Friday, 27 February 2015

Review of a gorgeous Letterbox Mothers Day cake. Cakes by post for all occasions from Baker Days, personalised cakes for every occasion and recipient. Including gluten free and dairy free cakes. Over 500 options to choose from and cupcakes too.

Review of a letterbox Mothers Day cake from Baker Days

Recently the lovely people at Baker Days sent me a Letterbox cake to review. With Mothers Day on its way on March 15th it was the perfect opportunity to try one of their Mothers Day designs. I opted for the gorgeous Special Mothers Day cake with it's delicate floral design in pinks with light turquoise background. 

The gorgeous Special Mothers Day design.

Baker Days cover every occasion from Birthdays to Thank You, Anniversaries to Bon Voyage, Congratulations right through to personalised and Design Your Own cakes. With over 500 designs to choose from including various sizes of cake from Letterbox cakes (3-4 portions, 5 inch cakes), 

Small Party Cake (10-12 portions, 7 inch cakes), Medium Party Cake (18-25 portions, 9 inch cakes), Large Party Cake (40-55 portions, 12 inch cakes) as well as cupcakes in boxes of 12. 

The cake was the Letterbox sized cake and it dropped straight through the post no problem at all. Arriving in a sturdy cardboard box the cake was then encased in a lovely Baker Days tin and wrapped in packaging inside the tin too. There was also a blank card for your own message to the recipient. The cake was only 2.5cm in depth and an ideal gift for someone to show that you are thinking of them on their special occasion if you can't get to see them. The cakes do get bigger in depth when you buy the larger sized cakes. You can also choose to have cakes personalised too.

In it's packaging with tin and card.

The cake looked lovely and too good to eat but it had to be done. It fitted neatly into the tin which was ideal for keeping any leftovers in too. I cut into it and the sponge was lovely and soft. There was buttercream underneath the sponge and the icing was lovely and soft too. I cut it into very small portions although ideally it would have been four nice sized portions to eat. I wanted to make it last by eating small pieces at a time! 

I had the vanilla sponge and you can also choose chocolate chip sponge, fruit cake, gluten free and dairy free cakes for small additional costs for the Letterbox size. 

The Letterbox cake costs from £14.99, Small Cake is £26.99, Medium Cake is £36.99 and Large cake (plus free helium balloon is £56.99. 

This was a real treat, it was a lovely surprise when it dropped through the post, the Letterbox cake being ideal to send as a surprise as it will just go straight through the normal post so no waiting around for the postman! 

The cake was delicious, the sponge was lovely and soft and the design was amazingly gorgeous and eye catching. Combined with all of the other designs to choose from including the personalised options too this is definitely a service I would highly recommend to everyone. 

As well as the Mothers Day designs available which are ideal for Mothers Day in just over 2 weeks time they have many more categories to browse and choose cakes from to send. If you order before 2pm they can deliver the next working day to virtually anywhere in the UK. 

Some more Baker Days designs from their website.


I LOVE this pirate cake, Thing 4 is heavily into pirates at the moment so this design is fab for a birthday. 

This is such a sweet design on this Christening cake.

A special delivery of cake is sure to make anyone feel better.

A milestone cake as part of the Anniversary range

Just one selection of their cupcakes, these ones can have different text on them too. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The specially designed Emma Bridgewater mugs to raise money for EACH, East Anglia's Children's Hospices and their nook appeal. Available to pre order online now with a donation to EACH with every mug sold

Available to pre order online from this week are the specially designed Emma Bridgewater mugs to raise money for EACH, East Anglia's Children's Hospices and their nook appeal. Full details of EACH and their nook appeal can be found here EACH NOOK APPEAL.

The mugs available are a half pint mug with the ladybirds design specifically designed by Emma for the appeal. The half pint mug is priced at £19.95 with £5 from every sale going towards the appeal. There is also a two pack set of half pint mugs with the ladybirds pattern priced at £39.95 with £10 from every sale going to the appeal. Then there is the very sweet baby mug priced at £14.95 in the same design and also with £5 from each sale going to the appeal.

Pre orders are being taken now here on the  Emma Bridgewater website and will be despatched from March 2nd 2015.

They really are lovely mugs, with a gorgeous design and enough room for a decent sized cup of tea too! If you haven't already pre-ordered, what are you waiting for?

The specially designed ladybird pattern in half pint mug and baby mug

The lovely set of two half pint mugs in the ladybird design specifically designed for the nook appeal.

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, who is EACH'S royal patron, made a visit to the Emma Bridgewater factory last week to see the mugs being made. You can see some lovely images from her visit on the Emma Bridgewater Facebook page. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Slimming World ready meals go on sale in Iceland stores nationwide. Syn free meals with recipes included too. Ideal for when time is limited but with recipes incliuded when you have more time on your hands.

Launched yesterday and exclusive to Iceland stores are Slimming World ready meals. 

There are ten meals to choose from in the range, these are;

Chicken Tikka Massala
Chicken Pizzaiola
Hot-Smoked Salmon Farfalle
Sweet Potato Curry
Roasted Vegetable Pasta
Singapore Noodles
Beef in red onion gravy with veg crush
Meatballs and Pasta with a spicy tomato sauce
16 beef and pork meatballs
6 syn free Pork sausages

All the meals are Syn free and weigh between 450-550 grams and cost £3 each. These are fab for those times when you are in a rush, you've got home from work late or you just don;t feel like cooking from scratch one evening. I wouldn't eat them all the time as cooking recipes from scratch is always best to do but they are handy to have in for an emergency use. They are all Syn Free foods and each package contains the recipe on it too fro when you have more time on your hands and you can make it yourself.

Thing 2 helping me out with my basket full of Slimming World meals.

Last night I had the Singapore Noodles for dinner as it was my Slimming World meeting night so I am always short for time on that night. The front of the packaging says 'A delicious medley of noodles, tender seared chicken, juicy king prawns and vegetables in a spicy oriental style curry sauce. It was delicious, a generous sized dish with plenty of chicken, prawns and veg in it. The flavours were good, not too spicy but plenty of flavour there. I would definitely give the Singapore Noodles a thumbs up and will try it again.

The Singapore Noodles

I also purchased the hot smoked salmon farfalle, chicken tikka massala, sweet potato curry, beef in red onion gravy and the 16 meatballs.

More meals that I bought yesterday.

My local Iceland sold so many yesterday and they were having a new delivery today too. This is a fab idea for those times where we don't have time to cook something syn free or low syn. That's usually the time I then don't think about what I'm doing and grab something so high in Syns it's just silly or I pick at things thinking it will be ok when actually its doing me no good at all.

So if you are near an Iceland go and pick some up to give them a go. They will keep in the freezer until you need them and it's good to know they are there if need be.

Don't forget to cut out and keep the recipes from each meal so you can make them again. Leave a comment if you have tried any of the new meals. Let me know what you thought.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Introducing the new season 2015 Stokke Summer Kits in Scribble Sandy Beige, Salty Blue or Faded Pink and also the gorgeous '60s inspired Grid Style kit to fit the Xplory, Crusi and Trailz.

NEW Stokke Style Kit in Grid 

Starting with the gorgeous 1960's inspired Grid style kit. A white background with thin black lines making a grid pattern, a touch of grey and then a splash of gorgeous vibrant orange here and there across the fabric design and vibrant orange zip detailing. This is only a style kit, NOT a Summer Style kit and comes with the hood/visor, rear seat fabric and the seat rail cover. RRP is £99 and it will fit the Stokke Xplory, Crusi and Trailz.


Stokke Grid Style Kit 


After Sundays delightfully warmish weather I was hoping that it would continue but it didn't last and yesterday was rather dismal and rainy. However, sooner rather than later the warmer weather will hopefully be here to stay and if you are a Stokke Xplory, Crusi or Trailz owner then the new Stokke 2015 Summer Style kits are definitely what you need.

Next up is the Stokke Summer Style Kits in Scribble design. Available in Faded Pink, Sandy Beige or Salty Blue. A gorgeous trio of pastel colours with a white swirl design all over the main colour. The hood has the extra ventilation part that can be unzipped and is SPF 50 too. 

Sandy Beige and Salty Blue Scribble Summer Style Kit

Faded Pink Scribble Summer Style Kit

As mentioned above the Summer Style Kits will fit on your Stokke Xplory, Crusi or Trailz seat units. Each Style Kit includes hood, visor, rear seat textile, seat rail cover, terry towelling seat liner and protective sun sail cover as seen in the Sandy Beige picture above. RRP for each Summer style kit will be between £120-£150 but I will update on this as soon as I know a definite price. 

Monday, 16 February 2015

In a house with seven people in its meant to be all hands on deck! A note to the husband who I love dearly but sometimes says some funny things!

Dear Mr OH who dared to moan that I don't take his clean clothes up to his room for him.

I do the washing, drying, folding and sorting of 7 people's clothes. I put away 6 out of the 7. I've directed your complaint to our 'man up and get over it' department who will get back to you when they've stopped laughing. On the plus side the people who collect the plastic charity bag that dropped on our doormat the other day were delighted with the donation and said that the clothes I left them would be put to good use.

My washing pile has decreased considerably since they collected and we had a nice bonfire in the garden with what we had left. A much needed warmth on this dank and dismal day.

Love From,

Don't moan again or next time you won't have legs to put in your clean trousers. 😂😂

Disclaimer; No legs will be hurt in the training of said OH (unless he remains uncooperative!) Child training to follow asap!

Pancake Day with Abra-ca-Debora ready made sweet and Dutch style pancakes. Lots of recipes to try on their website with their easy to use pancakes.

Abra-ca-Debora original Dutch and sweet Dutch pancakes

As Pancake Day has fast approached and my children always demand pancakes I thought I would be as prepared as I could be for their demands of pancakes with an array of toppings on the day and this time around we have some Abra-ca-Debora pancakes too.

The new Diddy Dutch sweet pancakes. Ideal for dipping, creating or just snacking on, which Thing 5 has liked to do!

I can't make pancakes! It's the most simplest thing in the world but I just can't do it! I usually enlist the OH to make them and I stand back and watch, promising that I learnt what to do and next year I will do it (yeah right!).

This year the wonderful people at Abra-ca-Debora have sent us some of their ready made pancakes to try. I was so happy. We can now have pancakes whenever we want to, I don;t have to wait for the OH to come in from work in the evening and make them for the children. Abra-ca-Debora pancakes can be pan fried, microwaved or oven cooked. Microwaves cooking is the quickest at just 30 seconds to heat. Pan frying is the next quickest way and the more traditional way to cook at 60 seconds for both sides, don't forget to flip (and catch!). Oven cooking takes slightly longer at 8 minutes but also means you get prep time for all of your additional ingredients if not done beforehand. Abra-ca-Debora pancakes are also suitable for home freezing so you can keep a stash for any time you fancy a pancake.

Diddy pancake cake pops

 I was sent some original Dutch pancakes, some sweet pancakes and some diddy dutch pancakes. The large pancakes come in a pack of six and can be found in the chiller cabinets in Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Waitrose prices from £1.50.

My creation of choice for trying one of the sweet pancakes was a strawberry muller light poured over the pancake topped with chopped strawberries and crushed meringue. It was delicious and definitely one I will be trying again, and again, and again!

On the list of ideas from the children for toppings I was given the classic lemon and sugar, lots of ideas based around Nutella! Nutella and sprinkles, Nutella and sliced banana, strawberries, etc.... Banoffee pancakes was another idea, which sounded very good to me.

I've added a few of my favourites into this post so you can see what is on offer but there are so many recipes on their website both sweet and savoury recipes, that you have to take a look ready for Pancake Day tomorrow.

Diddy Fruit Kebabs

Also on the Abra-ca-Debora website there is a wonderful recipes section for both sweet and savoury ideas. The children loved the idea of the fruity kebabs with diddy pancakes and the fruity face pancakes where you can make various faces on your pancake with all different chopped up fruits.

I spied a gorgeous looking chocolate and salted caramel stacked pudding from the sweet section and camembert and cranberry pancakes from the savoury section. There are so many ideas on there that I wouldn't have even thought of but they all look fab.

The scrumptious looking chocolate and salted caramel stack pudding from the Abra-ca-Debora website.

I have kept most of the pancakes to make some wonderful creations with the children tomorrow and we will add pictures to a new blog post tomorrow once we created our pancake masterpieces. For all of the wonderful recipes on the Abra-ca-Debora website head here; 

Here are a couple of my savoury favourites from the website but please go and check out the full recipe section which is packed with amazing pancake ideas both savoury and sweet. Be sure to let me know what recipes or toppings you chose for your pancakes.

Magical Mediterranean Tuna Balls

Marvellous Margherita Pancakes

Thursday, 12 February 2015

GIVEAWAY to win a NEW Pink Lining 2015 Out and About Mini Messenger bag in the Spring/Summer 2015 pattern of your choice.

As Pink Lining get set to launch their new Spring Summer 2015 collection and pre orders are being taken now on their website they introduce new bay styles as well as three new prints for the new collection.

Last week I wrote a full round up of the new bag styles and prints here; Pink Lining Spring Summer 2015 collection

One of their new bags is the Out and About Mini Messenger. One of the smaller bags in their range but still spacious enough to hold a change mat and insulated detachable bottle holder. Ideal for shorter trips or for slightly older babies who don't need as many nappy changes or clothes changes! There is large front zip pocket for all the essentials a Mum needs like keys, purse, phone whilst the large pocket on the back is for the folded changing mat. With a large adjustable strap which can be used across the body, on one shoulder or hung across the buggy handles. When your baby bag days are over you can remove the change mat and bottle holder and still have a stylish handbag.

Available in the three new prints for the new season which are Sunflowers, a bright vibrant blue background with gorgeous bright yellow sunflowers printed all over with brown stripe shoulder strap. Cottage Garden, pink and yellow floral print with green leaves and pink dragonflies with brown stripe shoulder strap. Sam the Dalmatian very cute dalmatian dogs printed all over a cream background with pink shoulder strap.

Dimensions of the new Mini Messenger bag are 21(L) x 7.5(W) x 25(H) cm

Pink Lining have very kindly given one to give away to one lucky person who can choose from the three new designs available. Just enter via the Rafflecopter below and follow the instructions to enter. 


(Prize supplied by Pink Lining and will be despatched to one lucky winner at the end of the giveaway once all entries have been verified. Winner chosen at random via Rafflecopter). 

a Rafflecopter giveaway