Monday, 16 February 2015

In a house with seven people in its meant to be all hands on deck! A note to the husband who I love dearly but sometimes says some funny things!

Dear Mr OH who dared to moan that I don't take his clean clothes up to his room for him.

I do the washing, drying, folding and sorting of 7 people's clothes. I put away 6 out of the 7. I've directed your complaint to our 'man up and get over it' department who will get back to you when they've stopped laughing. On the plus side the people who collect the plastic charity bag that dropped on our doormat the other day were delighted with the donation and said that the clothes I left them would be put to good use.

My washing pile has decreased considerably since they collected and we had a nice bonfire in the garden with what we had left. A much needed warmth on this dank and dismal day.

Love From,

Don't moan again or next time you won't have legs to put in your clean trousers. 😂😂

Disclaimer; No legs will be hurt in the training of said OH (unless he remains uncooperative!) Child training to follow asap!

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