Tuesday, 25 March 2014


This spring, Bugaboo continues its exciting collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation by launching a collection that puts one of the pop-artist’s most iconic images in the limelight. The Bugaboo + Andy Warhol Banana collection is inspired by Warhol’s legendary print created in 1966 and subsequently chosen to adorn the first album cover of The Velvet Underground and Nico, produced by Andy Warhol. Including a complete Bugaboo Cameleon3 as well as a footmuff and seat liner that can be used on all Bugaboo pushchairs, everyone can go bananas now!

The original all-in-one all over
The Andy Warhol + Bugaboo Cameleon³ Banana combines the Warhol Banana print in black onto a striking and outspoken yellow base and a black chassis. The all-over print covers the sun canopy and continues on both the bassinet and backside of the seat fabric. With the Andy Warhol+ Bugaboo Cameleon3 Banana, Bugaboo introduces a versatile, functional and stylish pushchair at once. Madeleen Klaasen, Chief Marketing Officer Bugaboo: “We love it when icons meet and that’s why we challenged ourselves to print Warhol’s iconic banana on a complete Bugaboo Cameleon3. The result is truly unexpected and what’s more, ultimately fun.”

Andy Warhol + Bugaboo Banana Accessories
Is a hint of Warhol’s rebellious Rock n’ Roll attitude just the fun element you we’re looking for to customise your pushchair? Well don’t sweat it, Bugaboo’s Banana Accessories are available for all pushchairs. Simply add an extra dash of pop-art to your pushchair and at the same time keep your child warm and cosy on cold days with the Andy Warhol + Bugaboo Banana footmuff. Made from water repellent material, the black coloured shiny footmuff is equipped with bamboo charcoal. This eco-friendly and sustainable fibre extracted from wild bamboo regulates temperature and humidity and provides more comfort during chilly months. The cover of the footmuff can be partly opened or completely removed when it becomes too warm. You can further customise your pushchair with the breathable and padded off-white Bugaboo Seat Liner, which also features the iconic ‘Banana’. The seat liner has an extra top layer made from bamboo charcoal that wicks away moisture and ensures a comfortable and cool ride.

Bugaboo Andy Warhol collaboration universal footmuff and seat liner pictured on the Cameleon 3, Bee Plus and the Buffalo.

The Andy Warhol + Bugaboo Banana Collection is in selected stores nationwide from May 2014. Please check the Bugaboo store locator on bugaboo.com.

Andy Warhol +Bugaboo Cameleon³ Banana: £969
Andy Warhol +Bugaboo Footmuff Banana: £129
Andy Warhol +Bugaboo Seat Liner Banana:  £54.95

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Being told to apologise yet others won't do the same after they are rude about you. Why is this ok? Is it ok?

Is it ok? Maybe it is. Maybe, yet again, I am in the wrong for thinking that if you are told to apologise to someone for being rude and abrupt to them, which I admitted I had been, you then expect others to do the same after you find them being rude about you.

This is what happened to me this week. It was Monday morning, most mornings aren't good mornings for me, I don't wake up fully until I've managed to get the children out of the door to various schools, nursery or college and then I've managed to eat and have a cup of tea. However, Monday mornings are the worst, I'm sure people will agree.

So, on a particularly bad Monday morning I was rude and abrupt to someone, it was picked up by a few people and I also admitted that I had indeed been too hasty in what I had said and I apologised to the lady in question.

However, after this happened and I was also reprimanded for being rude and abrupt, some of these people decided that they would be rude about me, name calling etc.... Last time I heard name calling was between some children in the school playground and I thought we had left that behind when we were kids, obviously not.

Now, I'm not annoyed at the name calling, if they want to call me a (quote) fruit cake and a jumped up little so and so they can go ahead, I've been called worse by worse people. If they want to poke fun at my blog, go ahead. I do it for fun, I do it to fill some time, I certainly don't think it's anything special AT ALL. Go ahead, go poke fun all you like. If this is the way this certain person works in their highly professional capacity then go for it. Although not very professional in many peoples eyes.

Did I cry into my pillow last night about it, No. Did I fret over what they had said, No. Did I name call back even after I apologised, No. Why? This is why, because I realised that they were in the wrong, I realised that I am the better person for apologising and realising my mistake and admitting that I was rude.

These people haven't apologised, I asked them to apologise after I read what they had written about me but I received no response.

So maybe I am wrong. Maybe I shouldn't have expected an apology. What these people think is that it is OK to name call and poke fun at someone and not expect to apologise, but hide away instead.

As I said I'm not bothered by the name calling or the poking fun, although it was uncalled for. I'm bothered by the fact that they expected an apology from myself for being rude and said that I shouldn't have been rude and then did exactly the same to me, thinking that I wouldn't see.

I've got far, far more concerns in my life other than this, like wondering whether I should shave the hair off my toes or continue to plait it as usual. Or now I carry my highly acclaimed 'fruit cake' status I am thinking of walking around talking to myself and jumping out from behind bins to scare people about town.

What I thought though is that an apology wasn't too much to ask.

“In this life, when you deny someone an apology,

you will remember it at time you beg forgiveness.” 

“An apology is the super glue of life. It can repair just about anything.” 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

ASDA EXCLUSIVE COMPETITION; To celebrate the upcoming release of her album 'The Power of Love'. WIN a performance by X Factor winner, Sam Bailey, in your local store.

Starting on the 14th of March 2014 Asda are running an exclusive competition in which you can win a performance by X Factor winner, Sam Bailey, at your local Asda Store. This is to celebrate the upcoming launch of her album 'The Power of Love'.

After winning the X Factor and taking the charts by storm at the end of last year, Sam Bailey is due to launch her first album ‘The Power of Love’ on 24 March 2014 and to celebrate Asda will give fans the chance to enter an online competition to win a ‘Sam Bailey supermarket spectacular’ and see the star perform in their local Asda.
One lucky customer will get a surprise visit from the lady herself to their local store.  Sam will then perform for the winner’s family, friends and Asda colleagues. Asda customers and colleagues can enter the competition via www.asda.com/winsam and Asda’s social media channels, to win the ‘Xtra’ special concert.
 “It’s going to be really exciting to have the opportunity to perform to a lucky winner in an Asda store.” Sam Bailey said. “Being a real life Asda Mum myself it’s going to be an honour to be able to showcase the songs from my new album to one lucky competition winner in their local store.” 
 Matthew Stone, Music Buying Manager for Asda said: “We are so excited that Sam Bailey, a true Asda mum, will be performing in one of our stores ahead of Mother’s Day. There is no doubt customers will be desperate to get their hands on the ‘hottest ticket’ in town. For those not lucky enough to win the competition, there is still the chance to hear Sam’s amazing voice by buying her new album at just £8 available from date in Asda stores nationwide.”
With Mother’s Day just around the corner on 30th March, Asda predicts customers will flock to try and win their mum a ticket to this exclusive show.
For more information and to enter the competition visit www.asda.com/winsam
The Power Of Love track listing is as follows:
5.      COMPASS
7.      GET HERE
8.      TREASURE
Sam is currently headlining the X Factor arena tour which runs until 29 March throughout the UK, she will also support Beyonce on February 24 at Birmingham’s LG Arena.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

My slimming weight loss journey and progress so far. Finding new weight friendly recipes, I have included pictures!. Why I need to get motivated and move my fat body some more!

I have been attending a local weight loss group for 10 weeks now. It was the mix of that New Years resolution that we all feel we have to make but then by January the 2nd I always think that it was a bad idea to make one, and the fact that I want to regain my body as my own. For years now I have given my body up to growing babies and giving birth and I have neglected it!

As there are no more babies coming to live here (huge fanfare and party from the OH), I have decided now is the time to start slimming and getting fit, although I should have started sooner. The past 10 weeks at the slimming group have been up and down, one week I had a gain which I was disappointed with but I knew where it had come from. Throughout January and the beginning of February we had endless amounts of birthdays, weddings, Afternoon Tea and Valentines Day that I indulged slightly too much. However I also feel that to have only had one week where I had a gain was a miracle due to the overindulgence!

So, 10 weeks on and I haven't lost as much as I would have liked to but have reached my first target and am happy. Looking forward to losing more and reaching my overall target but certainly not giving myself a time frame in which to do it, I will just be happy whenever I reach my goal.

The hardest thing I have found is cooking healthy meals. Before I started I didn't eat well at all. I never had breakfast, I would always have lunch but that usually consisted of a couple of packs of crisps and some chocolate and dinner would be if I could fit it in. Once I had cooked for children and hubby I didn't want to cook for myself. Yes I know we should all eat together and we should all eat the same thing but it never happens. The children eat quite early and usually before the OH is in from work. Our eldest doesn't eat the same as the younger ones and doesn't normally like what I cook for the OH either, he's just too fussy.

Jerk chicken skewers

Gammon cooked in diet coke, very yummy

Curry potato fritters, great as a snack

Sri Lankan yellow beef curry

Sticky sesame drumsticks with veg/noodle stir fry

Oven baked Ham cups with egg/veg filling, very tasty.

I bought a recipe book from the group I attend which has come in handy and I have also tried a few recipes that have been shared by friends. I make sure I eat breakfast and lunch, healthy of course and that I always have snacks or fruit handy if I suddenly find myself needing something. I've also cut down on the sugar I have in my tea although I also need to cut down my tea intake and drink more water.

Finally, it's the exercise part. I don't exercise. I mean, I say to people 'Oh I walk everywhere because I don't drive'. Really that means I do the school run and I come home again. On a Tues/Thurs when I have one child in a pushchair there is no excuse as to why I can't walk further than to school and back again. Walking to school and back isn't going to help. So last week I decided to walk further. One day I did 2 miles and the next day I did 3.5 miles. I was chuffed and I want to gradually build the distance up. I have no excuse not to do it, I have the time, the sun is out (at the moment) and taking the little one in the pram is nice too. SO I am planning on doing a long walk each day to keep fit.

I also started doing the 30 day shred. It's a 30 minute workout and I was dying after the first session! I can do it from home which is good and it mixes cardio in with abs etc.... I need to work away my baby belly! I'm only on Day 4 but am hoping by the end of it I am showing some results and it can easily be carried on past the 30 days or you can move on to the next level.

So, overall, I am feeling good about the past 10 weeks although I do feel I could have lost a bit more than I did I am also happy with what I have achieved. However, it's onwards and upwards with the new workout and walking exercises added in and hopefully I can drop a dress size or two because I'm desperate to buy some new clothes!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

George at Asda launches first supermarket range of premature baby clothing in partnership with Tommy's. Also, NEW luxury baby clothing specifically designed for those with sensitive skin.

I was  very excited to receive this news recently that Asda, teamed with Tommy's have launched a range of premature baby clothes. Whilst there are other high street stores that offer premature baby clothing, Asda have introduced a range that is very competitively priced too. 

Over 1/2 of multiple and 8% of single births are premature in the UK every year. 90% of parents say there is a lack of premature baby clothing available and 55% worry that regular clothing will interfere with their baby's medical equipment. 

The new range from George at Asda will be the most affordable on the High Street and 10% from the sale of each garment will be donated to Tommy's to fund research and support families with premature babies. 

The new range will cater for babies who are born weighing anything from just 1lb to 5lbs. It has been in development for over a year alongside Tommy's midwives to ensure it meets the care needs of the 60,000 premature babies born in the UK every year.

Premature baby 3 pack vests avaible in blue and pink sets

Georges collection is available now and will be stocked in 70 Asda stores nationwide, specifically pin-pointed in stores that are within a short distance of the nation's specialist neonatal hospitals. The range will also be available for next day delivery and click and collect on George.com so parents can spend minimum time worrying about clothing and maximum time with their new baby. 

Three pack of sleepsuits in pink or white. Also available in a blue set. 

Georges range also includes special features such as a flat open-out fitting, extra poppers and irritation free seams to ensure clothing is comfortable and easy to secure around medical equipment. 

Showing the size of a George at Asda premature baby vest

George at Asda baby jacket

Finding clothes to fit their baby is not the only concern to parents with 60% of parents surveyed* agreeing that premature baby clothing is too expensive.  Georges range starts at just £5 for three bodysuits which is excellent value compared to other retailers. 

Parents also said that the high cost of premature baby clothes also put extra stress on an already stressful time and a quarter of those parents surveyed said they had to travel long distances away from the hospital to find suitable clothes when they could have been at their baby's side. 

Brand director for George, Fiona Lambert said:
“When we first visited St. Thomas’ hospital to speak to midwives and hold focus groups it became clear quite quickly that parents of premature babies struggle to find suitable and affordable clothing. Our new range is full of beautiful designs and has been specifically created around the needs of premature babies so parents can rest assured that they are giving their baby the very best from a brand they trust.” 
Emma-Lees Laing, Midwifery Manager at Tommy’s said:
Premature babies can spend many weeks in hospital being cared for by medical staff, and often dressing their baby is one of the few ways that parents can care for their newborn. However, getting clothes to fit a 3lb baby is a real struggle and often parents are reliant on hospital gowns or nothing at all. This new affordable range means that parents will be able to choose clothes for their children in the same way as other parents, dress them in clothes personal to them, and start the journey of daily care for their baby.”

*Survey commissioned by George and Tommy's of over 200 parents of premature babies.

In its continued commitment to providing the very best products for babies and supporting mums, George will also be launching a brand new range of luxury baby clothing specifically for those with sensitive skin which uses the revolutionary Dreamskin technology and will be the first high street range of its kind to market. 
The range has been applied with a special polymer widely used in the medical and cosmetic industry to help babies who have particularly sensitive, dry or irritable skin, suffer with eczema or dribble rash.
The Dreamskin polymer manages and controls the skin's moisture levels leaving it in the best possible condition; soft, supple and smooth. The collection will be available exclusively in selected George stores and George.com from the 10th March and prices start from just £5.

Monday, 10 March 2014

SILVER CROSS PRAMS; Bringing you the Silver Cross Kensington, back by popular demand and the imminent launch of the new and improved Silver Cross Surf 2


After being invited to the launch of the very popular Silver Cross Wayfarer this time last year I was keen to keep up to date with news from Silver Cross. Over the past week there has been two pieces of news from them.

Silver Cross Kensington

First up is the very exciting news that the Silver Cross Kensington is back by popular demand. Available in five colours; black, navy, cream/brown, white/navy and white/pink. From the classic prams collection it sits proudly next to the Balmoral in what I think is what Silver Cross does best. Still handmade in Yorkshire using traditional methods and featuring a polished chrome chassis the classic prams are still very popular and Silver Cross still sell them to parents all over the world.

The Kensington is perfect for parents who want a traditional style pram but with the praciticality of a detachable body and collapsible chassis. With it's hand stitched fabrics and hand painted fine line detailings the colour choices are stunning and elegant.

Key Features include;

Large wheels with puncture resistant tyres
All round suspension for a smoother ride
Adjustable seat supports your child when they sit up in the pram
Suitable from birth with fully lie flat position
Foldable chassis for easy transportation and storage

Also including a large shopping basket which clips easily into place on the chassis and is large enough to carry all baby and parent needs and a deeply padded mattress with a soft white pique cover.

Extras include the sun canopy, bedding set, rain shield, storage cover and changing bag. (Optional extras).

Pictured are the rain shield, bedding set and sun canopy. (optional extras)

These prams are truly elegant and draw attention wherever you go. My Mum had one when myself and my siblings were younger and she then purchased one when I had my first daughter back in 2003.

Would I use one? Yes. These prams are built to last, built to be passed down through generations and built to be used. As a non driver I pound the pavements every day on school runs, shopping errands and also trying to go for long walks as and when I can. This pram would be perfect. I can also see the collapsible chassis and removable body making it more desirable for fitting in the car and being able to take it with you wherever you go, this is a big bonus with the Kensington.

Dimensions for Kensington (unfolded): Length 133cm Width 58cm Height 120cm
                                         (internal dimensions): Length 89cm Width 36cm Height 18cm
                                         (folded): Length 89cm Width 58cm Height 48cm

Weight; 27kg

At £1,250 it's definitely not a budget pram but built to the highest standards and handcrafted using traditional methods you certainly pay for the excellent build and quality of each pram made. 

Silver Cross Surf 2

The best-selling Silver Cross Surf just got even better with the introduction of the Surf 2. Still made to the same exceptional and high standards of the original Surf but with some fabulous improvements. 

First is the addition of new rugged puncture resistant tyres with a chunky tyre tread means that it can handle any bumpy terrain in it's path with the help of the ground breaking air sprung suspension inspired by mountain bike technology. 
Older style Surf  wheels

Newer style Surf  2, rugged terrain wheels

With a huge thumbs up from myself to a company who listens to what their customers have to say and using that to better a product, the next improvement is a larger shopping basket. After Silver Cross took note of customer feedback they made the basket bigger for all of those baby essentials. Also addding leatherette chrome detailing to the adjustable handle which makes for a more elegant finishing touch. 

Old style foam handle on the Surf

New and improved leatherette style handle with chrome finish detailing for a more elegant finish

Last, but not least, the Surf 2 is suitable from Birth and now includes the carrycot as standard in the Surf 2 package. This means that all babies will be able to enjoy a safe, cosy, lie flat ride in the Surf 2. 

Carrycot and seat unit options with the carrycot now included in the Surf 2 package

Available in 7 colour options and with various optional extras including parasols, footmuffs, seat liners and colour packs all in the co-ordinating colours, as well as a rider board, 3 wheel option, winter pack and foldable basket, it is a real contender when it comes to an all in one pram package from birth to toddler. Also with the option of being able to use the Silver Cross Simplicity car seat on the chassis also. 

With it's imminent launch and due to these improvements to an already best selling pram it will make it even more popular across the baby pram market. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

TRUNKI, the suitcase for travelling in style and for tired little legs too. Designed to be used as hand luggage* too. Introducing the newest Hello Kitty Trunki.

Trunki started trading in 2006 and has since gone on to sell 1.8 million ride on suitcases across 97 countries.

Their values include the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle steps which ensures their items are made durable enough that they can be handed down, cutting down emissions by expanding their production facilities and making their products easy to disassemble too. This means that any returns can be fixed or recycled. The fixed ones are given to a local Children's Hospice and the others are given to the Children's Scrapstore.

We purchased our first Trunki's in January 2011 ready for a trip to Disneyland Paris in the March. We had 2 Trunki's arrive for our 8 year old and 5 year old. We were going from Monday to Thursday and with a bit of nifty packing by myself I managed to pack all of the girls clothes that they needed for our trip away. It also made it easier on us as parents as we had four children in tow at that time and it meant that the girls could pull along their suitcases whilst we dealt with our own luggage and a toddler/buggy etc....

Our Trunki's going on holiday! 

Our Trunki family has since grown and we now have a Trunki for each of the younger 4 children. They are used for overnight stays, weekends away. transporting toys around and for giving your younger brother a ride along too!

There is a fab range of designs too. We have Trixie, Bernard the Bee, The Gruffalo and Frieda the Cow. Also available are Penelope the Princess, Freddie the Fire Engine, Harley Ladybird, Trunkisaurus Rex, Terrance, Tipu Tiger, Poppet and Katsuma Moshi Monsters, Lotus Trunki and their newest arrival the Hello Kitty Trunki.

                                                 Frieda the Cow and Gruffalo Trunki

Hello Kitty is pink, bright pink! Also the first every glittery Trunki to bring a bit of sparkle into any journey. With the same features as all Trunki's have which include;  Lockable catches, Teddybear seatbelts, Horn grips for stability, Soft rubber trim to protect little fingers, Detachable carry/tow strap, Internal stuff pocket, and Carry handles it is the ideal solution for any journey no matter how big or small. With an 18 litre capacity and made from the same durable and lightweight plastic as adult suitcases and comes with its own passport that can be registered online to fill with fun, travel friendly activities for your journey. 

NEW Hello Kitty Trunki, gorgeously pink and sparkly!

Trunki is available at the Trunki website as well as plenty of other online and instore stockists. 

The company also have other items such as the Boostapak car booster seat, SnooziHedz travel pillow and blanket set, Yondi travel pillow, Paddlepak water resistant backpack, Toybox, plus extras to use alongside your other Trunki products. 

The Trunki website is currently offering a free saddlebag with every Trunki order whilst stocks last. One saddle bag per order. Code; SADDLE14

*Hand luggage allowances vary so we recommend checking with your airline before you fly. 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

GIVEAWAY; Pink Lining mini Yummy Mummy changing bag. A fab little bag for the quick 'grab and go' outings, short trips and visits.

As all Mums know, when our new baby arrives we have to ditch the small handbag and start carrying around a bag about the same size as a holiday suitcase for all the baby 'essentials' that we need. Every day out looks like we are packing for 2 weeks away as we need to ensure we have every baby 'emergency' covered.

Our change bag is (usually) always well stocked up and ready to go for when its needed but I find that sometimes if I'm only nipping out quickly I don't want to grab a huge change bag as most of what is inside isn't needed.

Pink Lining have got the solution. The Pink Lining mini Yummy mummy change bag.

I have owned the bigger Yummy Mummy changing bag and it was amazing and held everything we needed and more, the Mini Yummy Mummy is just as fab for a quick trip out.

The mini Yummy Mummy will still hold wipes, nappies and a change of clothes plus a juice cup or baby bottle and also includes a change mat, zip front pocket for purse, keys, phone as well as a back pocket and dividing pouches inside. The mini Yummy Mummy now comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and will hang over most pushchair/stroller handles.

Measuring 27cm in length, 18cm in height and 6cm in width and with a 100% cotton canvas laminated outer that can be easily wiped over to keep it clean, it is perfect for a quick trip out with your baby or toddler.

Available in 4 new designs shown below from Pink Lining as well as other Pink Lining stockists;

Woodland design

In the Mews Pink Bikes design

Wise Owls design

 For your chance to win a Pink Lining mini Yummy Mummy in Pink Flamingo design please enter the giveaway below (please read through the Terms and Conditions). Good Luck.

Pink Lining mini Yummy Mummy in Pink Flamingo (front and back)

a Rafflecopter giveaway