Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Finding time to blog, the extension is almost complete (well almost?!), poorly babies, a trip to Marwell Zoo and GCSE exams/prom suit shopping!!

It feels like ages since I last wrote a blog post, well apart from reviews it has been, I apologise. Lots has progressed with the extension work. We now have a roof, windows and the floor screed is done and 2 internal walls and plasterboard is going up as I type! The builder is working really hard to get things done as we have the plasterer ready to start in a weeks time. I am keeping him well supplied with cups of tea and, after a chat about how our weekends went, he was ready to crack on with his work!

We had a minor set back with the floor screed when my 3 year old decided to go into the utility room and dig some of it up. The builder was not amused, but he filled the small hole that had been dug up and my son hid from the builder for the rest of the day!

From the outside it looks fab and we are really pleased. We are now looking forward to getting the inside done and plastered so we can get children into their new bedrooms and reclaiming my dining room that is currently being used as a teenagers bedroom, yuk!

I am ready and waiting to turn into a Laurence Llewellyn Bowen type interior designer and paint, accessorize and drag my house back into life after the upheaval of all the work, at the moment it looks like a bomb hit!!

View down the road of the amazing roofers at work!

Whilst most weekends have been taken up with endless amounts of extension work we decided this weekend we would take a trip out to the zoo. We had a fab day at Marwell Zoo and spent 4 hours walking around in the sunshine looking at all of the animals. All of the children really enjoyed it and it was nice to get away from the house and not think about it all for a few hours. 

Saying Hi to the giraffe

William insisted on posing for the camera

A Fossa, everyone had heard of it apart from myself. You know, like in Madagascar!

The girls turn to pose.

Lost count of how many people stood here and said Compare the Meerkat or 'I wonder if his name is Aleksandr'!!

Our youngest woke up with a temperature on that day but seemed ok in himself, just quiet and cuddly so we packed up the car for anything that could or may happen, it felt like we were going on a weeks holiday. Anyway, it turns out, 2 days later and a trip to the doctors, that he has tonsilitis, poor baby. He has been so good, very high temperature, sleeping loads and cuddling when he isn't asleep but he has hardly grumbled at all. He is all better now and back to his jolly, chirpy self and he has certainly regained his appetite!

With our son's GCSE's finally done and out of the way we don't have to stress about getting our son out of bed on time, well fed and concentrating on his exams our next mission is to find a suit for the impending prom in 2 weeks time. Shopping with men is a nightmare, shopping with a teenage man is even worse. Fingers crossed we find a suit in the first shop and I can come home and rock in a corner to recover. Dragging a baby and toddler along probably doesn't help! I may have to stock up on chocolate to help with the recovery process.

So our next big occasion is our daughters 7th birthday next week. It has gone from no party this year to having 7 friends round for tea, whilst the plasterer is here trying to work and the house looking like a bomb has hit. I may make painting and decorating into a new party game, it could work, right??!! I am thinking the delivery of sweets that just arrived from American Sweets Online will either keep them quiet or send them into hyper overdrive!

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