Friday, 22 January 2016

Our dining room makeover and revamp. A complete monochrome room restyle and overhaul with the help from Ikea, Stokke, Buddy + Bear, eames style chairs and lots of accessories! Trying to find my inner interior designer for a home improvement!

A dining room revamp in monochrome, what I've got on my list to make this room how I would like. 

When we finished the extension work nearly 2.5 years ago now there was still finishing touches that needed to be made. What is the dining room now was being used as a makeshift bedroom for Thing 1 whilst his bedroom was being constructed! Once we moved him out into his new room we did paint the dining room and bought a new table but it was very bare and boring.

I've recently been scouring the internet, Instagram, Pinterest and lots of websites to find my inner interior designer! I'm thinking, with lots of help, I may have found something but Laurence Llewylln Bowen I am not.

I've had this image in my head and I am hoping to make a real effort with the dining room that will then rub off on the rest of the house. There are lots of rooms that need revamping but I need to start somewhere.

So, after lots of Googling and visiting lots of websites and discovering new and wonderful products and brands I think I've settled on furniture, lighting and accessories, or at least made a good start.

I'm going for a monochrome theme for the dining room. Keeping it simple and neat with lots of accessories, prints etc...

The dining room already houses the home PC on an Ikea Kallax unit which will stay but will be placed elsewhere in the room. I'm wanting the main focus of the room to be back onto the dining side of things rather than the home PC being the main attraction like it is at the moment. With just a small adjustment of new Drona storage boxes to go in the Kallax unit to match the black and white theme.

Our existing set up means that the Kallax unit with the home PC has become the focus of the dining room rather than an area where we can all eat together. The current dining table is out of view in the picture and pushed to one side. Lots of changes to be had to bring back life into the dining room. 

 Our existing dining table is only a couple of years old but very rickety and falling apart and is also too small for all of us to sit around comfortably. I have found the Ikea Bjursta extendable table in white and grey eames style chairs on eBay which I think will look lovely and we will all be able to sit comfortably around the table together. I've also got my eye on a storm grey Stokke Tripp Trapp chair for Thing 5 so he can reach the table nicely and join in with family meal times.

Grey eames style chairs to go around the Ikea Bjursta extendable table so we can all sit together. Also a storm grey Tripp Trapp highchair so Thing 5 can reach the table easily. 

A pendant light above the table is a must and I have found a couple on the BHS website that caught my eye. Although I am still looking as I haven't made any decisions as yet, BHS have a great lighting collection at the moment with some lovely styles and designs available. I quite like the long crystal pendant light which will cover a good length of the table area although the silver also caught my eye too. I'm unsure if either will fully fit with the monochrome theme so I'm still looking to see if anything else catches my eye!

I'm liking the long pendant style light on the left but love the silver style on the right too. A pendant light will look great instead of our style lighting we have at the moment. 

Accessories for the table include placemats. I found the fab Yay! and Bear trays from Buddy + Bear which I thought would be great as a double up as placemats although there are lots of black and white placemats to choose from on the internet and that can remain in situ on the table. I also found the Yay! tumblers and nom nom plates also from Buddy + Bear. 

Black and white plates, tumblers and trays (I was thinking of using as placemats too). All from the fab range from Buddy + Bear. 

For the rest of the room I am thinking of using picture ledges to display lots of black and white prints in frames. There are so many places to buy prints online. Etsy have a huge range of sellers for prints both pictoral as well as lots of prints with sayings and themes which I quite like. Also some storage where I can put stray toys that inevitably end up in every room in the house and need to be stored out of the way quickly. I also found the fab lightbox which I have added to my list. It comes with letters and numbers and you can buy extra packs too for more choices and that can be changed for different days or occasions. 

This storage bag looks fab and will be ideal to put stray toys in. 

The Ikea picture ledge comes in different lengths and will be ideal for adding lots of prints to the room along the same black and white theme. 

The DIY lightbox and banner are perfect to add a personalised touch to any room. I love the idea of adding your own personal messages to the lightbox as when the occasion arises or just different messages each day. 

I can't wait to see it all come together. With lots to do before it all gets put in place. Prints and frames still to find, final decisions to be made and lots of painting to be done we've got to get started. I'm not one for doing bits of a job at a time so need it all purchased before I will put it all together all at once. I can't wait to see it done and will share a before and after picture as soon as I can. 

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