Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Cropping yourself out of a selfie?! So it's not a selfie any more??? Boooo to never getting a decent picture of myself. :-(

Yes, at a family party the other night I tried to take a selfie. My cousin was visiting for her Dads 50th birthday and it was the first time we had been together for years. So my Mum had her camera at the ready and started gathering family members up for the compulsory family photos.

I hate having my photo taken so I was grumbling away like I do. Stood waiting for my Nan to make her way over from her seat to have her picture taken with her grandchildren I thought I would take the opportunity to grab a quick group selfie! Having never tried a group selfie before you're left with wondering whether your arm is long enough to get everyone in the picture! Plus, I don't even do selfies??!! I hate my face, I never look right and I ruin a picture.

Ellen Degeneres had the help of Bradley Cooper when she got everyone together in her Oscars selfie, where was Bradley Cooper when I needed him?! Instead I did the best I could to stretch out, get everyone in the picture and take the snap at the same time. My Mum offered to take the picture for me, not quite getting the idea of a selfie there are we Mum!!

Anyway, I took the shot quickly as my Mum was hovering with her camera, trying to get everyone in position. Then I looked at the shot and OMG, my eyes looked like they had a huge argument and hadn't spoken in months. If I look at the camera (phone) it's a bad picture so I have to look away, do you know how hard it is to snap a picture when you aren't even looking at what you're taking?! Impossible I tell you. So here is my selfie, or non selfie, or group selfie without myself! Whatever I call it, it's not got me in it.

 In the first picture I was on the right of the pic, honest. In the second picture you can see my arm!!

Next time I won't bother, what's the use of a selfie or group selfie without your'selfie' in it?!

I'm up for taking pictures of myself and cutting my head out of it! After my weight loss over the past year I do like seeing pictures of myself and am often found taking pictures of various new outfits I have bought etc.... but I would just like one decent photo where I can look at the camera and say Yes, I know that's going to look ok.

The usual picture of myself, a rarity that I hadn't chopped my head off. Plus the one and only group selfie that I took over the Summer. It made the cut because you can hardly see my face! 

This is a selfie, but I preferred to look at some random object out of the picture rather than at you all, what was the point! Excuse the Santa hat!

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