Thursday, 13 March 2014

My slimming weight loss journey and progress so far. Finding new weight friendly recipes, I have included pictures!. Why I need to get motivated and move my fat body some more!

I have been attending a local weight loss group for 10 weeks now. It was the mix of that New Years resolution that we all feel we have to make but then by January the 2nd I always think that it was a bad idea to make one, and the fact that I want to regain my body as my own. For years now I have given my body up to growing babies and giving birth and I have neglected it!

As there are no more babies coming to live here (huge fanfare and party from the OH), I have decided now is the time to start slimming and getting fit, although I should have started sooner. The past 10 weeks at the slimming group have been up and down, one week I had a gain which I was disappointed with but I knew where it had come from. Throughout January and the beginning of February we had endless amounts of birthdays, weddings, Afternoon Tea and Valentines Day that I indulged slightly too much. However I also feel that to have only had one week where I had a gain was a miracle due to the overindulgence!

So, 10 weeks on and I haven't lost as much as I would have liked to but have reached my first target and am happy. Looking forward to losing more and reaching my overall target but certainly not giving myself a time frame in which to do it, I will just be happy whenever I reach my goal.

The hardest thing I have found is cooking healthy meals. Before I started I didn't eat well at all. I never had breakfast, I would always have lunch but that usually consisted of a couple of packs of crisps and some chocolate and dinner would be if I could fit it in. Once I had cooked for children and hubby I didn't want to cook for myself. Yes I know we should all eat together and we should all eat the same thing but it never happens. The children eat quite early and usually before the OH is in from work. Our eldest doesn't eat the same as the younger ones and doesn't normally like what I cook for the OH either, he's just too fussy.

Jerk chicken skewers

Gammon cooked in diet coke, very yummy

Curry potato fritters, great as a snack

Sri Lankan yellow beef curry

Sticky sesame drumsticks with veg/noodle stir fry

Oven baked Ham cups with egg/veg filling, very tasty.

I bought a recipe book from the group I attend which has come in handy and I have also tried a few recipes that have been shared by friends. I make sure I eat breakfast and lunch, healthy of course and that I always have snacks or fruit handy if I suddenly find myself needing something. I've also cut down on the sugar I have in my tea although I also need to cut down my tea intake and drink more water.

Finally, it's the exercise part. I don't exercise. I mean, I say to people 'Oh I walk everywhere because I don't drive'. Really that means I do the school run and I come home again. On a Tues/Thurs when I have one child in a pushchair there is no excuse as to why I can't walk further than to school and back again. Walking to school and back isn't going to help. So last week I decided to walk further. One day I did 2 miles and the next day I did 3.5 miles. I was chuffed and I want to gradually build the distance up. I have no excuse not to do it, I have the time, the sun is out (at the moment) and taking the little one in the pram is nice too. SO I am planning on doing a long walk each day to keep fit.

I also started doing the 30 day shred. It's a 30 minute workout and I was dying after the first session! I can do it from home which is good and it mixes cardio in with abs etc.... I need to work away my baby belly! I'm only on Day 4 but am hoping by the end of it I am showing some results and it can easily be carried on past the 30 days or you can move on to the next level.

So, overall, I am feeling good about the past 10 weeks although I do feel I could have lost a bit more than I did I am also happy with what I have achieved. However, it's onwards and upwards with the new workout and walking exercises added in and hopefully I can drop a dress size or two because I'm desperate to buy some new clothes!

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