Tuesday, 11 August 2015

#DummyDebate. The Harper Beckham dummy debate. Why did it even turn into a debate though, next time keep your opinions to yourselves before becoming all judgmental and telling others how to parent.

Yes it's old (two day old) news. However, ITV'S This Morning felt the need to discuss it as a world changing issue on the programme today. Harper Beckham was pictured with a dummy/soother/pacifier and the world is in uproar.

This is what we think to your debate! (Harper Beckahm pictured!)

Why? Last time I looked nobody had 100% perfect parenting skills. Using a dummy isn't against the law. Just because some people prefer not to use them or have never used them doesn't mean it's wrong for others to do so.

Why did it even turn into a debate, a huge parenting tidal wave hit the Beckham's with the force of Katie Hopkins vicious tongue lashing out of her mouth and people couldn't help themselves. Whilst I am sure there are other pictures of Harper using a dummy there are more often than not pictures of HB without one and she is pictured whenever the media can get a picture. She doesn't walk around 24/7 with a dummy in her mouth yet as soon as a picture is seen with her using one there is a public outcry.

She may have only had it for a few minutes before the picture was taken and so what if she did. As pointed out it is a comfort to her. She may have been tired or upset and that is what she uses as comfort.

Thing 5 has a dummy for sleep time. The top 4 pictures are of him sleeping or just woken up. The bottom 2 pictures show he can do without it. There are also hundreds (or thousands) of pictures of him without it at all! 

I don't walk around passing judgement on other parents because they don't parent the same way I do. I may not parent the way they think is right either. We're all in this parenting game together. There's no need to take sides, cause debates and pass judgement. We should all be there for each for advice and support on the days that can get difficult, the sleepless nights, the teething, the days when they start school and we need a shoulder to cry on. That one day where our babies need us for comfort and support and then in turn we need that same comfort and support from others too.

So please everyone jump off your high horse, let people parent in the way they want to and don't judge others on your own parenting skills. Everyone parents in different ways and what is right for some parents may not be right for others but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing or something that needs to be debated or made an issue of.

David and Victoria have had to raise all four of their children in the media limelight and all celebrity parents are picked on at any given opportunity just to make a headline. Raising children is tough enough as it is without the media stalking you for pictures and hounding you for a headline. Then grabbing a picture and turning it into a huge parenting debate when there was no need whatsoever.

Parenting is tough enough without the constant criticism and opinions from others on what is right or wrong. There is no clear cut rule book that is handed to you just before you leave the hospital with your newborn baby. You get a Congratulations on your new baby and a Good Luck on your way out the maternity ward doors! 

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