Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Using flat lay outfit photo's to help make better clothing choices for Thing 5. Some fashion finds for his current Summer wardrobe from Next, Burberry, Junior Gaultier and more

As I start using Instagram more and more I discover a whole range of photographs from other users and try and take inspiration from their pictures to make mine more appealing and better. I love looking at other peoples homes, days out, family pictures and clothes pictures, especially the childrenswear that is pictured from other Instagram users and companies.  

I'm not the best at taking pictures but am hoping to improve on that over time.

As well as taking lots of pictures whilst we are out and about as well as at home, I have started taking pictures of Thing 5's clothes and outfits and sharing them on social media. I recently bought some new clothes and matched them all up for pictures before hanging them in his wardrobe ready for use.

Although more often than not Thing 5 prefers to be naked, does anyone else child walk around completely starkers all day?! Today we were going out for lunch and he wanted to go out naked, luckily I managed to get him in some clothes.

His Summer wardrobe is looking a bit too healthy and as I buy new items from various different childrenswear stockists I have tried to match them up as much as I can. More often than not I will go into a shop and see loads of stuff I like and will come home and none of it actually matches or I buy loads of tops and one pair of bottoms!

So this season is all about matching. Not that Thing 5 cares but I thought I would try and get a wardrobe together that matched and has enough tops in ratio to bottoms because when he is dressed he doesn't like to keep clean for long. 

Doing flat lay pictures where you lay everything out in front of you has really helped me get co-ordinated. I have thought more about what top goes with which trousers and also means that I have a reminder of what to grab as an outfit or for inspiration. 

I do share these pictures with Instagram and they seem to be popular, if someone asks where a certain item is from I am happy to help. My outfit choices are far from perfect though, I'm no kiddy stylist!. Thing 5 would rather wear his Blaze and the monster machines jumper if he does have to get dressed and some days, out of all the clothes he has, I still spend ages deciding what he should wear rather than just a grab and go job.

I'm enjoying buying him some nice outfits before he starts school in September and he will be wearing a school uniform for 5 days of the week and the Summer season has also brought some great finds from different brands. Our main purchases are from Next this season then we have a few other brands mixed in including Mini Rodini, Levi's, Abercrombie and Fitch and more.

I try to shop the sales as much as possible especially when there is 5 children to dress, why do they grow?? I also like to find and try out new brands when I can and always shop with a discount code or two! 

What has caught your eye this Summer season? Do you prefer buying Summer clothes or wrapping up in Winter clothes?  Have you caught any bargains recently too, I always love a bargain! 

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