Monday, 4 July 2016

Home decluttering and home improvements. The never ending task as more gets added to the lists. Next job kitchen improvements and shed removal!

After our recent dining room makeover it was swiftly onwards to the next home improvement project. However, with so much on the list it's hard to decide what to do next. 

The dining room makeover, you can just see the shed in the background (one of our next projects!)

Home improvements seems to be a never ending task in our house and whilst some jobs take priority for me, the OH has other things he would like to do first. 

The list keeps getting longer even though projects get completed and there is only so many jobs you can get done on limited funds. I would love to just call in a decorator and pay them to paint every room in the house but that isn't going to happen. 

So plodding along at our own, very slow, pace we have got a few jobs to do in the kitchen next. Whilst I excitedly await the delivery of our lovely shiny new American style fridge freezer I have now decided the kitchen needs a bit of a reshuffle to fit it in! This week now consists of emptying a couple cupboards that are being disposed of, buying a new four drawer kitchen unit and relocating it and painting walls too. Buying the big fridge/freezer also means we can finally wave Bye to the fridge with the door that falls off and the huge chest freezer that takes up half of my utility room. Decluttering and gaining space is a big bonus from me! 

Also awaiting completion is a new wall in the kitchen too. We don't like to keep to doing just one job! The OH will finish that off eventually and that will also need painting and a new door hung there too. 

Over the weekend we also decided to declutter the loft, something that I find very difficult with a hoarding OH. It was packed up there but there was nothing that we really needed to keep yet we desperately needed the space to rearrange other areas of the house that were being used as storage due to the overflowing loft! 

On completion of the declutter we had done four runs to the local rubbish tip. These included 2 mattresses, 8 dining chairs, 2 beds, a cot, 2 boxes of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2 bags of cuddly toys and an old CD tower unit. All stored in the loft for no reason whatsoever and should have been disposed of years ago! There is now hardly anything up there apart the usual suitcases and Xmas decorations that you find in most people's lofts. We had to move the decorations to get other stuff out of the loft and Thing 5 asked if it was Christmas! 

After decluttering the loft we are now going to shift all of the OH's tools, painting equipment etc... up there and get rid of the garden shed. The poor shed was hurriedly put together when we lost our garage to the new extension a few years and ago and again the OH just dumped lots of stuff from the garage into the shed and it still hasn't been used in the past few years, it's time to get rid!! 

The shed will go and give us more space in the garden with just a smaller storage unit like the Keter Store it Out Ultra which can be relocated to the end of the patio out of the way and with minimal items inside. 

Keter store it out Ultra

Finally I have managed to get the OH to let go of a lot of things we didn't need and it means we can move a lot of stuff around and gain a lot more space inside and outside whilst then redecorating and improving the space that we have. There is still lots more to do and each day something gets added to the 'jobs to do' list which now resembles a 10,000 word essay!

I best get on with some DIY, I've mentioned 3-4 jobs just in this one blog post and there about 3 million more to do. I'm off to demolish some of the kitchen, extreme makeover style!  Now where did I leave that sledgehammer?!  

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