Sunday, 17 May 2015

NEW Bandai Sprukits poseable figure model making kits. A review of the different levels of model kits including Batman, Superman and Halo Master Chief model kits.

We were recently sent some Bandai Sprukits model kits to review. The model kits came in three different levels of difficulty, Level 1, 2 and 3. We received 4 Bandai Sprukits sets. The Level 1 Batman model with 36 pieces, Superman Level 1 also with 36 pieces, Batman; The Dark Knight Rises Level 2 with 88 pieces and the huge Halo Master Chief model which was a Level 3 and 161 pieces.

What are Sprukits? Bandai introduces the all-new Spr√ľKits line of articulated figural model kits. With Spr√ľKits, kids and adults alike can build their favourite characters and have their creation look like a great collectable action figure without needing any glue, paint or scissors. It starts with the spru, keeping the highly detailed pieces organised and safe until you need them.  Individually numbered and waiting to be freed without tools or cutting.  

Level 1 for Beginner model builders. Each kit contains between 20-40 pieces and stand 4 inches high. They have detailed sculpting including facial features and five points of articulation. Each kit takes around 15-20 minutes to build. 

Level 2 for Intermediate model builders. Each kit contains between 80-120 pieces and stands 5 inches tall. They have greater detail than the Level 1 models and a natural range of motion. Each kit takes between 60-90 minutes to build. 

Level 3 for the Expert builders amongst us! Each kit contains 161+ pieces and stands 9 inches tall. They have lifelike sculpting and Yoga Master articulation! Each kit takes between 2-3 hours to build.

My five year old was so excited to receive these and was ready to get started as soon as he opened the box. He wanted to go straight for the Level 3 Halo Master Chief model kit but we managed to get him to start on the Level 1 Batman kit. The kits are recommended for 8 years and up and when we opened the box we could see why. All the pieces are labelled and the instructions are very clear and colourful so they are easy to follow. Daddy and older brother came the the rescue and our five year old sat and over look the building process. The Level 1 Superman model was also fairly straight forward and easy to do. We loved that they were already painted and there was no need for scissors or glue and they just clipped together to make a fully moving model of some popular characters. 

The build process of the Batman Level 1 model kit

Once built the Halo figure is really impressive. A fully poseable model of the Master Chief and the children were really impressed with this one. It did take a lot longer than the Level 1 kits to make but the end result is worth it. 

The Level 3 Halo Master Chief model kit

Each model comes with its own stand too. Fans of action figures, collectors and model builders will absolutely love the exciting innovation and detailed SpruKits figures they are able to easily build, pose and display. What makes a hero? YOU DO!

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  1. These look really great.

    This is the second review of Sprukits that I've seen and both have convinced me that I need to buy these for my eldest (he's nearly 11).