Thursday, 3 September 2015

Don't hide from the suffering that others endure, they need help from us all so please don't ignore. RIP Aylan Kurdi.

As I put my toddler to sleep for the night,
I kiss his head and hug him tight.
The same age as Aylan Kurdi,
In the same place where Aylan should be.

Being kissed by his mother and put to bed,
Instead his family go through hell instead.
The horrible terror that forced them to flee,
To find a better place for their family.

We will never know how that family feels,
The country they fled and the happiness it steals.
Seeking shelter, food and a home without war,
They still haven't found it and their hearts are now poor.

We cannot hide from the help that they need,
The perilous journeys where most don't succeed.
The loss of life and the crisis unfolding,
No clue at what their future is holding.

Don't hide away from the reality that we see,
What if it was your own family.
Would you stay in a country rife with war,
Or carry your family to safety on a distant shore.

In the warmth of our home with our family,
It's easy to hide from the horror we see.
Please don't ignore it or hide it from sight,
We need to act now, dear Aylan sleep tight.

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