun when you are a toddler! However, now they are older asides from being too messy they can at least live in a house that looks nice and isn't falling apart in places. 

So operation home improvement is underway. After sorting my bedroom window asap my next stop is Carpetright to price up new carpets. I've not bought new carpets for many, many years so am completely clueless as to what is good, what a decent carpet is, what prices are like so I may be in for a shock but without knowing prices I don't know where I stand on what to budget for and I will then also know a rough timescale of when it can be done by once I've sorted funds. 

The current under stairs look! 

My broken curtain rail and very sad looking curtains with no hooks left! Hiding a very sad looking window. 

I know many readers will be thinking with the amount of shoes and prams I've bought in previous years my money could have been put to better use. However, nobody is perfect. I bought what I wanted. I wasn't in home improvement mode I was in buying what I wanted when I wanted and letting the children have what they wanted. Times have changed, the days of having 5 prams in the house at a time have gone and operation home improvement is in full swing! 

What does 2017 have in store for you? Are you in DIY mode? A new baby on the way to plan for? Adventures to seek? Let me know in the comments below. 

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