Saturday, 25 July 2015

On the countdown to double, triple birthday celebrations again. How can we celebrate and make each birthday special when they are on the same day?! Help and birthday inspiration needed!

Ok so that was complete bad planning on my part! However on August 10th 2012 Thing 5 entered the world and gatecrashed Thing 2's birthday. The past 2 birthday's have been ok, we've had lunch out, gone bowling, eaten cake etc... but I am struggling to make the day special for each child in their own way.

It is a big age gap, Thing 2 will be 12 this year and Thing 5 will be 3 so it's not like they want to do the same things and celebrate in the same way.

Last year I even bought one birthday cake and had both of their names on it. It was a huge cake so it covered both birthdays and there was plenty for everyone but I'm thinking Thing 2 really would have preferred her own cake in the style of her choice and Thing 5 really wanted that Mickey Mouse cake he was eyeing up in the supermarket!

Gorgeous designs on these Baker Days cakes, yet so different for each child.

Thing 5 would definitely prefer a pirate ship or fire engine cake (both M and S)

This is definitely more to Thing 2's taste. She would love this cake. (From M and S)

This was my birthday blog post from last year. As you can see the cake was lovely and we had a lovely day but I really think from now on and as they get older each child is going to want their own party and to do their own special thing. So what do I do?!

Last year Gravity Force was mentioned, an indoor trampolining centre. This year now Thing 5 is older it is more of a possibility and I know they would still love to go but what happens when they both want separate parties? We will have to shift birthdays around a bit, hold parties over the weekends before or after the actual day depending on what day their birthday falls and then have a quiet day on the actual day?

If I let one celebrate on the actual day the other one might get a bit miffed?! I mean, come on give me a break! It's bad enough having to organise five birthdays a year plus Mummy and Daddy's too but having 2 on the same day is a complete nightmare!

I have got Thing 5's birthday top ready for the big day. That's one thing checked off the list!

I have also bought a few of Thing 5's presents too. As a toddler and a varied interest in lots of things he was easy to buy presents for. Thing 2 hasn't requested anything as yet, apart from an iPhone 6. That got greeted with a big fat No! 

So it's that time of year again. What do we do on the day? How do we make each birthday special and unique? How do we celebrate to involve everyone? 

I've still got cards and presents to buy, the whole day to organise and I don't know where to start. Any hints or tips gratefully received. Shall we do a day trip, organise a big party, let each child choose something different to do or just keep it quiet and easy going?

Oh and it's Uncleof5StaySane's birthday that day too!!!

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  1. What terrible planning! I suppose you don't have to have a party on the actual birthday - maybe one party the weekend before the birthday and the other party the weekend after! Very expensive time of year, though. I'm sorry, but I don't think uncles should get a look-in! #WeekendBlogHop