Monday, 22 September 2014

Throwing away the baby cot. Thing 5, Blake, now you are 2. An update, new chapters, new things to discover. How time flies by! Oh and my new baby urge has gone, whooopppeeeeee!

Wearing his Thing 5 t shirt, just so we know who he is!

Thing 5 turned 2 in August and I can't believe how the time has flown by. From the moment I brought him home from the hospital I knew he would be my last but that usually always changes when my babies hit the age of 2. I always say no more and then I get so broody by the time my youngest is 2 years old that I want another baby. This time there is nothing, nada, zilch, much to the overwhelming delight from the OH!

When something is delivered we always play with the box or packaging, not what was inside!

I am so enjoying watching Thing 5 grow up and explore the world more. He's becoming a little more independent and each day discovers new things. New food that he likes, new activities to enjoy. I am looking forward to him growing more and going out to nursery next year. I won't need another baby to keep me busy I have a house that needs cleaning, tidying and still parts of the home improvements that need finishing. Along with keeping up with the blog and raising five children, I have plenty to keep me busy.

Thing 5 has recently become Mummy's little follower. I can't go anywhere in the house without him wanting to follow me, even if he's with Daddy. However this means if I'm tidying a room and have to take him with me he untidies as I tidy! He has developed a love for Hot Wheels cars so he is gathering quite a collection of those that he enjoys sitting and playing with. I think we are going to add a car road playmat to his Christmas list. He has also discovered the film The Polar Express. It's nice that he has found something that he likes to watch on the TV, and I do love it too, but sometimes there is a limit to how many times we can have it on the TV!!

Quieter times!

Playing with his Hot Wheels cars, accompanied by Thing 4 and Henry Hugglemonster!

We also moved Thing 5 into a bed back in August and since then the cot has remained stood dismantled in my bedroom. I walk past it every day and every day I think that the OH should really get it taken down to be thrown away. I have no urge to keep it, it's not needed. I am looking forward to buying cars and trains for Thing 5, taking him out without dragging a pram along with us. Not having to stop for feeds or nappy changes and exploring the world where he wants to learn and not run off in any direction he can because he's just not ready to at the moment.

Boots Parenting Club recently emailed me and the email subject was; Blake, now you are 25 months old. Thanks Boots, I was unsure of his age! These emails are helpful and informartive but I'm not going to be overly concerned if he doesn't reach milestones or developmental stages when others dictate that he should be reaching them. All of these things will happen in time. We won't enjoy the time we have together now that Thing 4 is at school full time if we spend our time worrying about reaching goals and 'should he be doing this by now' etc....

We will go with the flow and enjoy our time. Before we know it Thing 5 will be at nursery and we will be applying for Infant School too. For now we will spend our days trying to make the house look half decent whilst still spending Mummy and Toddler time doing the important things, like jumping in puddles!

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