Saturday, 31 May 2014

My weight loss journey update. I've amazed myself and hit my Slimming World target but now still a little way to go with a new target, let's get on it!

Back in March I blogged about my weight loss journey. I started back in January 2014 and things started slow. After I joined Slimming World it seemed that every weekend was filled with a birthday, wedding, rare night out with friends. I'm sure everyone was against me but it was just the way things worked out!

I also blogged about Adam Richman from the TV series Man Vs Food. After ending his stint as presenter of the show he went on his own weight loss journey with amazing results.

I also browsed the internet and read about alot of Slimming World journeys that others had made, it really motivated me more to want to reach my target.

By the time I wrote my blog in March I had lost my first half a stone and it felt good. I was so motivated by the certificate and sticker I got when I reached my half stone award, lol!

I had got into a good routine with my eating. Before I started my weight loss journey I would regularly skip breakfast, grab crisps and chocolate for lunch and then miss dinner, all the time I had been grazing all day on rubbish. Now I manage to grab a breakfast whether it's only fruit because its a hectic morning or cereals, yoghurts or maybe the odd healthier version of a cooked breakfast. I cut out the crisps and chocolate and learnt to find other healthier things that could still satisfy a sweet craving. I wasn't always 100% good, who is??! The odd chocolate bar may have slipped through the net, you can't deny yourself a treat if you have been invited out to eat but I learnt to choose better options off of the menu.

So, approx. four and a half months on I reached my one and half stone award. I wanted to set myself a target I hoped I could reach rather than set my sights too high and never reach it. At the start I was 11 stone 1 lb and a size 16. I had 5 children and was too busy being a Mum to even take notice on what had happened to my poor body. I just carried on buying the Size 16's, mainly jeans and dark coloured clothing.

We had to write a small note on a piece of paper when we started Slimming World about what we wanted to achieve. I wrote 'to be a Yummy Mummy, not a slummy Mummy'!

My weight loss journey was as follows;

12th March 2014; 1/2 stone award
2nd April 2014; 1 stone award
9th April 2014; Club 10 award
21st May 2014; 1 1/2 stone award. 

Club 10 award is when you lose 10% of your original body weight. As I mentioned previously, I was like a child when it came to my stickers and certificates! I would come home from group and pin them to the fridge to remind myself of what I had achieved and so that I hopefully don't go back there.

As of 21st May I had reached 9 stone 7 lbs, I was so happy. At the end of April I had bought a Size 14 pair of jeans and mid May I decided I wanted some new black jeans to wear out for my birthday. I picked up a pair of Size 14s and for a laugh I thought I would take a Size 12 in with me but only to see myself struggle as they got wedged on my legs. They didn't! I was so happy and even the Size 12 tops fitted. I ended up buying 2 new outfits and could have easily bought more! However, as it was also birthday week it meant that I may have over indulged on cake and eating out. So I need to get back on track to reach my next small target I have set.

Everyone in the group are fab and so supportive, if you are having a bad week they are there to give you advice, meal suggestions and help you to think positively about the week ahead.

After reaching my target I decided that I still wanted to lose a bit more. Although I am really happy with what I have achieved and if I can't shift this last little bit I won't think I have failed.

So there it is, my weight loss journey, if I can do it anyone can.

My Before and After photo's

Friday, 30 May 2014

'GET THAT BABY OUT OF THE DISHWASHER' and other phrases that I never thought I would say or hear, until I became a Mum!

Yes it's Half Term. All five children are here under my feet or sitting on top of each other. On top of having five children at home, the OH decided to take the week off of work. I'm not sure which is worse, the OH with a week off or five children?!

Anyway, this week I have found myself saying things that I never in a million years thought I would be saying before I had children. Why do they do really silly things, why do they know when we are at our crankiest or the tiredness is kicking in at the end of a long day that we can be tipped over the edge by the slightest thing? They can be really good all day but come tea time/bath time/bed time they become master mischief makers. Mummy is busy so lets go and unroll all of the loo paper and shove it down the toilet, empty all of Mummy's 'stress relief' bubble bath all over the floor and use the toothpaste as wall paint. After all of that I needed the stress relief bubble bath!

This morning my eldest son arose from his lair, walked up behind me and breathed really heavily in my ear and then asked if I was going to rip his head off?! Rewind to last night when all five children were still awake at midnight, Mummy was tired and wanted her bed and it took until 2.30am for the youngest 'darling' to give in and fall asleep. So this mornings Facebook rant read;

It all fell into place, my child doesn't usually go around asking people if they are going to rip his head off, but this morning he had reason to. He was lucky he escaped unscathed!

This afternoon I was in housework mode, this doesn't happen often. I mean, yes I do clean and tidy but housework mode means I was on a mission! I was in the utility room trying not to drown under all of the clothes washing and the OH was (still) tiling the downstairs bathroom/project in progress/won't need a second bathroom if it's not finished before the kids moved out. I walked into the kitchen and yelled 'get that baby out of the dishwasher'! The front door was open and had anyone been walking past at that very moment I may have been reported to the authorities for dishwashing the baby. This was not the case and he had opened the door of the dishwasher and then proceeded to sit on the door trying to pull all of the clean washing out. Had he been opening cupboards and putting it away I would have told him to crack on and get it finished but he wasn't. This was pure toddler destruction, let's see if we can break the dishwasher door whilst pulling all of the plates and cups onto the floor. What annoyed me more and made me yell at the top of my voice was that my eldest was stood watching him instead of promptly removing him from said dishwasher like it was a normal thing to be doing. Maybe it is normal in our crazy house, maybe tomorrow I will be yelling 'get that baby out of the oven'.

One thing I will never be yelling is ''Get that child out of the washing machine",  nobody in our house knows where that is, except me!

Other sayings just from this past week;

'The hoover pipe is not a light saber'

'Take that nappy off of your head'

'I don't think you do love Lego Hobbits more than Daddy'

'Why's the apple juice in the cupboard with the glasses'

'Are we sure boarding school isn't the best option, even for the toddler'?!


Iconic forces merge in the Vans x STAR WARS collection when scenes and characters from the legendary film meet up with the Vans Era. Featuring a custom graphic printed upper of the films characters and original logo, metal eyelets, padded tongue and lining, and Vans signature waffle outsole, the Star Wars Collection Era takes this classic to a galaxy far, far away!

All styles featured plus more available on the Vans website now. 

Being a slightly obsessed shoe fanatic I try and keep up to date with what's going on. That is in the world of kids shoes! As in a previous blog post I think I may have stated that Mummy is now on the bottom of the new shoes list and the 2 younger boys take priority because all of the shoes I find are so darn cute and funky they just 'need' them! 

So I received an email from Vans two days ago informing me that the new Vans x Star Wars collection was now available to buy online. I got slightly over excited on my sons behalf! He is Star Wars obsessed. So I followed the link to view the collection and all I can say is Wow!

From the Classic slip ons in the Darth Vader style to the toddler/kids Era style with the classic repeat design I didn't know which were the best. There is also a style for the girls called Yoda Aloha which are pretty cute too.

The Darth Vader slip ons have Darth Vaders face on the front with red/green pattern detailing to the sides of the shoe and on the heel area it reads 'Come to the dark side'. 

Darth Vader slip ons detailing

The Era lace ups have a Star Wars logo and characters printed across the shoe in an eye catching yellow/red/black colouring. Featuring Darth Vader, Clone Troopers and Boba Fett in amongst the Star Wars wording, it also has Star Wars on the tab on the tongue of the shoe. 


Era lace ups detailing

The girls ones are extremely cute in a gorgeous light blue background colour with red floral design all over they are a lovely summery design, called Yoda Aloha. 

Girls Era in Yoda Aloha design with matching cap available seperately

Also available in the childrens collection is a design called Stormtrooper Bandana and Boba Fett camo. 

The clonetrooper bandana and Boba Fett camo designs. 

There are also matching caps, t-shirts and backpacks. 

Some of the t-shirts and backpack styles that are available as part of the collection. 

I also found on Office Shoes that there is a classic slip on in a Storm Trooper style for children and a classic slip on in 'A New Hope' design for adults. 

Styles start in the Toddler size of 3.5 to 9.5, Kids size 10 to 3 and youth 2.5 through to an adult size 12 in some designs. Sizes may vary in availability between the different styles. 

This collection is fab, made even better by having Star Wars fans in the house anyway so there was plenty of excitement over these shoes. The shoes and the colours/images used are vibrant and well designed.

We of course ordered the Darth Vader slip ons and the Era lace ups in the classic repeat design. We are awaiting their arrival but I know for sure we won't be disappointed. 

All pictures courtesy of the Vans website. 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Travelling on your own or with a companion. Travel doesn't go well when that companion is ADHD and your autistic traits creeping in to help!

Our 17 year old son, Thing 1!, decided yesterday that he wanted to go and meet a  friend, in a different town. For anyone else this isn't an issue, you hop on a bus, grab a train and off you go. Simples!

For Thing 1, this isn't fun, this isn't an adventure, a joy or something to look forward to. He wants to go and see a friend but this huge epic journey is in his way. He did the same journey last week but he went with a friend and she knew what she was doing. He didn't have to think about it as she was there to help.

I spent most of my morning going through his journey step by step. This was no 'buy ticket, platform 2, jump on train and arrive at destination' type talk! This was broken down into how to buy the ticket, how to use the machine, what time the train is coming and don't panic if it's delayed. I also had to cover things like what to do if he was unsure of something. He doesn't do talking to people he doesn't know, asking for help, what he needs to ask for etc.... It was like sending our 7 year old out on a journey but she may have coped with it all a bit better.

So, we drove him to the nearest station that would take him directly to his destination. Our most local Main train station goes to the destination he wanted but with a change in between, something he wouldn't cope with. I got out at the station with him and went to the ticket machine. He did it himself, he needs to learn but it was good that we didn't drop him off and drive straight off. I watched him go through the whole choosing a ticket process and it got to payment time. Then it bright red words it read CARD ONLY, even though it was a card or cash type machine. Most other people would have left it and bought a ticket once on the train, Thing 1 would have gone into panic mode. He didn't have a debit card with him so to him it would have meant no ticket, no train journey.

All this effort into a 18 minute journey to get him from one place to another. The OH piped up with his usual line of  'When I was his age I was travelling to x,y,z....' Yawn. I'm not sure how many times I have to tell him that Thing 1 isn't like a normal 17 year old, as much as we would like him to cope, to he able to just run out the door without having to have a whole mornings thoughts going into one journey. It's not going to be like that.

Anyway, he got there! He was met at the other end by his friend and he probably relaxed a lot after the journey ended! He will probably make the journey again, he will inevitably forget most of what was said to him before his first journey and his second journey will be like doing the first all over again.

Small journeys for others are huge journeys for Thing 1.