Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A Christmas gift guide for the men. What to buy the men in you life. Christmas gifts from Lords gift shop, gifts and gadgets and more

Christmas gift guide for the men

I always find it difficult to buy gifts for my husband, Dad, father in law etc... at Christmas time. I'm always on the look out for something different other than the usual aftershave, slippers, smellies combo that I usually buy. 

I have put together a gift guide of a few gifts and gadgets that have caught my eye recently and don't forget there is still time to order online for pre Xmas delivery so get ordering! 

First up I found some wonderful gifts from the Lords gift online gift shop. My husband and father-in-law both like the cricket and I was surprised at the good range of gifts they had. As well as clothing, gifts and memorabilia they also do experiences such as bat making, afternoon tea and more. 

I found these fab gifts in their Christmas gift ideas section. First of all I found these Thomas Lord cufflinks which look great. They are a pair of silver-effect cufflinks bearing the Lord's badge on the face and EST. 1787 on the link. Priced at £15 which is great value and they come in a smart box to keep them safe when not in use.   

Thomas Lord badge cufflinks, £15.

Next I found this neoprene bottle badged bottle cooler. Ideal for keeping your beverage cool on a hot sunny day watching the cricket. Very reasonably priced at £5 and something that can be very handy for when your beer needs keeping chilled!  

Lords badged bottle cooler, £5.

I had to include this great Future Stars full double plastic cricket set. Ideal for the garden or on the beach. We were very kindly gifted a set to review and it has already been put to full use in the garden and with the handy carry bag it can be packed away. The children also took it to their grandparents for a game too. It is very easy to assemble and the bats are very easy to use even for my 4 year old. Priced at £30 it will last for ages and will see many competitive games of cricket amongst the family in the garden and on days out. 

Lords full double plastic cricket set with carry bag.

As a main gift my husband would absolutely love this Smarter Coffee wifi coffee machine. Features include; Control your coffee machine with your smartphone or tablet, Grind and brew fresh coffee beans automatically, on demand, Adjust the strength to suit your own personal tastes, Brew a single cup or 12 at once with the included Smart Carafe, Includes 3 interchangeable panels to match your kitchen decor. Currently on offer at Firebox with an amazing 45% off making it £98.99. My husband would love to wake up in the morning and get his morning coffee on the go without having left his bed! 

Smarter coffee machine currently £98.99 at Firebox

I found this beer bread set on Firebox too. Combining my husbands love of beer and a bit of cooking I thought this was a great gift to get him into the kitchen and get hands on with a bit of baking. With either chilli and garlic, Garlic and herb or Original flavour just add a beer (not included) to the dry ingredients and bake. It couldn't be easier. This costs £9.99 so a great price as a small gift for anyone who would love to bake bread with beer! 

Beer Bread from Firebox currently available in 3 different flavours

Last of all its the socks! Everyone always gets socks for Christmas but how about treating someone throughout the year by buying them a sock subscription for a length of time of your choosing. Socks in a box offers a sock subscription service where they deliver a pair of socks a month for the length of time you subscribe for. With offerings such as the fun and casual 'Dude' style to the All Alpaca style. You can choose which ones fit best to your recipients tastes and get them sent out. Prices start from £19.99 for 3 months with lots of styles to choose from.  

Socks in a box 'Dude' style socks

So whatever you decide for the man in your life I hope some of these ideas help. Have you bought your presents already? Or are you a last minute shopper? 

Thursday, 8 December 2016

A visit to my local Hotter Shoes store, what's instore this season and some fab boots and shoes for Winter.

I recently got invited to my local Hotter Shoes store to see what they had on offer for the Winter season. 

I will be the first to admit that when I first got the email I thought 'Oh that's where my Nan shops' and I know others think that too however Hotter shoes have some fab styles to suit everybody and they had so much choice, in fact too much choice! 

A soon as I walked in there were lots of staff on hand to help out with everything. We had a quick talk through the history of the company which again I never realised how much Hotter Shoes had grown over recent years. 

In February 2010 there were just 5 Hotter stores and now there are over 80. Hotter is also the biggest shoe manufacturer and they make a pair of shoes every 20 seconds. 

Hotter shoes started making slippers and now they make shoes as comfortable as slippers, trust me I can vouch for that! The soles of the shoes are filled with millions of air bubbles and secret Comfort Concept features in every pair including cushioning, flexibility, lightness and wiggle room for toes. 

I couldn't believe how much choice there was in store. I had fun trying on lots of different shoes and boots and fell in love with them all. They were so comfortable and lightweight too and fitted so well. 

Hotter shoes come in sizes 3 to 9 with some extra fit options available on certain styles. 

I chose the County boot on black which is also available in burgundy and tan. I wanted something suitable for the school run plus lots of walking and these fitted perfectly. I have worn them almost constantly since I got them and they still look great. They are so comfortable and have done the school run, woodland walks, city visits and more. 

The County boot available in black, burgundy or tan leather. The most comfortable boots I have ever owned! 

I also fell in love with the Vanity boot which is a heeled boot available in teal or purple with a zip detail to the side. I was so torn between the 2 styles and would love a pair of heeled boots but went for the practical pair of shoes which still look fab. I must grab a pair of the Vanity boots too though! 

The gorgeous Vanity boot in purple and teal

Other styles include the Lotty boot which has a buckle detail, small heel and available in black, chocolate or tan nubuck and the Samia boot with small heel, zip up side and available in black leather or navy/truffle suede. The Stevie shoe also caught my eye. With  a patent look on both the black and truffle colourway, a chunky sole and perfect for work or play! 

Lotty Boot

Samia boot

Stevie shoe

Donna heeled shoe

 So if you are looking for some new Winter boots or something special for the festive season go and check out a Hotter shoes store or hop over to their website where they have such a fab selection available and it really is like walking on air!!

Days out with the children over the Christmas holidays. Oxygen Freejumping trampoline park is the place to be!

Oxygen Freejumping trampoline park

This year the Things finish school on Friday 16th of December so we have a full week before Christmas to keep them occupied whilst they are excited about Christmas arriving. 

It's sometimes difficult to fill the days with things to do as the weather turns cold but we recently visited Oxygen Freejumping trampoline park and it's perfect for a festive fun family day out. 

Part of the interconnecting trampoline area.

So what’s special about Oxygen Freejumping trampoline park? They’ve got 150 interconnected trampolines for you to explore, a mega airbag to practice your moves, performance trampolines so that you can gain some serious airtime, dodgeball courts to challenge your friends, a super squishy foam pit to leap into and lots more activities to get you bouncing!

We visited the Oxygen Freejumping trampoline park in Southampton and they also have sites in London (Acton), Leeds, Derby. Manchester, Wigan, Croydon and Sheffield. 

The Things absolutely loved the trampoline park. You book for an hour and have full use of every part of the trampoline park. Whether you just want to bounce around the interconnecting trampolines or throw yourself onto the airbag to show off your unique moves. 

After around half an hour of trying out the trampolines we lost Thing 3 and 4 to the dodgeball courts and they loved it. There was a Oxygen Freejump employee in situ and who also joined in. There were 16 trampolines in all and each person kept to their own trampoline. The children played against other children and there were some adults in there too but they kept to one half of the trampolines. We had to drag the children out at the end of our one hour session! 

Thing 3 enjoying the dodgeball area, watch out!

Thing 1 enjoyed the interconnecting trampolines which cover the floor and also some walls so you can jump upwards, sideways and just keep bouncing for a whole hour. 

Thing 1 trying out the trampolines

They also loved the airbag, although Thing 4 was a bit apprehensive but after his first go he was happy to queue up for more! 

Thing 4 flying into the airbag. Once he had tried it once he went back again and again! 

Each freejump session runs for an hour and costs £10 per person with £2 for trampoline socks too. If you want a longer bounce time just book consecutive sessions. 

The Oxygen Freejump park in Southampton is open over Christmas excluding Christmas Day only, do check other parks opening times before travelling. 

They also run Little O's sessions for the younger visitors, Dodgeball Nights, Student Nights, Fitness and Peaceful Play (Autism and Disability Friendly sessions). You can access a full timetable on their website to see when each session runs. 

All of the Things (age range from 4 to 19 years) really enjoyed the Oxygen Freejumping park. It's a great activity and would be a fab activity for over the Christmas holidays to keep the children entertained (and to tire them out!) 

Check out the Oxygen Freejumping website for a list of parks, activities, booking slots and opening times. 

There is also a visit to Santa's Grotto that you can add on to your freejumping session. See the link for more details. 

So what are you waiting for? Get booking for a bounce, book for the family or book for the children (freejumpers aged over 5 can jump unsupervised), grab a coffee and 5 minutes peace from the festive chaos and book a visit to see Santa whilst you are there too. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

What's inside the Thomas Minis advent calendar, a sneak peek behind the doors of this Christmas calendar exclusive to Asda stores. One week until Christmas advent countdown.

Thomas Minis Christmas advent calendar 

This year I have bought Thing 5 the Thomas Mini's advent calendar, exclusive to Asda this Christmas. 

Priced at £24.99 and contains 24 Thomas mini collectibles with 6 being special exclusive Christmas edition models. 

I took a sneak peek inside the Thomas Mini's advent to see what there was lurking behind the advent doors! 

Thing 5 has a few Thomas Mini collectible trains already and I thought this was ideal to get his collection really growing. Usually you would buy Thomas Mini's in a blind bag for around £2-£2.50 per train and it's a gamble as to whether you are going to end up with one that you already have. 

The price of the advent calendar compared to buying the single packs is very good and Thing 5 will love having a train to add to his collection each day. 

The advent calendar has a flip down section so as you open each door and get a train out you can place it on the printed track play section and either display them until you have all 24 or start playing straight away, I know what Thing 5 will be doing! 

So here is what is inside the Thomas Mini's advent calendar this year. 

24 Thomas Mini collectible trains for each day of advent. 

Santa Thomas can be found behind door number 24

The 6 exclusive Christmas trains can be found behind the last 6 doors. 

The full list of trains is as follows; 

Diesel 10
Iron Bert
Racing Thomas
Racing Spencer
Racing Flynn
Electrified Henry  # unreleased
Sweets Skarloey
Sweets Sidney
Sweets Ferdinand
Sports Porter
Sports Salty
Sports Edward  # unreleased
Holiday Thomas (exclusive)
Holiday Henry (exclusive)
Holiday James (exclusive)
Holiday Ben (exclusive)
Holiday Diesel (exclusive)
Holiday Toby (exclusive)

The advent calendar is an Asda exclusive and pops up online now and again so do keep an eye on the website and in local stores. It can also be found on eBay, Amazon and other websites although unfortunately at higher prices than was originally sold by Asda. 

Thursday, 10 November 2016

What shall I buy my four year old for Christmas? Thing 5's ultimate Christmas gift guide aka what he would like for Christmas including a Micro Scooter, pants and pickles!

Christmas gift guide for the tour year olds

Yes it's the festive season again and there is only 44 shopping days left until Christmas. I have started buying a few bits but will be doing the majority of my Christmas shopping in the next week or two.

The Thing's have been letting me know what they would like for Christmas and today we reveal what is on Thing 5's (aged 4 years) Christmas list. 

I love Christmas and it's always made more special by having the five children in the house to wake up on Christmas morning. 

They have all written me a list and told me most days what they would like Santa to bring them so here is Thing 5's Christmas list. 

First of all he would like a new scooter, his main request being that it is green. He had a Mini Micro scooter as did Thing 4 but they both need to upgrade to the Maxi Micro scooter. They use their scooters lots and Thing 5 would like to ride his to school like his friends do. 

Maxi Micro Scooter in teal green or bright green? RRP £119.95

Second on his list is a helmet to wear whilst he is riding his scooter. He has also found one on the Micro scooter website that he likes. He can be quite a speed demon on his scooter and we should really have some head protection for him whilst he is scooting his way around. 

These Micro Scooters helmets are fab and there are so many colours and patterns to choose from. RRP £24.95-£29.95 

Next up is a Minecraft diamond sword. Both Thing 4 and 5 want this for Christmas so I can foresee some festive sword fights going down! This is a foam sword made to look like the sword you would craft in a Minecraft game. 

Minecraft diamond sword. RRP around £19.99

Last year Thing 5 asked for some pickled onions and pants from Santa. He told everyone and that was all he wanted. This year his request is pickles and pants. Of course Santa will happily provide what he has asked for! I think this may become a Christmas tradition for Thing 5 even when he is grown up! 

This giant jar of pickles is from Costco and we buy it very often. I did think of buying a small jar but most of Thing's like pickles and they won't hang around for long! 

Last year he chose the Cath Kidston boys 2 pack of boxers and this year he will get the same. As for the pickles, I am are Santa knows just which pickles Thing 5 wants! 

Cath Kidston 2 pack of dino/astronaut boxers. RRP £12.99

As well as what is on his list I have already bought him the Thomas Minis advent calendar, the cost of which gets incorporated into his Christmas 'budget'! At £24.95 it contains 24 Thomas Minis which when bought separately cost £2.50 each. He already has a small collection of Thomas Minis and this will really build his collection. I have also bought a Thomas Minis carry case to store them all in (although we may need more than one!)

Thomas Mini's advent calendar, exclusive at Asda. RRP £24.99

Thomas Mini's carry case from Asda. 

What is on your four year olds Christmas list? Is it all toys or is there anything unusual on your little ones list too? 

Pickering's Gin Baubles! Set of six gin filled baubles ready for the Christmas tree and where to buy them from.

Pickering's Gin baubles

OMG, gin in a bauble. Christmas could not get much better for gin lovers. Forget the gin advent calendar, now you can decorate the tree and get a Pickering's gin treat in the process. 

A set of 6 different coloured baubles in each pack and each bauble containing 50mls of Pickering's gin (that's a double measure). The Pickering's Gin baubles cost £29.99 for 6 and come in a presentation box (as below).

The Pickering's Gin website states; 

Let the festivities be-gin! Introducing our gin-filled Christmas tree baubles, the perfect way to add some instant cheer to your tree.
Each bauble is filled with 50ml of Pickering’s Gin (that’s a double measure to you and me) and is decorated with a Pickering’s ribbon to hang from your tree.
Each pack includes 6 differently coloured baubles. Baubles not available individually online. Limited number available, please order early to avoid disappointment.
These Christmas baubles are filled with Pickering’s Gin, so please don’t leave them where children or animals can reach them, whether on your Christmas tree or elsewhere. We also ask that you don’t give them as a gift to anyone under the age of 18.
The baubles proved so popular that they are currently out of stock on their website although they have stated that there will be a second release in early December. They have also stated on their Facebook page that they will have limited numbers available at various christmas food events such as BBC Good Food Show, Birmingham. Foodies Christmas Festival @ EICC, Edinburgh & London, Truman Brewery.
Another stockist has just gone out of stock in the past 48 hours but do keep an eye on the Moonshine and Fuggles website who have stated they may get more stock. 
I have found a stockist that still has stock at the moment and if you want to get your hands on some gin baubles (who wouldn't!) they are still currently in stock on The Pip Stop website. You can also get 10% off your first order if you subscribe to their newsletter.
So what are you waiting for gin and christmas lovers. A festive tipple that will look good hanging on your Christmas tree. How long will they stay full for though?! 

Friday, 7 October 2016

The mother's letter to the bullies who drove her son to kill himself. How we as parents can do more to prevent bullying in school and via social media.

The mother's letter to the bullies who drove her son to kill himself. How we as parents can do more to prevent bullying in school and via social media.

I watched yesterday on This Morning as the mother of Felix Alexander opened up about her sons death just six short months after losing him. 

Felix was just 17 years old when he took his own life because he had been bullied for seven years. 

Bullied in school and via social media. Every day he went to school and was taunted by classmates, one instance being because he wasn't allowed to play a particular computer game that others were playing.  

Over the seven years of bullying Felix's confidence and self esteemed plummeted and he became Felix, the boy who everyone hated. 

BUT WHY????? 

Why did this escalate to the extent that it did. Moving from bullying within the school onto social media platforms where, even at home, he was taunted and called names by people he knew, people from school. 

Part of the open letter that Lucy, Felix's mum, wrote following the death of her son.

There was no reason for this to happen. As I said earlier, one reason was because he didn't play a particular computer game. Why does that make him any different from anyone else. 

Why does the colour of your hair, or the way you dress, or the brand of trainers you are wearing define others perceptions of you. Why is it acceptable for people to sit behind a keyboard, behind their computer screens and mock and bully people for the things they do or don't do. 

I am certain that in our current social media culture people find it so much easier to say things online, like they can't cause offence with their words because they aren't saying them face to face. The word 'BANTER' gets thrown around a lot too. 

'Oh I didn't mean it, it's only banter' 

However, once those words have been said, they can't be unsaid. You've said that to someone and those words can make a huge negative impact on that person. You may think you are the only person to have said something bad but when someone is affected every day by words said by many they get battered down until they can't take any more. 

For this to have gone on for seven years is shocking. To go to school every day and be subjected to the bullying that he did and then to see it online too is awful. There is so much that I see on social media about bullying and none of it is positive. None of it is about prevention and protection. It is all about the aftermath, the effect it has on a person and then a whole family. We see videos of people being bullied physically and you wonder why someone could even stand there and film it rather than step in and help. How they can stand there laughing whilst someone else is hurt.

Just this week we have had an instance of hatred via social media resulting in my child having a huge meltdown. The whole family suffered whilst he dealt with the negativity he had received via social media. One person taking it into their hands and deciding that today is the day I am going to say things to someone else via social media because it's easy to type it in a message and press send and then not think about the consequences. 

My child bottled this up for days, he let his anger hide away until it got too much and then the fall out was immense. What if we hadn't have found out? What if he had let it stay bottled up and the abuse had carried on? After the fall out we witnessed the other day from it, had it got any worse I don't know what he would have done. 

That is how people are affected though. It eats them up inside, they can't get away from it. It carries on relentlessly and it doesn't stop because sometimes others aren't quick enough to step in. Others won't step in and say I will help, I will be your friend, this needs to be stopped. 

We as parents need to step in and take a closer look at what our children are doing when accessing social media. It doesn't matter how old they are it needs to be monitored. Do you know what your child is up to when they are online? Do you know who they are talking to or what kind of conversations they are getting in to? Do you know what kind of things they are watching online? 

KINDNESS. Where has our kindness gone. It seems that some find it easier to jump in and be nasty and bully someone rather than join in when someone is being kind. We are all the same, we are all human and we all have feelings that get hurt easily. 

Whether we play Xbox or PS4, have blonde hair or brown, where we live, what we wear, how much money we have, which school we go to or where we go on holiday. None of this defines who we are as a person, we are all the same.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

A festive look at advent calendars. Getting ready for the countdown to Christmas with a little help from Thomas Minis, Smiggle, Yankee Candle, VTech, OPI, Clarins and many more

It's heading towards that time of year again already. Even the OH has admitted recently that the festive season is hurtling towards us far too quickly and he's not one to admit that until at least December 24th! 

In the past few weeks I have noticed lots of brands releasing their advent calendars and as I am always on the look out for something different for the Things to open on the run up to Christmas I thought I would take a look at what advent calendars are on offer this year. 

Usually my children would have a chocolate advent calendar each year but in the past few years I have bought ones that have something a little different inside. Last year we had Lego, Smiggle, VTech toots toots, Yankee Candle and a charm bracelet advent calendar. 

This year there seems to be more than ever on offer and so I thought I would share what advent calendars I had found online so far for all of the family. With prices from £5 up to £95 and beyond they can get quite pricey for the family but I have always incorporated the price of their advents into the budget I have set for their Christmas presents and as they are usually full of things that are useful or what they want they are left with 24 days worth of goodies unlike with a chocolate calendar! So here is what I have found on offer recently for the children and the adults too! 

Swizzels Matlow sweet advent, exclusive to B & M stores and priced at £4.99. With classics such as refresher bars, parma violets, love hearts and more this is a fab advent calendar for a sweet fan. 

O.P.I Breakfast at Tiffany's mini mani advent calendar, found exclusive to the John Lewis website and priced at £59.95. A selection of 25 shades from OPI to suit your every mood, outfit and occasion this season. Including limited edition colours from the Breakfast At Tiffany's collection, each mini nail lacquer provides gorgeous colour with a chip-resistant formula.

Contents include: Alpine Snow, Breakfast at Tiffany's, I Believe in Manicures, This Cost Me a Mint, Mod About You, Rich Girls & Po Boys, Champagne for Breakfast, Do You Lilac It?, Black Dress Not Optional, Stay Off the Lawn!, It's a Girl!, Lucky Lucky Lavender, A-Rose at Dawn...Broke by Noon, Meet My "Decorator", Apartment for Two, Five-and-Ten, Dulce de Leche, Got the Mean Reds, Fire Escape Rendezvous, I'm Not Really a Waitress, Sunrise...Bedtime!, Can't Read Without My Lipstick, Rich & Brazilian, Pompeii Purple and Miami Beet all in 3.75ml mini mani bottles. 

We always have an advent candle on the fireplace too and this one is lovely. Found on the John Lewis website and priced at £8

The Lego advent calendar is always popular with the children. This Star Wars version is priced at £24.95 and available from many retailers both online and instore. There is also a Lego Friends and Lego City version available. 

I found this Haribo advent calendar on the Ocado website, for anyone who prefers a chewy sweet rather than chocolate. Priced at £7 and with various Haribo favourites behind each window. 

The Smiggle advent calendar is a huge favourite of Thing 3's. She had last years advent and it was full of lots of lovely stationery items including pens, pencils, highlighters, rubbers, sharpeners plus a few novelty toy items. Priced at £28 and Smiggle say it's contents are worth £38

The Vtech toot toots advent calendar. Comes with 23 plat pieces including plastic animals and festive Christmas decorations. Also comes with a toot toot animals reindeer which features 3 sing along songs and 6 melodies. Thing 5 had last years version of this calendar and then all the pieces got incorporated into his toot toots collection which he still plays with now. 

 Clarins launched their limited edition advent calendar just yesterday and it is full of lovely Clarins goodies. The advent calendar contains 15ml Detox Booster,50ml Beauty Flash Balm, 7ml Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, 50ml Hand Cream, 15ml Eau Dynamisante, 50ml Toning Lotion Camomille, Normal to Dry Skin, 3,7ml Blush Prodige #02, 4ml Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, 5ml Instant Light Natural Lip perfector #01, 0,47g crayon Khol Eye Pencil, 3ml Wonder Perfect Mascara Black #01, 10ml Instant Radiance Boosting base, 10ml Instant Eye Make-up Remover, 10ml Cleansing Milk, Normal to Dry Skin, 5ml Gentle Refiner, 3ml HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase, 5ml HydraQuench Cream Normal to Dry Skin, 3ml HydraQuench Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm, 2ml Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil "Dehydrated Skin", 5ml One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Bag Accessory Leaf, Bag Accessory Macaron, Bag Accessory Flake, 3 Gift Tags. Priced at £95 with over £145 worth of Clarins products included. 

The Yankee Candle advent has been a favourite of mine for the past few years. Each day you get one of seven scented tea light candles and on day 24 you get a votive candle. The scents included are; All in Bright, Festive Cocktail, Christmas Cookie, Macaron Treats, Snowflake Cookie, Star Anaise & Orange, PLUS one Christmas Eve votive for number 24.

    Thomas and Friends have launched this new Thomas minis advent calendar. With a Thomas mini behind each day including 6 festive exclusives. Priced at £24.99 and available exclusively at Asda. This is a great price as the Thomas Minis are £2.49 each when bought individually. 

    As Thing 2 and 3 get older they seem to covet the beauty and make up advent calendars! Thing 2 in particular seems to be seeking out the more expensive advents on the market but I found this one on The Works website for just £10. With a cosmetic item behind each door for the younger teens it is a great price. This Advent calendar contains: 2x duo eye-shadows, 1x eye-shadow brush, 1x eye-shadow sponge, 2x glitter lip gloss, 1x lip gloss brush, 2x blushers, 2x flower shaped nail varnishes, 2x mini nail varnishes, 2x pots of heart confetti, 1x sheet of nails stickers, 1x eye pencil, 1x sharpener, 3x glitters, 1x body stencil, 1x body glue, 1x sheet of gemstones.  

    I found this fab wooden advent calendar on the Matalan website and is fab for filling with your own goodies. Priced at £20 I love the colour and design and will last for years to come as it is reusable and becomes a part of the home decoration too. 

    Accessorise have this fab unicorn advent calendar from their Angels collection. Packed full of stick on earrings and rings and ideal for the younger children to sparkle each day on the lead up to Christmas and priced at just £10. 

    And finally for the DIY enthusiasts there is the Wera advent calendar. Priced at around £38 it will keep your toolbox stocked with screwdrivers, bits and even a bottle opener for all of your festive drinks, although please drink after you've done the DIY!

    So whether you want to stick with a chocolate advent calendar or go with something a bit different, there is an advent calendar for everyone. Which would your children choose? Which one would you like to treat yourself to?