Tuesday, 4 February 2014

BUGABOO refresh, recolour to release new colours & accessories for 2014 for Cameleon, Donkey and Buffalo. New Soft Pink and Ice Blue plus more!

Bugaboo refresh, recolour

Here it is, the news that a lot of people have been waiting for! New Bugaboo colours for 2014. With them also giving you the option of having an aluminium chassis or an all black chassis they have really opened up your options when choosing your new Bugaboo. 

This spring Bugaboo’s at no loss for soft, vivid tones to brighten up your pushchair. Introducing two new shades of pink and blue, the mobility brand continues to strike a perfect balance between timeless and trendy colours. What’s more, you can now choose between a black or aluminium chassis to match your tailored fabric set. Freedom of choice just became even better. 

The Bugaboo Bee will also have Soft Pink added to their range

The Donkey will have Petrol tailored fabrics available, the new Bugaboo Soft Pink & Ice Blue hoods, which will be brought out for the The Bugaboo Cameleon3 and Donkey and the Buffalo will have Dark Khaki and Soft Pink tailored fabrics.

New coloured Breezy canopies will come in Soft Pink,  Arctic Grey, Ice Blue and Dark Khaki.

Khaki and Pink Bugaboo breezy sun canopies

Petrol fabrics on a Bugaboo Donkey and Khaki on a Bugaboo Buffalo

These colours will cover parasols, seat liners, breezy sun canopies, bags, footmuffs and also the fabric sets which accompany any Bugaboo pram. Picking a shade for your pushchair is key. That’s why Bugaboo continuously adds new colours to its palette, making sure there’s always that perfect one for you. ‘Soft Pink’ and ‘Ice Blue’ are both bright and classically toned shades giving pushchairs a luxurious and decadent feel. Dark Khaki, Navy and Petrol Blue deepen the colour scope ensuring a broad and timeless range.

Navy universal Bugaboo footmuff

Colourful protection throughout the seasons
Using the highest quality fabrics, the new extendable sun canopy will be available for the Bugaboo Cameleon3 and Bugaboo Donkey and ensures the right protection on those sunny, rainy and windy days. The extendable sun canopy, already available for the Bugaboo Buffalo, will permanently replace the current non-extendable sun canopy. Needless to say, the extendable sun canopy comes in the new colours as well!

Various new Bugaboo accessories that are available in all new colours

The new colours and extendable sun canopy will be available worldwide from April 2014 and will retail at:
 Bugaboo Cameleon3 (aluminum chassis) £819 (black chassis) £869
Bugaboo Buffalo (aluminum chassis) £879 (black chassis) £929
Bugaboo Donkey Mono (aluminum chassis) £939 (black chassis) £989
Bugaboo Donkey Duo (aluminum chassis) £1149 (black chassis) £1214
Bugaboo Donkey Twin (aluminum chassis) £1279 (black chassis) £1344
Find your nearest Bugaboo retailer on the Bugaboo website with their handy stockist locator. 

Soft pink on an all black chassis Bugaboo Cameleon3

Ice Blue on an all black chassis Bugaboo Donkey

PLEASE NOTE; Bugaboo are also phasing out some of their old colours too. This includes sand, royal blue and hot pink fabrics for the Cameleon and Donkey, no more sand bases for the Cameleon, Donkey and Buffalo and pink fabrics also to be discontinued for the Buffalo.  

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