Wednesday, 22 May 2013

REVIEW; A small step into the world of the wonderful Inch Blue leather baby shoes

Blake and I were lucky enough to receive a pair of Inch Blue leather baby shoes and we were eager to put them through their paces. The delivery from them was very quick and prompt indeed even though they were made to order.

We opted for a gorgeous pair of shoes called Aviator Green. They are a gorgeous green leather with blue detailing around the ankles and blue star and silver wing detailing to the front. The elasticated ankle area makes them very easy to get on and off yet they fit securely too. They arrive in their own little presentation pouch to keep them nice and clean and stored when not in use.

Blake is 9 months old and has been standing up against the furniture for a good few weeks now. Whilst he is no way ready to walk yet these gorgeous little leather shoes are ideal for non-walkers as well as toddlers and children up to 6 years. The leather is so soft and supple that they really flex and move with each step, crawl, roll that Blake makes. His feet bend in so many different ways at the moment still being so young that the shoes don't hinder this movement at all.

In an amazing range of colours, patterns and styles on the website; They start at Size Small which is age 0-6 months or child shoes size UK 0-2, right up to Child Extra Large which is age 5-6 yrs or a UK shoe size 1.5-12. The shoes are also categorised and they include Animal Magic, Beach Boy, Little Dancer and Funky Baby amongst many others to choose from. They also feature a Pure and Simple category so you can colour co-ordinate with outfits too.

They also have lovely gift sets so you can buy matching romper suits or tops to match your Inch Blue shoes. These would make perfect new baby, birthday, Xmas gifts and are really lovely.

There are so many to choose from and I am sure before long we will be buying more to wear with different outfits. The Aviator Green are a firm favourite for now and are really standing up to the wear of a mobile baby. Even crawling hasn't affected to front toe area of them and they are still looking great despite a few weeks of good wear and tear from an inquisitive baby, who also likes to chew them too.

As for babies chewing the shoes each pair is tested and exceeds the British Standard requirements to pass BSEN71-3:1995 as well as conforming to all European safety standards. All products also pass through a metal detector to ensure there are no broken needles left behind in the making process.

From newborn through to toddler and beyond I would highly recommend these as a fun, funky, flexible pair of gorgeous soft leather shoes. With amazing flex and comfort for growing feet that are learning to find there way, they are endorsed by a chiropodist and reflexologist. The only problem you will encounter is which of the wonderful range of designs to choose from.

Pictures to be added shortly of Blake in action in his Inch Blue shoes! :-)