Saturday, 28 March 2015

A Mum's wish list. All those crazy, wild things you wish you could do and hope to cross them off your list soon.

1. Wee alone

2. Bath alone

3. Cook one meal for everyone rather than feeling like a chef in a restaurant

4. Find the bottom of the wash basket

5. Sleep through the night

6. Get dressed before 10am (in something other than jeans or joggers)

7. Listen to your own music in the car rather than the Nursery Rhyme CD for the millionth time

8. Have a grown up conversation without starting a debate on whether you think Norman from Fireman Sam has ADHD or not

9. Go shopping and buy yourself something, not go 'Oooh cute shoes, do you have them in toddler sizes'?

10. Make the house a home rather than it looking like the newest Toys R Us store to open in your home town

11. Learn to use the PC and ipod,  just like the 2 year old can

12. Wee alone (yes twice, I want to do this twice. Craziness right there!)

That is one crazy to do list right there, I'm living the dream if I get all those things ticked off any time soon.  What's on your wish list?!

1 comment:

  1. hahaha! Great list....I found the bottom of the washing basket the other day....Turned around and my girl brought a load of clothes down from her bedroom....It was nice while it x