Monday, 1 September 2014

September is here and the uniform is ready. Thing 4 is uncertain and Mum needs to hold herself steady. Back to School, such an emotional time for everyone!

September, already?! I've heard it quite a lot today. I've gone from the beginning of the holidays when I was wondering why time was going so slowly and then someone pressed fast forward over the past few weeks and September has hit us right between the eyes.

So it's back to school time. Thing 2 and Thing 3 are going back to school, back to school meaning that they've been there before, they know what it's like. Although Thing 2 is starting at a new Senior school she will be amongst many friends from her Junior School and I'm not overly worried about her on her first day. It will be a huge change with the different class changes after every lesson but I'm sure she will be fine.

It's Thing 4's transition to Reception class tomorrow that has me all emotional. I think I've prepped him as best I can. We've spoken about school, what will happen during the day, what things he will do and the new friends he will make. He seems happy enough but you can never really tell until the day comes and you have to drop them off and leave them.

This is where we all turn into emotional wrecks. I've done this three times before, I should be a pro at this?! The other three all had a smooth start in Reception class so I'm sure there will be no problems, apart from waving Goodbye to another one of my babies. I've made out that I am happy to see the end of the Summer holidays, which I am, but I am also sad to see the day arrive where I have to take Thing 4 out into the big wide world and discover the joys, and struggles, of big boy school. I will worry all day, I will wonder if he is ok getting his lunch, I will hope that if he needs help or he is upset that he will go and let a teacher know. I don't want him to feel alone or upset and I know the teachers/teaching assistants know exactly what they are doing but it won't stop me from worrying.

I will also have to deal with Thing 5's upset too. They have a real bond and it's really grown recently too and now all of a sudden his big brother will be gone all day every day. When Thing 4 was at nursery for just two days a week Thing 5 would often ask after him on those days. So September really does bring big changes for everyone. Although I am sure once Thing 4 has settled into school and the others have started back too I will start to enjoy my time with the youngest on his own during the days.

We had a quiet day today, watched films and played with the toys and he is now snuggled in bed. I finished labelling uniform earlier and it's laid out and ready for the morning. After the awful weather we have had today too I've laid out his winter coat too, wasn't quite what I was expecting to have to do on the first day back but never mind!

All ready for Back to School, including a winter coat already! 

So, come on first day of school. We are as ready as we can be. There may be tears tomorrow, from me, but I am sure it will all be fine.


  1. I have another week with my 4 year old then he's off to Reception too. The Summer holiday has rushed by for us so I am trying to hang on to these last few moments!

  2. I can't believe it's September already, this year is really flying by eek! Hope your little ones first day at School goes well tomorrow! (:

    L x

  3. The first day of school was always the most wonderful and magical day, full of brand new things. I can't believe the summer is already over and school is already back in!

  4. My 3rd is starting on Monday and the 4th is going to be bereft! They have started saying they're 'best friends' which is just so cute (don't get me wrong - they fight like cat and dog too!) but the little one is going to be so lonely. Thinking of your littlest too. x