Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Resolving an argument with Tesco, Real Nappy Week, extension work taking shape, pramaholicism takes it's Stokke hold again and the end is in sight for Back to School, yay!

Wow, what a lot to fit in today! As I write this I am currently in an argument with Tesco over a delivery I got this morning! I ordered 12 cases of 8 bottles of Bulmers. They delivered 12 cases of 6 bottles. This wasn't a substitute or anything. I informed the delivery man that it was wrong and he told me to take delivery and call the helpline. I did this straight away and was basically told by the lady on the phone and then by a manager that they don't sell packs of 8, even though the website advertised it as a pack of 8 and that the price was wrong as well. Neither of that is my fault but Tesco's fault and I am still due 96 bottles of Bulmers and I received 72, so I am 24 bottles short. I was basically told to be grateful for what I received, SHOCKING! I am still arguing now and will let you know the outcome! As I didn't get round to publishing my blog in the 4 hours since I started writing it I can now update that my extra bottles are now on their way thanks to my local store manager being very helpful. :-) My OH owes me big time on this bargain!

Anyway, onto the extension which is finally, if not very slowly, taking shape. OH put the floor down at the weekend along with help from family and wonderful friends. There were some mishaps and an injury, and probably a few swear words too! I retreated to the safety of the bowling alley with the 3 little ones on Saturday and then to my Mums on Sunday! Now the floor is down the builder is due back this Thursday and the walls will start taking shape very quickly, how exciting!

Our new floor arriving on site, now in situ after a lot of hard work.

Onto my pramaholicism, still not a proper word but may make it into the dictionary some time soon! I thought I was cured but have relapsed. I am now the owner of a Stokke Xplory, thanks to price matches and discount codes I got a really good price! I love using it and my poor Bugaboo Bee is sat in the corner unused and unloved. I do love it but it won't get used now the Stokke Xplory is here so it's going. :-( I would love to keep both and have more prams, one for every day of the week perhaps. As I walk everywhere I would make full use of them all!

Trying out his new wheels

I think he approves?!


Lots of offers and competitions going on as it is Real Nappy week from 15th-21st April 2013. i will add more detail to my next blog as Real Nappy Week starts. 

www.cleangreennappy.co.uk have 20% off all nappies.

www.babipur.co.uk have various offers running including 20% off Fuzzibunz, 28% off Tots Bots Easyfit V3 and 25% off Itti Bitti Tutto nappies. 

Real nappy week runs from 15th-21st of April this year. 

The end of the Easter Holidays are nearly here and we have survived, just! I have been trying to get everyone to go to bed on time as this is a major issue in our house at the moment and I need a decent nights sleep! I can't see that happening any time soon. I noticed a comment on FB about the holidays nearly being over so no more lie ins and roll on the next school holidays. Are they mad?! I would prefer to get up and get them to school than have a lie in and have them here all day! Anyway, the 2 girls ahve just left to go bowling, then on for something to eat and then staying at Nanny and Grandads for the night, it's sooooooo peaceful, and it's pub night tonight too. Extra whoop!

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