Friday, 10 January 2020

'We have no food Mum'. What no food means to my child and what it means to me!

There's no fooooood, grumble the children at me incessantly. What no food actually means is that there is no rubbish for them to eat. 

The kids idea of food they want to eat

Between 7 of us I am sure at least 5 of us know where the shops are and are capable of walking down to the local one! However, it's down to me to think about always having the cupboards stocked and if they aren't I'm in for it.

When they say there is no food in the house what they really mean is that there is nothing that they reallllly fancy eating right at that very minute. We are low on food and I have a food shop coming but if for some reason there was a freak storm outside and we were all housebound for a few days we would survive! There would be some interesting meals made and we would be eating dry cereal for breakfast or maybe frozen peas, but we wouldn't fade away or die from hunger.

The weekly food shopping bill seems to go up and up yet we still don't have any food, or so they say. 

Most days I stick my head in the freezer and wonder why it's not full to the brim with every possible flavour of Ben and Jerry's for me to choose from. It just isn't going to happen! There is never going to be a time when you pop your head in a cupboard or in the fridge and there will be that one thing you are craving right at that very second. It's just the way it works. I can easily spend over £150 a week on the food shop and someone will still moan that I forgot to buy something that they really wanted.

I want to downsize the shopping bill whilst still being able to feed us all for the week and not get to the point where they are all moaning at me because there is 'no food'. That and the fact that they are just being fussy, what's wrong with mushy peas for breakfast??!

My children's idea of what food they neeeeed!! 

My one gripe, there's never any milk in the fridge when I want it!!!!! I can't get through the day without tea. I'm off to grumble at myself for being rubbish at food shopping and not making sure everyone has everything they want 24/7. What a rubbish mother and wife I am??!

Is it the same in your house? Am I the only person who gets to the point where there is 'nothing' to eat? Do you think others in the house should be a bit more active in helping?

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  1. This post made me chuckle! Its the kind of thing that would happen here! I get moans of 'Im hungry' yet when I offer them food they do not want it! They always want what we don't have!