Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A weekend without children. Shopping, Let It Be theatre show in London & Wok to Walk & a cheeky Dr Martens purchase. Tonight I'm gonna party like it's....... Oooh 8.30 sleep time!!

Yes. A kind of childless weekend. Thing 2 and 3 are sunning themselves in Spain. I've had daily updates and I'm glad they are having a fab time.So I'm left with the smelly boys.

It's been peaceful ish. Asides from Thing 1 and his usual shouting at people whilst he's playing on the Xbox!

On Saturday myself and the OH went shopping together, alone, with no children. It was a strange experience. I didn't have a pushchair to navigate around the shops,  I didn't have to do a head count every few seconds, I didn't lose a toddler under clothes rails (a popular hiding place! ), no one whined in my ear about needing a drink/wee/they were hungry/tired/bored. It was weird. I got to look at things without a toddler grabbing things off the rails behind me.

So the OH and I were alone, child free, at the shops. It should have been bliss but I wasn't feeling well. Determined to get out and try and enjoy it I had made the decision to go. It was nice, it was peaceful, we had lunch out together.  I suddenly realised we didn't know how to talk to each other anymore unless it was talking about the kids.

We wandered around the shops. I treated myself to a new purse then bought things for the children. I must learn to forget about them for a few hours.

My new purse, if a new purse couldn't make me feel better then nothing could! 

Despite feeling rubbish we did have a good day.  Thing 4 and 5 had a fab day with my brother and sister in law.  Swimming, Mcdonalds and probably not thinking about me once!

I did chuckle at the lady walking in front of me at the shops.  Head count of children 1, 2, 3! I felt free for a few hours if not slightly ill too.

On Sunday I hit London with the bestie, something we haven't done in a loooonnggg time so it was way overdue. We flew down the motorway with the top down on her convertible! We hit Wok to Walk to grab the yummiest Chinese food in a box. Then we wandered over to Covent Garden where I stumbled into the Dr Martens shop and bought Thing 3 the most amazing boots that she desperately wanted. Last but not least we bought tickets in Leicester Square to see Let It Be at the Garrick Theatre. It was amazing, we were front row and it was full on music from start to finish. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Let it Be Live, the stage show. Highly recommended.

Wok to Walk, chinese in a box. The place you must go to for some food when in Leicester Square. 

So what do we do on a childless weekend???? Did I get ready to hit the town in a LBD and heels, party until the small hours, order cocktails and champagne whilst dancing like no one's watching??? Nope!

I'm a parent and it feels like Christmas that I had an early night both Saturday and Sunday evening!!.

My Dr Martens purchase for Thing 4. On a day out in London I still couldn't forget about the kiddies for a few hours. These were a must buy though!! 

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