Friday, 26 April 2013

P!nk, The Truth about Love tour, concert, show, all round amazing singing and acrobatic performance, outstanding, stunning and energetic!!!

Not my usual family, baby /child product, house renovation, general moan about family life blog, but this had to be done.

Last night I had a rare night out to go and see P!nk in concert. This has been planned for months and months and all of a sudden it was upon us. The OH was called home from work early and at 5pm I was running out of the door like a greyhound chasing after a rabbit. Ok, maybe not that fast but I was certainly keen to get out the door and start our journey to The O2. Myself, the bestie and bestie's eldest daughter were off to the most amazing concert, we all agreed afterwards it was the best we had seen. We weren't to know this beforehand but as it was P!nk we knew we were in for a treat.

With a bit of putting the world to rights and moaning about men on the way, it has to be done! I was also wondering if the children will be alright for the evening without me and then remembering that, for once, you need to be you, be a person in your own right and not just a Mum who slums it most days in her trackies and scraped back hair and has a child hanging off of every limb. Do what you want to do for that one rare night out and believe that the OH can cope for one night out of a millennium, even if he did text me half way through the concert to say be careful when I got back they had an incident!

We travelled up to London and got there in time to have the all important Wagagama's meal, no need for a menu we said. Three Katsu currys and some edamame beans went down a treat, not all for me! and we headed into the venue to find our seats. The excitement was building, everyone was buying and wearing their P!nk concert t-shirts, the venue was packed. We had really good seats, compared to our Black Eyed Peas seats which were in the heavens! There was about 20 minutes to go when we found our seats. The atmosphere is always great when at a concert, the anticipation is building, everyone is trying to find their seats, the people are there selling programmes, ice cream, popcorn, the stage is being set, you see a glimmer of a curtain flap and you get all excited. You watch the screens, you watch the very technical looking guys wondering how much longer they can check a speaker, check the stage etc..... Come onnnnnnnnnn.....

And then, bam! Wooooohoooooooooooo, who needs to sit in those seats we paid for, everyone was on their feet. It was all started with Raise Your Glass, a very good choice. As it went through the set list it was fab to hear a mix of old songs in with the new tunes from her Truth about Love album.

It wasn't just the singing though, the whole performance was amazing. The acrobatics during a lot of the songs was stunning, flawless, energetic and the general consensus at the end was how can she sing and do all of that at the same time! She hung from ropes, climbed around a metal oval shaped cage weaving in and out, hanging upside down. Along with various costume changes too, going from a long flowing black dress to a black, skimpy number to black trousers and jacket/top combo to a gorgeous dress with cream pleated skirt and black bodice which was truly stunning. Along with heels, no shoes, trainers. I got tired just watching her with all of her gorgeous energy and infectious laughter during a brief chat with everyone between songs. With all the energy and girl power needed she so worked every inch of that stage.

Having been a huge P!nk fan since the early days of There You Go in 2000 rising through her new found solo career with many other successful songs and also a quick collaberation for the Moulin Rouge soundtrack song 'Lady Marmalade' also featuring Lil' Kim, Mya and Christina Aguilera, P!nk has gained a huge, huge fan base all over the world. It was great to hear Just Like a Pill and Trouble in the concert last night, giving you a quick glimpse of her previous success along with her, still ever rising, success and popularity with the new Truth about Love album.

P!nk has been there, through a big part of my life I have listened to her music, sang her songs dancing around the kitchen, blasted various tunes through the speakers in the hope that all of the children will grow up with a wide and varied musical taste to include P!nk in their track list of life. They all have their favourites. An all round favourite at the moment is Just Give me a Reason. Our 3 year old likes Please don't leave me. I can't pick a favourite, each song is so different, has a different meaning or takes you back to a different part of your life and each part of your life holds a different story as do the songs. Although True Love has hit on a something with me at the moment!

So to sum all of that up, it was amazing. I would like to think I am a P!nk super fan but there are millions more out there that would say the same thing too and probably are more of a super fan than I am. If I could go again to the concert this weekend I would and I have never said that about another concert. It's not that they haven't been fab too but if I could go to every single date on the Truth about Love tour I could never get bored.

I am sure no super fan would take a video of P!nk singing Just give me a Reason with their hand over the microphone, an epic fail I realised this morning when I woke the children up for school and to give then a glimpse of last nights amazing performance. I was gutted and an stupidly inept failure by me, waaahhhh!

Now back to reality, back to dancing around the kitchen and doing the housework whilst the P!nk playlist throws out tunes in the background. Back to being a mum, writing my blog on weaning, house renovations and babies/children. I did have a life to myself, last night for a brief yet most wonderful fab 8 hours. It was also worth the 1am crawl into bed followed by the 6am wake up call for a baby feed session, yawn!

 I wonder what Alecia is up to today?!


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