Wednesday, 17 December 2014

School is almost over! We've visited Santa and been to Christmas performances. Wrapping stress, worrying that you've forgotten something and the hunt is still on for a turkey!

Our festive Christmas sign

I've neglected December completely when it comes to blogging. It's been so hectic that time has flown by and we are now only 7 sleeps away from awaiting the big mans arrival. I had so many blog posts that I intended to write and now I seem to have lost over half of  December already! I've watched three Christmas performances, Thing 4 was a lovely star in their nativity play, Thing 3 was a speaker for their Christmas performance and we also watched Thing 3 at her Brownies Christmas 'Frozen' Party. I've visited Santa, bought the last of the presents and ordered most of the Christmas food shopping.

Thing 3 ready for her Christmas 'Frozen' Party at Brownies. They learnt the sign language to Let It Go and performed it for the parents, they were all very good. 

The school term ends in just a day and a half and I'm in a panic thinking I've forgotten something. I wanted everything done before the children break up from school. There can be nothing worse than dragging the kiddies around the shops on the last few days before Christmas. So this week I have been finishing off last minute presents, ordering food to be delivered whilst attending Christmas plays, getting my hair cut, wrapping presents and trying to tidy the house. That last one is so not happening! 

Thing 5 feeling festive in the Disney Cafe, Harrods

Last week myself and Thing 5 visited Santa at Harrods with some friends. It was a lovely day, nice to see the big fella even if the kiddies weren't so keen! The children got a drawstring bag with a chocolate coin and a book inside and the photographs are always good. Thing 5 particularly liked the snowball throwing area whilst we queued to see Santa.

Thing 5 having a go at throwing snowballs at the snowmen and our Harrods Christmas photo, Thing 5 wasn't too keen on Santa!

 One day I will head up to London by myself and actually look around Harrods without the children in tow. I've yet to have a proper look around in all of the different departments and see what lovely things there are to buy. Particularly in the children's clothing department!

Since then it has just been a whirlwind of present buying, present wrapping, deliveries arriving, crossing off items on lists, making new lists etc.... I'm sure I've forgotten someones present or something important. Oh yes, the turkey! We still haven't purchased our festive feast. We need to head out and see what we can find, either that or try and find a Macdonalds open in Christmas Day?!

For now the kiddies are getting very excited. Excited that school is almost out and that we are into single figures on the countdown to Christmas. We have Christmas Eve bowling booked with family followed by a good old family dinner to pass the time on the exciting day when they are waiting for Santa and it all gets a bit too much!

I'm off to wrap some more presents, and tick off more things off of lists!

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