Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The big Robbie Williams twitter and Youtube delivery room debate. A harmless giggle for all involved or would you have punched him in the head after a while?!

Yesterday Robbie Williams fans were kept up to date with proceedings from the delivery room after Robbie and his partner Ayda arrived at the hospital ready for the impending arrival of their second child.

Robbie took to Twitter to keep fans informed of what was happening through a series of messages, pictures and links to Youtube which showed videos of him dancing and singing.

https://twitter.com/robbiewilliams See the full run down on the days events here! 

There was lots of dancing from both Robbie and Ayda, a walk along the corridor were Ayda rubbed Robbies arm as he pretended to have a contraction and some singing. It was a light hearted bit of fun from them both. It seemed Ayda was fully in agreement and, some of the time, joined in.

However, towards the end, especially when Robbie was letting rip on the ever popular Let it Go from Frozen, Ayda snapped at him! I would have done too, it was getting annoying. She was having a contraction, nearing the end of a tiring day and needed all her strength and concentration for the task ahead.

If the OH had sung to me or danced next to me whilst I was in labour it may have stopped him from asking if I was having another contraction or moaning because I never go into labour during the day so he can leave work early?! It may have taken my mind off of the contractions for a while but when you've been in labour for a while the last thing you want is your OH shaking his booty in your face instead of holding your hand!

So my conclusion is this. Ayda and Robbie it was fab to watch and to share your labour journey. Ayda did well not to slap him at certain points but was happy to join in too. Some people think it was too much and others think it was just a bit of fun.

At the end of the day all went well and they have been blessed with a baby boy.

Would you have liked the light heartedness of it all in the labour room when you were in hospital or was it all a bit too much? 

Should have remembered the Louboutins when I was on my way to hospital! 

Monday, 27 October 2014

What's the crack??! Poorly iPods, laptops and now the Kindle. Cracked screens all over the place and lumps of coal for Christmas now.

Oh joys. The Kindle has now received an injury. Thing 2 isn't accepting responsibility but it was found in her bedroom, and it's her Kindle! Its only 10 months old too.

Poorly Kindle. :-(

The long lost iPod that was lost for over a year resurfaced a few months ago. Thing 4 was delighted. We hunted high and low for it when it was lost and we gave up all hope. It was only when I moved Thing 3's bed that I discovered it, although I had looked there previously so it was well hidden! I brought it back to life, charged it fully and was so pleased to have found it. An extra iPod so less arguments. Then one day after the discovery it was dropped on the floor.

Very poorly iPod. 

Along with another iPod that was received for Christmas 2012 that has a smashed screen and a laptop I make that a grand total of 4 devices that need attention. I'm fuming, the lack of respect that the Things have for their possessions frustrates me.

Thing 2 wanted a laptop for Christmas, I can safely say now that she in no way deserves one or would know how to look after one so she isn't getting one.

Now I need a remortgage to cover repairs on it all.

Is it possible to make these devices from plastic? I've never had a toddler toy break from being launched across the room or dropped on the floor??!!

Santa is definitely not bringing any toys at the moment and the Things need to get back in Santa's good books too!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wicked Wednesdays; 22nd October 2014

This is the first time of joining in on Wicked Wednesday but, oh boy, I have my fair share of Wicked photo's!

The children never conform to what I would like from them when it comes to wanting the perfect photo of them all so I have plenty of recent, as well as archive photo's, to share from now on!

Here's today's Wicked Wednesday offering. Thing 2 and her godfather, a couple of nutters. Her face says it all!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Will my house ever look nice or is it destined to always look like a Toys R Us store threw up in every room. Is unfinished paintwork, bathrooms and gardening the new look for this season?! Where do we start???

I want a relatively tidy, nicely decorated house! 

Back in September Thing 4 started school and I was down to just one child in the house with me during the day. I was so cocksure of myself when I announced that it would be so easy to tidy the house and keep it tidy. Why did I think that? Why did I think it was going to be easier?

I still have the same children coming home after school each day. The same unhelpful children that help with nothing. I still have Thing 5 who is such a Mummy's boy that there are days where he won't leave my side. I don't mean that in a helpful way either. I'm not here cleaning and tidying with him following on the same, oh no! He is there next to me untidying as I tidy. As I try and pack some toys away in a box he is revelling in the splendor of finding toys he had forgotten we owned because they were buried in a pile with the hundreds of other toys that said Thing's hadn't tidied away themselves.

I do spend my days in the utility room putting clothes in the washing machine and tumble dryer, folding clean washing and sending it off to various rooms to be put away, The dishwasher is constantly on and needing loading and unloading. The poor hoover is overworked and underpaid and about to go on strike and mopping the floors is the job I hate most but it has to be done! I try and keep my own bedroom tidy so at the end of the day it is a nice room to go to but even then I usually find some toys have made there way in there or the OH has left some clothes on the floor. Grrrrrr!

The unfinished bathroom which has also slowly become a storage room too. If we can't use it for it's rightful purpose we may as well use it for something, right??! 

It's not just the untidiness of the house that gets to me but the unfinished jobs from the, still ongoing, extension/renovation work. We half painted the hallway and didn't finish it, the same with the kitchen. We never started painting the utility room or tiled the floor so that still needs doing. The doors don't have surrounds on them and there is no skirting board in the hallway. The downstairs bathroom still isn't usable and the whole purpose of having an extra bathroom was so there wasn't the queue for the one bathroom we already had. The front garden is just a mish mash of the pre existing driveway, no pathway to the front door and a patch of grass that the OH was desperate to keep but actually I just want to make a pathway to the door and then completely change the rest of it. All these jobs are time and money dependent of course. Funds for extension completion have completely dried up and it's now on an 'as and when we can' basis and to a standard we like but would have preferred better. Plus the time to do it too. When the OH comes in from work he doesn't want to get into home improvement mode and at the weekends it's a nightmare trying to get anything done with all the children around.

Unfinished door surrounds and 2 tone paint jobs? I don't even like either of those colours any more! 

Am I asking for too much to have a pathway to the front door? One that doesn't flood and get muddy when it rains. One I can push the pushchair down to get to the front door without traipsing all the mud into the house? I had this vision in my head of a lovely pathway with a little tree either side of the front door. A little number plaque at the side of the door and it looking more presentable than it's current Steptoe's yard state!

The front garden view from the front door outwards. 

On the left is the pre-existing driveway. I need a pathway between that and the wooden plank on the floor you can see to the right of the picture. The OH wanted grass on the right hand side but we also need 2 parking spaces. Arghhhh!

The front room was painted recently but the older Thing's leave their pens laying around and Thing 5 has drawn a couple of nice murals on the walls. So that's extra painting work to do. I had big plans for the front room as mentioned in a previous blog post and as yet nothing has been done apart from the painting.

Thing 5's artwork, it's not quite a Banksy is it?!

Bedrooms are the Thing's own responsibilities so inevitably they are left to get messy and untidy. No amount of gentle coaxing, shouting, arguing, trying to stay calm or threats of bagging it all up and taking it to the skip works on trying to make them tidy up. They are also less keen to help out with the rest of the house too even though most of the mess is theirs!

So as the days, weeks and months fly by I find myself asking more and more 'Where does the time go'? I am in some days and still don't get a lot done and then all of a sudden it's time to go and get the children from school and start thew whole evening routine of dinner, homework, play, bath, bed etc.... Each week I grumble at myself for not achieving anything that is written down in my little book of stuff that needs to be done or how I would like my house to look.

The conclusion I have come to is that I need some skirting board, a nice garden and a finished bathroom and I may just be happy. Plus a cleaner and Supernanny and I will be really happy.

Or someone to stand over me and make me get it all done and someone to take Thing 5 off my hands for a few days, months or years??!!

For now I'm going to carry on wandering past the abandoned washing machine that stands in the kitchen and the dismantled cot in my bedroom. It won't stay there long the OH said??!!

The dreaded abandoned washing machine. 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

I have a pram decision headache. What do I get next? Stokke Xplory, Bugaboo Donkey or Bufallo, Orbit G3. Or go small and get a stroller. Oh the decision is difficult as my pram days are numbered!

I'm so undecided as to what to get for my next pram purchase. It's really annoying as I want to buy something soon but my indecision is stopping me. As it approaches Winter, although you wouldn't think it as the weather is still so lovely, I am thinking that I want something bigger and more substantial for all the walking that we do. Something that is easy to push with a decent shopping basket.

Thing 5 is now 2 but still fits in a larger pram as well as a smaller stroller style buggy but I think I would prefer a larger pram for over the winter. I currently have a stroller that has no raincover and the wheels are worn out.

What do I buy??

My heart lies with the Stokke Xplory. I have always loved these as you will know from previous posts! (previous Stokke post!) I love the height of the seat, it's easy to push and some many seat height and seating options. I looked at a Stokke Crusi the other day and tried Thing 5 in it but I wasn't keen on the chassis although it had the same seat unit as the Xplory but not the height options on the seat unit either.

The Bugaboo Donkey. Lovely and chunky pushchair, solid for the winter with the added bonus of a side basket, as well as the large underseat basket,  for extra shopping or all of the school bags on the school run!

The Orbit Baby G3. I've never tried one of these and they have had mixed reviews amongst friends. They do look odd but then no pram ever suits everyones tastes. The seat is said to be lovely and roomy too. I would like to try one but don't want to buy one and then realise I've made the wrong choice.

Orbit Baby G3

The Bugaboo Buffalo. Very similar to the Donkey but with no side basket. Again it looks fab for lots of winter walking and the basket looks a decent size. Lovely rugged, chunky wheels and a height adjustable handle. Ideal for the OH who is 6'2" and I'm a shorty!

Bugaboo Buffalo

Or do I go small folding. A Maclaren Quest, a Donna Wilson Urbo Bug from Mamas and Papas, a Mamas and Papas Armadillo, a Cybex Onyx or Callisto. These are all small folding umbrella style buggies. Ideal for putting in the car, although we aren't in the car very often. Smaller sized baskets as is with small folding buggies but easier now Thing 5 is 2 rather than going for a bigger pram.

The Cybex Onyx and Callisto

The Maclaren Quest and Mamas and Papas Armadillo

The Mamas and Papas Donna Wilson Urbo Bug

I am so undecided, I don't want to make the wrong choice as I would ideally like something that lasts over the Winter at least! I will also be looking for secondhand, preloved prams rather than buying new so need to look for the right wheels at the right price.

I know one thing though. I need to make a decision asap as the stroller we have is about to go to stroller heaven!

What would you buy? Any other prams that you can suggest for me, I would love to hear your suggestions.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

A weekly summary! A school run goes wrong, a hen night out and birthday Afternoon Tea. A Palladium boots and GoPro competition win, yay! New Hunter boots for splashing in muddy puddles and I'm glad it's the weekend!

What a week. Time seems to fly by recently even when there isn't a lot going on but when your week seems to have been one long week of getting stuff done and things going wrong then it feels even worse.

Last weekend I had two invites out on the same day. For the rest of the year, apart from my Tuesday quiz night, my social calendar is like a barren wasteland then I get two invites on the same date. Typical! So I had a gorgeous Afternoon Tea at the bestie's house for her birthday. All the cakes were made by her and it was all scrummy. I did over indulge a bit too much! So I rushed home after that, bathed Thing 4 and 5, got ready and went back out an hour later for my cousins hen night. We met in a nearby town and had a lovely meal at Jamie's Italian. I left them all to party the night away and travelled home soon after the meal but from the pictures I can see they had a fab time. Oh and if she is reading this (which she better be!). 2 WEEKS TODAY CHARLOTTE!

My Hen party biscuit, made by the best bridesmaid ever!

I did have a fairly quiet start to the week. Tuesday evening is usually my night out with the bestie on our quiz night but we chilled at hers with a cuppa, carrot cake and a good old gossip. Those nights are always the best and I think we did our fair share of nattering and had a good old catch up. Wednesday night I missed my usual Slimming World weigh in. After an over indulgent weekend I figured the scales weren't going to be too kind to me and the weekly weigh in of being told that you are still hovering around your target is getting to me. Yes, I know staying at target is fab and I should be happy with the new me but I stupidly set another target and I am wanting to get there rather than reset my target back up higher again. Which would be easier!! I'm thinking cutting back on the cake would help!!

Just a couple of the gorgeous cakes that were on offer at Afternoon Tea last week. Watch out for the new Crumbs Afternoon Tea launching hopefully in the new year.

Wednesday was shopping day, I overspent and the food never all fits back in the trolley after you have bagged it up! I had to evict Thing 5 from the trolley in order to fit it all in but then I had a toddler on the loose. Stress levels were high and I just wanted to get home by then. Next time I will stick to home delivery!

Thursday I met a friend for lunch and arranged for my Mum to look after Thing 5. It was bliss. Costa Coffee and a scrummy bacon and brie panini and no children annoying me for a couple of hours. Again I had a good old catch up with a good friend and we must do it more often. Searches out local nurseries just so I can be a lady who lunches!! I'm not sure Nanny would do it too often. I returned to collect Thing 5 to find he had made Nanny and Pappy (Grandad) sit down and watch Peppa Pig! I'm not sure they were too enthralled by it.

Friday morning I had the most stressful school run ever. More stressful than the ones where I let Thing 5 walk? Yes! I had let Thing 5 walk but that wasn't the issue. Thing 4 had run on ahead but I could still see him and he kept checking back to see where I was, then I lost sight of him. I called for him and I tried hurrying Thing 5 along. Once I hit the top of our road the path goes in 2 directions you either follow it around where you end up at the end of a different road or you go into the woods. As we weren't taking Thing 3 to school we could go through the woods rather than go the other way but as I had lost sight of Thing 4 I didn't know which way he had gone. I called his name loads of times but no reply and I started to panic. Which way do I go to try and catch up with him. Then a dog walker came out of the woods and said Thing 4 had run through that way so I rushed off. I still couldn't see him, I kept calling his name and by this point the dinner lady from school had walked by too so she rushed off in search too. In the end I found him at school waiting by Reception. This was after crossing a road by himself. I gave him a very strong talking to, told one of his teachers who had a word as well and at the end of the day he told me that 'the lady who gives me my dinner told me not to run off because I might get lost, or get hurt. It was a BIG talk'. I've never panicked so much before, I didn't know where he was etc.... and kept thinking that he would have stopped and I will catch up with him soon.

When I met him at school he said 'I'm a big boy, I wanted to walk to school on my own with Mrs Schnoodles' (his sisters toy he was carrying). Hmmmm, not quite the big boy he thinks he is!!

Thing 5. This was after the walk to school incident. We were on our way home for a cup of tea, or something stronger?!

Finally this week I had a competition win. I was so excited. From the lovely people at Tower London I won a GoPro Hero 3, some men's Palladium boots and a Palladium rucksack. I may have been so excited that I ran around the house screaming for quite a while! We had such a speedy delivery of our prize and we are all keen to get out and use the GoPro. Thank you again Tower London and Palladium boots, we were delighted to win such a fab prize.

Our fab win from Tower London and Palladium boots. The OH was very pleased with his new boots.

So after that week I'm glad it's the weekend. It's a quiet one this weekend. I've just sent OH off with Thing 2 for her weekly badminton lesson and it's lunch at the parents tomorrow. Oooh and a lie in, maybe?!

Oh and maybe a walk in the woods to try out my new Hunter boots. Thing 5's ones may have accidentally slipped into my shopping basket too!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Teaching our children right from wrong. Is something acceptable just because it wasn't as bad as what they could have been doing???

I am hoping that as I raise my children I am teaching them what is right and wrong. What isn't an acceptable way to behave and what is. I'm not going to get it all right, my children aren't perfect by a long shot. They misbehave, they play up. They are moody, grumpy and stubborn at times when there is no need to be. However, even after all of their little imperfections I would still like to think that I'm doing something right!

So I was slightly disappointed this week to visit the local park with the children and see that some other children had written on a piece of equipment at the park. Whilst it was only their names, nothing rude, no rude pictures etc.... I still don't think it's right. However, others think it's fine.

Others have said it's harmless, there's worse things going on to worry about etc.... but if you take that stance on it then surely it will be OK for them to go and do it again. For other children to go and do it because it was OK for these children to. Next time it could be rude words or horrible pictures.

So the conclusion of what I saw and observed is this. Some think it's OK and no need to worry because the local council will sort it but at the local taxpayers expense. There is no need to deal with the children that did it because they didn't do anything wrong and we shouldn't worry about what they did because there is so much more to worry about,

I would also like to add that all of the girls in Thing 3's school got called into the hall last week because someone had written rude words on the walls of the girls toilets. The school think it's wrong and are obviously wanting to know who did it because this isn't right but the child obviously thought it was OK at the time to have done it in the first place.

So where do we draw the line, where do we say hang on a minute, this isn't right or ignore what they did because actually it wasn't like they were setting fire to cars or mugging old ladies. What they did was fine and there is no need to worry about it.

Do you think it was OK for them to write on the equipment at the park? If it was your child what would you have done?

I know mine would have been punished and sent straight down there to clean it up and learn from the consequences of what they had done.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

My Sunday Photo 12/10/2014; Sleepy boy, nap in the Afternoon. #MySundayPhoto

Minecraft, it's everywhere!!. On the TV, on Youtube. The children are playing it on the Playstation, the PC and the Xbox as well as on their iPods. Me, I have no idea what's going on!!

Minecraft. Thing 3 is obsessed, I can cope with that. She is very busy in her little Minecraft world. Building things, making things. Creating worlds with various different houses, places to sleep. There's some cows, pigs and sheep running around and she uses various materials to create various tools etc.... However, this is as far as my Minecraft knowledge extends.

Me, a 21 (plus 14) year old, cannot get my head around the whole game. If I was sat in front of it I wouldn't know how to build, create, make or live in a Minecraft world. I was raised in a world of Pacman where I had to race along gobbling up food and my only enemy was a ghost! I had the four arrow keys on the keyboard or a joystick to manoeuvre myself around and that was it. It was epic, OK back then it was epic. Now my kids look at me when I show them Pacman like I'm some kind of weirdo.

'The creative and building aspects of Minecraft allow players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. Other activities in the game include exploration, gathering resources, crafting, and combat. Multiple game play modes are available, including survival mode where the player must acquire resources to build and maintain his or her health and hunger, a creative mode where players have unlimited resources to build, and an adventure mode where players can create custom maps or other players to play'. (information sourced from Wikipedia).

Now Thing 4 has become obsessed. He too is a Minecraft whizz whether it's on the Playstation or on his iPod. He knows the names of the characters, he's off mining and creating. I sit in amazement at what he has learnt to do in this game and think that maybe I should know my way around the game!

Minecraft animals figure set

Thing 4 wants Minecraft toys for his birthday. I picked up a pack of Minecraft animal figures and I was stumped as to what to buy after that. There are soft toys, toys that make noises, cardboard heads, diamond pickaxes, swords and more. I didn't realise you could buy any of these things! Thing 3 did get Minecraft Lego for Christmas last year and I have been told there is new Minecraft Lego coming out too, just incase we didn't have enough Lego already!

Minecraft and Lego, it's a creative world dream come true!!

As well as knowing all of the character names too, that's Thing 4 not me! All I know is there's a guy called Steve. Then there's Creeper, Enderman, Zombies, the animals and so many more besides. I can't keep up.

Thing 3 is constantly going on at me about mods and texture packs and I look at her like she's talking some foreign language. These, as far as I'm led to believe, are downloadable add ons and extras to the game which we have already used for the PC version that we have.

Figures state that by March 2012 it had become the 6th best selling PC game of all time and as of  April 29th 2014 it had sold 15 million copies on the PC becoming THE best selling PC game of all time. As of June 2014 it had sold almost 54 million copies across all platforms and in February 2014 it reached 100 million registered users.

Being an open world game and having open ended game play means players have a large amount of freedom in choosing how to play the game. Thing 3 and 4 love the freedom they have to create, change, build, rebuild etc... without the time constraints or limits of a proper game with levels, achievements etc.... There's no scoreboard, points system etc... Although there is the argument of 'my worlds better than yours' or one has more resources than the other.

Minecraft Steve cardboard head!

Whilst I try and limit their time on the computer I do love watching them create and build and they are always coming up with something new to do in their own unique world.

I, on the other hand, need to brush up on my Minecraft skills. Now, how do I turn this PC on??!!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

REVIEW POST; Introducing Tommy and Lottie 100% cotton baby tops. We chose the gorgeous long sleeved babies fox top. Full details here!

We were very lucky recently to receive a top to review from the lovely people at Tommy and Lottie.

Tommy and Lottie is a British brand born in 2014. Producing good quality and well made ethical & sustainable unisex babies t-shirts that have fabulous graphic images The designs are British images with a twist of nostalgia. They also give a soft message about how important these things are to protect, enjoy and cherish. The babies t-shirts are well made using the softest quality cotton. No harmful chemicals or dyes are used in any of the processes of production.

Unwrapping our delivery. Well packaged with a lovely little card inside too.

The top arrived very promptly from the company and was wrapped in tissue paper with little stickers holding it all wrapped well. On opening and feeling the top I was instantly taken by how soft it felt and the material felt thicker than other tops we have had. I chose the long sleeved top with the fox print picture on the front. We really have a thing about any clothing with foxes on them at the moment so we were keen to try this top out and it looks absolutely fabulous. 

Thing 5 put it straight on and he wore it out for the day. It got tried out on a walk through the woods. a play at the park and then through dinnertime! It really got put through its paces. Thing 5 isn't one to shy away from mess and getting dirty. As well as trying out whether it wore well our next top test is washing well. 

Trying it out for size. 

Washed at 30 degrees as recommended it came out of the wash looking fab. I always really worry about white tops on a messy toddler. It had picked up a few marks throughout the day he wore it but they washed off well and it's still looking lovely and white. He is wearing it again today and although we are in the warm at home today he will inevitably find something to make a mess with! 

A trip to the park to put it through its paces, will it still clean?! 

The tops are available in long sleeved and short sleeved and available in sizes 3-6 months up to 18-24 months. The long sleeved tops are currently available in the badger, fox and hedgehog designs. The short sleeved tops are available in the three designs the same as the long sleeved tops plus carousel horse, helter skelter and dodgems designs. 
I am always on the look out for something a bit different, a new company with new ideas and good quality clothing that is built to withstand the demands of a toddler on the go. As a new company they are one to watch. The quality of their products  is very very good and I am really pleased with the design and fit too. 
Find Tommy and Lottie here at www.tommyandlottie.co.uk and they also have a list of stockists on their website too. 

Monday, 6 October 2014

It's raining, it's pouring. Autumn weather is here and it's chilled down too. What to do on these autumnal days, autumn crafts and woodland walks. Can I put the heating on yet??!

The change in the weather over the past couple of days has been madness. Last Wednesday I sat in the garden and had lunch with my Mum. By Saturday it was raining and cold and the kiddies wanted hot chocolate and a snuggle on the sofa. Yesterday (Sunday) it was warm, dry and there was washing drying on the line. Today, it's freeezing and raining. The school run was just horrible and I needed wellies and an umbrella!

Our local woodland.

Although I do feel that we have been very lucky with the weather we have had up until now. September was lovely as was most of the Summer. We do have to admit that sooner or later we need to prepare ourselves for the chilly nights ahead. I remember many a bonfire night when I was younger when we were wrapped in hats, scarves, gloves and layers and layers of clothes and we were still frozen through. Yet to think that Bonfire Night is only 4 weeks away and apart from a bit of a chill in the air and some rain it's not freeeeeezing cold. A lot can change in a few weeks but I'm sure by the end of October we're not expecting a big freeze or a huge drop in temperature, compared to today that is!

Also with the clocks due to go back an hour on October 26th the dark and cold nights are soon to hit. So what do you do with your days when it's cold and raining outside? I'm all for wrapping up warm and putting on the wellies and raincoats but sometimes it's nicer to stay snuggled inside in the warm.

Strolling through the woods and chasing squirrels up trees!

The children have been collecting conkers recently. On the way to and from school in the afternoons they have filled the basket of the pushchair with conkers and we have been looking into things that we can do with them. One picture that has popped up a lot recently is the conker caterpillar, which is very effective.

Also conker spiders with pipe cleaner legs and googly eyes are also simple but effective crafts too.

These craft ideas along with instructions can be found at www.redtedart.com

There are also lots of leaf art crafts to try out too. Whether it's making pictures from various different sizes and colours of leaves or painting them and doing leaf printing.

One other craft is bird feeders with pine cones. Gather up some fir cones and tie string around the end. Smother the pine cone in peanut butter and then roll in some bird seed. Then hang them in the garden for the birds.

More woodland walking!

Whatever you decide to do, days in are more likely than days out over the Winter months, unless you wrap up warm and go on an adventure well prepared. We live near the local woodland and will no doubt do autumn walks through the woods to collect up some supplies for our craft days. We will be armed with our welly boots and rainsuits!

Oh and some hot chocolate for when we get home again.

A warm mug of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows on top. 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

SLOUGH SWAPMEET 2014, The finest VW meet ever....... November 2nd 2014. The tabletop/autojumble sale that caters largely for the Vintage VW community. It's worth a visit!

The Sough Swapmeet is happening on November 2nd 2014 at Montem Leisure Centre in Slough.

Running from 9.30am to 3.00pm it is a tabletop/autojumble event catering mainly for the VW community. Tickets are available to buy now from SLOUGH SWAPMEET. Prices are £4 Adults Advance, £5 Adult on the door and Under 16s are free. There are goodie bags for the first 500 plus trophies will be handed out in various categories included the much coveted 'King of the Car Park' category.

The Slough Swapmeet has been running for a while now but after the previous organisers decided to stop running the event, Robin and Vince took over. It is their first time of running the event and they are hoping for a lot of support on the day as well as a lot of traders. Including professional and private sellers on the day it is also a great chance to meet up with new friends and socialise.

Numbers for the event have dropped in recent years so it really needs support and people to spread the word that it is continuing and it needs traders and new VW friends alike to make the Swapmeet as successful as it has been in the past, and more.

There will also be bacon rolls to consume whilst you browse the items for sale!!

Robin and Vince say;

We’re mainly doing this through love and nostalgia but we’re determined to make Slough Swapmeet as good as it can possibly be and we’d love you to come along for the ride. The Volkswagen community (and the people that make it) are really amazing and we’re consistently humbled by the help and support that we receive. If you’re not sure if you’re going to come down – look at it this way. This is our first year at the helm and we’re making some changes. We need the support of the traders and visitors to make this an amazing event again. We’re on target to sell out all trading tables and we’re hoping for a record number of visitors. Come down, support your local event, buy some stuff, meet your friends, eat an entire pig, be a part of it. If you don’t – it may not be back next year.
So spread the word people. The VW Slough Swapmeet is continuing and needs to be bigger and better than it has been before. 
PS; Porsches are more than welcome (obviously) and anything German and interesting will be warmly received. If you turn up in a Renault 5 Turbo you’re on your own…

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


The new Andy Warhol hoods have arrived. The Bugaboo + Andy Warhol collaboration has been in the making for two years and they are now finally unveiled.

Andy Warhol banana and butterfly prints.

They will be available across the four current Bugaboo models Bugaboo Bee, Cameleon, Donkey and Buffalo.

Matching hood and tote bags available in four patterns.

Andy Warhol Marilyn and Transportation prints.

The Bugaboo website states;

In our fourth and final collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation, Bugaboo introduces the Retrospective Collection - featuring a sun canopy and matching tote bag - paying homage to the legendary artist. We’ve taken Warhol’s Butterflies, Transportation and Marilyn Monroe images as a starting point for our latest Warhol-inspired designs and reversed our successful Banana print. The Collection offers you unparalleled flexibility in your stroller design: You choose your image and the color lining; the tote bag matches your selected print. And because the sun canopy fits all Bugaboo strollers, those already owning one can use the Retrospective collection to add a little pizzazz. The Andy Warhol + Bugaboo Retrospective Collection is available from November 2014 at selected retailers. Each retailer will have a select number of prints. All prints are available from December 2014 on Bugaboo.com to order.
The RRP on the hood and tote bag sets are £115, USD $169, AUS $209 and EU 129.90. 

REVIEW POST; Rainbow Braid loom bands 5400 piece refill kit. Perfect to make so many wonderful loom band creations.

Wow, 5400 loom bands. My children were in loom band heaven!

Starting their loom band creations.

I had been buying small packs of loom bands for them and each time I bought them I thought to myself that 200 loom bands in a pack would keep them quiet for a while. However by the time you gather up the colours you need for whichever creation you are making you soon run out. As the loom band craze hit I seemed to be forever having to go and buy more and more packets but in the local shops I could only ever buy the packs of 200 in each colour. I was also then having to make the decision of which colours to buy them that they could make the most things from that wouldn't leave them limited on what to make, or arguing over a particular colour!

We were sent a pack of 5400 Rainbow Braid refill kit loom bands to try out. My children loved it and set to work straight away. Loom bands are the one thing at the moment that they will sit and work at for ages. They started off with the basic loom band bracelet design and then moved on to more intricate bracelet patterns. Then my eldest daughter started following instructions online for other things and we ended up with snakes, minions, ice lollies and more! Instructions can be found online for so many different things, I do find some of the more intricate bracelet designs very pretty and in particular colour patterns they can look very effective.

A couple of their loom band bracelet designs and different colours.

Included in the 5400 loom band kit is 18 packs of 300 of each colour. Solid colours in red, white, purple, turquoise, black, light blue and dark blue. Fluorescent colours in yellow, green, blue, pink, orange and purple. Glitter colours in pink, blue, purple, orange and green. With a choice as vast as this the children were spoilt for choice when it came to making all of their loom band creations.

The kit was amazing, they could find the colours they wanted without arguing over running out of a specific colour too quickly. There was so many choices of colours that they weren't limited on what they could make either so the creations they made were endless. 

Thing 2 with her loom band Minion creation. So effective and she was very proud of what she had made.

This refill kit is fab and an amazing price too. Ideal to keep their loom bands stocked up or as a Christmas present, which is fast approaching. My daughters are still making loom band creations now and we haven't had to buy any more loom bands for quite a while. Dad also got involved on the loom band making. Everyone really enjoyed making lots of wonderful things from this fab kit and will continue to do so for a long time to come. 

A loom band snake in purple with black and white detailing. These are so cute and you can make them longer too.

They already had the loom band board and the hooks so were all set up with the pieces they needed to make the various creations so the refill kit was a fab addition to the pieces they already had. There was no need to buy another full kit with loom bands in. 

Our overall verdict is this a fab, fab set with a huge quantity of loom bands that will keep the creations coming for a long time.