Monday, 5 September 2016

One day until Back to School. Uniform ready, new shoes ready, kids ready............. Is Mummy ready? Waving Goodbye to my last baby and surviving on my own in the empty nest!

The summer holidays have zoomed by, as per usual. I always say that they will go so slowly as we have nothing planned and then in the blink of an eye we are just one day away from back to school. 

We've bought the uniform, bought the shoes and had haircuts. 

Thing 5 in his school uniform, he only turned 4 years old a few weeks ago. 

We've also done quite a lot over the holidays and really enjoyed our time off, well most of it! We've been to the beach, walked through the woods, visited London Aquarium, eaten lunch at Hard Rock cafe, watched Scooby Doo Live at the London Palladium, bounced at Oxygen Freejumping and had two birthday celebrations on the same day. 

The children have laughed, cried, argued, woken up late, gone to bed late and in general had a fab fun time whilst completely wearing me out but it's the holidays, live a little! 

However, now I am thinking we need a few early nights. we need to be ready for the impending back to school stress. The early morning wake up calls to get ready to go out the door. Back in to the routine of having bags, uniform and lunch boxes ready before we are racing out of the door to get through the school gates on time. 

This year sees my last baby start school. I kept telling everyone how I was so looking forward to it. This is the first time in a long time that I will be waving a child off to big school and not have a baby to look after. I am on my own, going solo and now feeling sad as the day approaches. 

Thing 5 is really looking forward to starting school which is good. He will be in the same school as his older brother and is moving into Reception class with a few friends from his preschool. He has known all of the teachers since he was born as we have been doing the school run to this particular school since forever! 

Thing 4 and 5, these two get on so well and will be in the same school for a year.

So how am I going to cope with finally having an empty nest? Over the past six months or more I have been really looking forward to the day, or at least telling everyone I was. Thing 5 is so ready and tells me daily that he won't miss me. I know I am going to be a sobbing mess! He is my last baby, I am going to be home alone for the first time in over 13 years and I don't like it one bit. 

Whilst the children walk into class greeted by their new teachers to help them learn, comfort them if they get upset and nurture them through their school years, who will be there to comfort me? Who will be there to tell me all will be ok when I am on my own at home without my baby? Will tissues, chocolate and maybe a little alcohol be handed out as standard at the school gate for all parents in a complete state on the first day back?! 

When my first born started school I was the same but when Things 2,3 and 4 started school I was a bit less emotional. Not because I cared any less about them starting school but I had other children to keep me busy and take my mind off the fact they were gone all day, I had sent the others off to school and knew it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but now it's my last baby I'm not sure about the whole process again! 

Whilst they spend the last day at home sat quietly, chilling in front of the TV without worrying that tomorrow they will be back at school with their friends and making new ones, they have no idea how Mummy is feeling. I tell them I will miss them, I tell them every day but they don't care! 

The next few weeks for me will be fuelled by cake, tea and filling my day times with as many things possible that I can do so I don't sit in a quiet house all alone crying in front of This Morning and wondering if 10am is too early for some gin! 

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