Thursday, 17 July 2014

School's out for Summer! Our gift for the teachers at the end of the Summer term. Something a bit different, a framed crayon picture.

The end of the Summer term is upon us already and I am busy keeping tabs on end of year plays, discos, Sports Days, outings and assemblies. As well as already thinking that I need to buy two new uniforms ready for back to school in September!

After all of that I had slacked on the teachers gift buying. What am I going to do? I could run out and buy a box of chocolates but they get hundreds of boxes. Although I am sure they don't mind receiving all of those chocolates I wanted to get something a bit different. I was also aware that I was on a time limit as we only had a few days before nursery finished and only slightly longer until the schools broke up too.

My Mum used to work in a school setting for many years and she said she always greatly appreciated all of the gifts that she received from her children but she would always remember the more unique gifts and who gave them to her.

I remembered that last year some friends had stumbled across an idea and had made them for their teachers presents. A great gift that is effective and longer lasting than a box of chocolates.

All you need is a box frame, some crayons and some super glue.

I found the box frame in my local Sainsbury's and I am sure they are readily available from online stores etc.... I grabbed three boxes of crayons as I was unsure how many I was going to use in the picture I wanted to make. I grabbed a tube of Bostik Glu and Fix clear all purpose glue, I figured it would hold stronger than the normal PVA glue.

So I set to work with breaking up the crayons and working out sizes that would fit in the frame I had bought. I worked on an initial layout before I started with the glue, just to make sure I had set it all out right and made all the lettering the right size.

Once I was certain that it was all set out how I wanted it I set about gluing all of the lettering into place. This was a little bit fiddly due to the size of some of the pieces I was gluing into place but I got there in the end. The glue was in a small tube with an easy to apply nozzle which really helped.

So the end result. I was really pleased to be able to make something ourselves, a little time to make something that they hopefully can display somewhere within the nursery setting. A very effective gift for just a small piece of your time and effort.

Oh and I did buy a huge box of chocolates too, they deserve it!

Our finished 'masterpiece' that Thing 4 presented to nursery this morning as it's his last day today. 

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