Thursday, 7 April 2016

Confessions of a shoeaholic, however now I buy mini shoes instead of Mummy shoes! New season picks from Startrite, Lacoste, Gucci and more

My name is Mum of Five and I am a shoeaholic! I always have been, when I was younger I remember playing shoe shops with my sister and cousins. Lining everyone's shoes up and buying and selling shoes. Also clomping around in my Mum's high heels was great fun too, they made a fab sound on the tiled floors!

As I got older I would love the shoe shops, especially at sale times. You can get more for your money then! I am a savvy shoeaholic at least! Back in the day it was Curtess and Stead and Simpson shoe shops in our town. At the time of Senior school the 'in thing' we all wanted was a pair of platforms. I bought self a pair with my pay from my Saturday job. I did already have school shoes, boots, trainers etc... but that wasn't enough. 

Trainers have always been my biggest thing. I'm always checking out online stores for the newest products in stock and seeing what's coming in stores soon. I'm a comfy shoe kinda girl as I do lots of walking, plus I don't have many times nowadays that need a pair of killer heels, lol!

Once the children came along I bought for them instead, they always had an impressive shoe collection especially when they were younger. Toddler sized shoes are just too cute to resist. So it's Thing 5's turn to get shoes, shoes and more shoes. Not that he cares, until the delivery guy knocks at the door. It's not that I don't buy the others shoes, they don't walk around barefoot! However, they spend all week in school shoes and then they have a pair or two of trainers or smart shoes.

Our most recent purchase was from Kickers as they had big reductions in their sale section. Thing 4 and 5 both got a pair of the Kickers Star Wars boots and Thing 5 also got some smart shoes.

Just a very few pairs of shoes in Thing 5's current collection (along with outfit choices!) 

However, these new shoes join an already impressive collection. From trainers to smart boots, flip flops to casual shoes. Thing 5's collection is growing and I still browse the Internet, purely for research purposes!

I always shop the sales or if buying full price (very rarely) I will buy with a discount code.

Checking out the new Spring Summer collections recently I have seen a few pairs that's have caught my eye from Startrite, Lacoste, Gucci, Fendi & more, my fault for following companies on Instagram and finding too many nice pictures of shoes.


Startrite Colorado desert boots in bright teal 

Gucci logo and lightning print hi tops

Lacoste boat shoes and canvas crocodile print shoes

Various Spring Summer 2016 collection offerings from Fendi, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana and Burberry

Yes they outgrow them, I do sell on outgrown shoes to fund more purchases. This helps considerably and it's great to make money on outgrown shoes and clothes to fund the next sizes up as they grow, which they seem to do an awful lot!

Shoe buying and  browsing new shoe collections online is my weakness, the same as others enjoy buying wardrobes full of clothes or buying nice cars or going on lots of holidays. We all have our little indulgences that make us happy and this is mine. 

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