Tuesday, 27 August 2013

DISNEY Premiere of Teen Beach Movie featuring Ross Lynch & Maia Mitchell. Teen Beach Movie soundtrack review

So, its been about 6 weeks since my last blog post, I am really slacking and am jumping back on the blogging before I completely lose the ability to write anything interesting after spending the past 5 weeks of Summer Holidays only communicating with my children, which I am sure has killed the last few brain cells I had. So this review is slightly late although this is still showing on Disney Channel and the Disney Store currently have some fab products in store for all those Teen Beach Movie lovers out there. I started this review about 4 weeks ago and it has sat as a draft since then, my apologies for not getting it out there sooner but I am hoping that it encourages those who haven't already seen the movie, or even the sing along version to watch it very soon. 

Last week my 7 year old came home eagerly awaiting the Disney premiere of Teen Beach Movie. Apparently it was the talk of the playground amongst her friends and the excitement was building.

Teen Beach Movie has Ross Lynch, more known as Austin from Disney's Austin and Ally, and Maia Mitchell as the 2 main cast members with Grace Phipps, Garrett Clayton, Jordan Fisher, John Deluca, Chrissie Fit, Kent Boyd and many more co-starring. 

The storyline is; Brady and McKenzie are first seen having fun at the beach. After coming back inside, McKenzie (Mack) sees that Brady is a fan of the film "Wet Side Story", a film set during the 1960's. In the film, bikers and surfers battle for control of Big Momma's, a local hangout. Brady later learns that Mack made a promise to her aunt that after her mother died she would attend a private school and they were to leave the next day.
Mack goes and surfs but seeing that the waves are too strong, Brady goes after Mack, who is still in the water. The two are swept away by the waves, and find out they've been swept inside the movie "Wet Side Story". They decide to play along with the plot, which is a war between bikers and surfers over control over Big Momma's, a local hangout. They suddenly change the movie when the movie's lead man, Tanner, falls in love with Mack, and Brady catches Lela, when she falls off the stage. This interferes with the movie's plot, in which Lela falls into Tanner's arms, not Brady's. Brady and Mack decide to make Tanner and Lela fall in love.
Lela and Tanner fall in love with each other while waiting for Mack and Brady, but soon realize that they have been kidnapped by Les Camembert and Dr. Fusion. They go to Big Momma's and convince the bikers and surfers to team up and save Mack and Brady. They go to the villains' lair and destroy the machine that they made.The movie's plot returns to normal, and Mack and Brady return home.
When they return home, Brady allows Mack to surf the giant waves, and she safely returns back to shore. Mack decides to spend the rest of her life on the beach with Brady, seeing that it would make her mother happy.

My daughter was hooked. Having been too young for the High School Musical movies when they first aired it was time to get in on some Disney musical action. She thoroughly enjoyed the film. From the story line to the songs mixed in with the wonderful characters. The songs are extremely catchy and ideal for the summer time. Having got the soundtrack CD we have had the songs playing many times whether it be for a full on dance session or just in the background whilst playing.

This has certainly been the soundtrack to our summer and the movie was recorded to our Sky box so we can watch over and over again whenever we want to. With a fab song list as follows; 

  • Oxygen" Performed by Maia Mitchell
  • "Surf Crazy" Performed by Spencer Lee, Keely Hawkes, and Cast
  • "Cruisin for a Bruisin'" Performed by Ross Lynch, Grace Phipps and Jason Evigan
  • "Falling for Ya" Performed by Grace Phipps
  • "Meant to Be" Performed by Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Grace Phipps, Spencer Lee, and Garrett Clayton
  • "Like Me" Performed by Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Grace Phipps , Spencer Lee and Cast
  • "Meant to Be (Reprise 1)" Performed by Grace Phipps and Spencer Lee
  • "Can't Stop Singing"  Performed by Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell
  • "Meant to Be (Reprise 2)" Performed by Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchelll
  • "Surfs Up" Performed by Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, and Cast
  • "Coolest Cats in Town" Performed by Spencer Lee, Grace Phipps, and Jason Evigan
  • "Surf Crazy Finale" Performed by the Teen Beach Movie Cast
  • "Surf's Up" (Instrumental Version)
  • "Cruisin for a Bruisin" (Instrumental Version)
  • "Falling for Ya" (Instrumental Version)

Favourites so far are Oxygen, Cruisin' for a Bruisin' and Coolest Cats in Town, I think the repeat button is quite worn out as well as the replay all button. However all the songs are catchy, full of energy and all done to the same Disney standard you would expect from any of their fab musicals, films etc..... The kids will have you singing and dancing in no time.